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IsThe Christianity At Home Business Model Worth Checking Out? Don’t Join Until You Read This!

IsThe Christianity At Home Business Model Worth Checking Out?

I checked out this Christianity At Home Business Model recently because it came up in my search for the best affiliate programs online today. What I found out may or may not shock you. Considering working from home is huge in 2018 I am always on the lookout for programs that offer people a way to earn money online. But was this worth it? Keep reading as I explore this online opportunity!

At first glance at the landing page for the Christianity At Home business model, I thought that it looked like most affiliate marketing programs that offer a way to make a ton of money. Six figure income, the ability to work at home and the flexablitity to work your own hours in the comfort of your own space. And while I found this looking through affiliate marketing opportunities, it claimed that that’s not what it was and it wasn’t an MLM either. Just an ethical and honest way to earn money online. (more…)

Amazon $500.00 Per Month Profitable E-commerce Website Review! Is This The Deal Of The Year?

Amazon $500.00 Per Month Profitable E-commerce Website Review

If you have checked out any of my previous reviews of Amazon ecommerce programs I have to let you in on this one. The Amazon $50.00 Per Month Profitable ECommerce is a done for you opportunitity which builds you a ready made website complete with articles,affiliate products and more. All you have to do to get this running is basically pay the fee and you’re on your way. For those who want an affiliate website, this is for you if you are not interested in building your own website and really just want it all done for you asap. Before I let you in on the cost, I will tell you I am not being compensated for this program review nor am I a member of it. First off, let’s look at what this program is all about.  (more…)

Create Android App Store Included 50,000 to 100,000 Apps Fully Automated. Good Deal Or What?

Create Android App Store Included 50,000 to 100,000 Apps Fully Automated

imac 606765  340 - Create Android App Store Included 50,000 to 100,000 Apps Fully Automated. Good Deal Or What?
Ipad Apps

Today I was checking out a new program designed to make you money on total autopilot. The Create Android App Store  Included 50,00 to 100,00 Apps Fully Automated Program. I steered away from the pre made websites for a minute to see if these apps stores can actually make you a full time income.

The first thing I noticed on this website is the huge amount of apps this package comes pre stocked with. I thought this was pretty good considering people like the option to search for the app they want through a large data base of products. I also liked the fact that the total layout and design of the store looked pretty professional. But, I wanted to find out if this would work online as an independent seller. In my experience with apps, most every one you could ever want you can find at the Apple App Store so I had to think about this for a minute.

Like affiliate marketing most app products you find online can either be bought through Amazon, Apple or through affiliate marketers selling through their own websites. And seeing that affiliate marketing is pretty hot right now I don’t see why an app store couldn’t make you money even if all you are doing is selling as an independent contractor. I liked the idea.

appstore - Create Android App Store Included 50,000 to 100,000 Apps Fully Automated. Good Deal Or What?
Automated App Store




You can see that it’s got a pretty amount of apps in different niches. I’m sure some of them are pretty generic and somewhat boring but considering the amount of apps per store I think it’s worth a try. Don’t take my word though, I would definitely research this opportunity and make an informed decision before buying. I still believe that building your own website with affiliate products is the way to go in 2018 as long as you have some skills to make it all work.

Why I Like This Program

I like the concept of an app store. The store is fully automated and you really don’t have to do anything but let the thing run. Oh, and I should say promote the heck out of it.  That will be your toughest job in promoting this because there are lots of websites out there promoting apps and you will need to reach a targeted audience which may be difficult because an app store caters to a number of niches.

But, let’s move forward here. The good thing about this program is the price. It’s 67.00 which really isn’t a whole lot of money for a fully functioning website full of 50,000 to 100,000 apps. I mean that’s pretty cheap. And that is the base price which is all you pay from what it looks like. There’s no upgrades or anything. You buy it you own it. On to the price page which is down below.

appprice - Create Android App Store Included 50,000 to 100,000 Apps Fully Automated. Good Deal Or What?
App Price Page

Not too shabby and the $67.00 package is for the 50,000 apps web store and then the pricing goes to $120.00 for the 100,000 app site and then $137.00 for the 150,000 apps store.  The pricing is reasonable and I also noticed that they use the Word Press platform for the design, editing, etc which is nice. This means that as an admin you will be able to go into the admin section and do some changes if you like. I like using Word Press and use it for any blogs I write on this website. And it’s really easy to use so it’s a good deal for newbies to start out on.

Would I Buy Into This Opportunity?

yes 3100993  340 - Create Android App Store Included 50,000 to 100,000 Apps Fully Automated. Good Deal Or What?
Yes Or No?

Honestly? I don’t see why not and I just may to see if I can make the store make a few sales. I would definitely opt for the smaller store especially if you are just starting out and not too familiar with running websites but for the price it’s looks like it would be worth a try. Worst case is you promote it for a few months and it doesn’t do anything. And that would be a dissapointment because in any business time is money. The good news is since it is automated you’re only job would be to promote your website and let the magic happen.

Being an affiliate marketer I do have to let you in on something that I have learned in my years doing this. Any website you create is not going to make money as soon as you put it online. It’s going to take time for the search engines to notice it and to gain trust from potential customers. And because it takes time, most people who by nature are instant gratification types will not want to wait for things to happen. They want it now, now now!

That’s not the way to run a business like this. Patience and learning how the market is leaning is a couple of the keys to being successful online. You also want to know who your customer base is. What’s their interest? How old are they? Is what you are offering something they will find value in? Answer these questions and you will be on your way to a successful business whether it’s an app store or an affiliate marketing store.


My Final Take On This Program

stickies 3127287  340 - Create Android App Store Included 50,000 to 100,000 Apps Fully Automated. Good Deal Or What?
Make Things Happen!

In closing out this blog I think this opportunity, the Create Android App Store Included 50,000 to 100,000 Apps Fully Automated Program is definitely a decent opportunity if you want to run a pre made and stocked automated store. You won’t get rich at this at first and I would be willing to bet you will be promoting this thing like crazy to get it to work for you. It’s not a get rich deal. And if they are selling this pre stocked I would suspect you are getting the same script everyone else is getting.

I would recommend building your own store and populating that yourself with affiliate products and or services that can make you money. Do it yourself. It’s much more rewarding and you will learn a ton. You can build a fully functioning website on your own for pennies and many people are making a ton of money doing it. It does take some time and patience but the reward down the road is well worth it. Check the link below to learn more.

Here’s To Your Success!

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Chris Farrell Membership Review



On this blog post I am going to try and give you the pros and cons of the Chris Farrell Membership. I checked out the program and would like to go over some of the things I like about it and then some things I don’t. One thing I will say before I go on further is that any online program is going to initially have some pros and cons and things often change on the drop of a dime so its important to go with one that has some longevity. So, here goes.

The Chris Farrell Membership looks like it would be for newbies who are just starting out with their own online business. It has a 21 day course which is pretty good and easy to understand. This online program is designed to help members create their own website, sell ebooks, copywrite and create their own products. What I do like about the Chris Farrell membership is the fact that the guy seems to be a straight up person and stands behind his product and really looks to be interested in helping his members succeed.

Like any online program however the Chris Farrell Membership does have it’s drawbacks that should be addressed. Some of the information appears somewhat outdated but there is enough good stuff that newbies can find to be more than helpful. The program has a monthly “fee’ of 37.00 which I feel is relatively comparable to other work at home programs so I don’t really see a problem there. The business does have a mentor program which I found to be a bit pricey at close to 1000.00.

I do think this program is doable especially for newbies looking to start an at home business simply because it’s pretty straightforward, the guy has been around for a while and the feedbacks and reviews online look pretty good. For people looking to start their own business at home who like to see results I think it’s worth the cost. I don’t see the Chris Farrell Membership as a scam and think it has sustainability, a somewhat decent support system and could be a great opportunity for newbies looking to start their own online business. To see what I do as the number one pick for online income see this link! Wealthy Affiliate