What Is Content Writing For Passive Income? Is It A Scam?

What Is Content Writing For Income? 1507b9f4b94e3f1841a6916641809ab81543264364 cropped 1543264450 - What Is Content Writing For Passive Income? Is It A Scam?

If you haven’t looked into what content writing for an income is, you may be missing out. In fact content writing has become increasingly popular over the past few years and I know you want to know why that is right? Digital marketing. It’s the wave of the future for people looking to earn an income at home, in their spare time, in their pajamas without having to get in the car and go to a job.  Continue reading What Is Content Writing For Passive Income? Is It A Scam?

How Do You Make Residual Affiliate Marketing Income

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In my years of blogging I always wondered how anyone could possibly earn money with affiliate marketing. It wasn’t that I didn’t try to learn how to do it but I was so busy writing articles for companies that I simply didn’t bother to even try to market my own blogs. It wasn’t until someone told me that I could be making a lot of money on my own with my articles instead of making money for other people. Continue reading How Do You Make Residual Affiliate Marketing Income

What Are The Best Passive Income Sources Opportunities Today?

What Are The Best Passive Income Sources Opportunities Today?f49d2c4d9ce120467ac95a5acb7e8e921529263762 cropped 1530147657 - What Are The Best Passive Income Sources Opportunities Today?

I an without a doubt a fan of the best passive income sources opportunities that I can find today. Not that a regular nine to five can’t be a positive thing but for those who are looking at becoming their own boss I found that blogging online is one of the best ways to create a passive income today.

Why is that? Because think about it. We live in a new era with a different type of mindset versus the old way of thinking of working for a company for decades and retiring with a nest egg built up for retirement. In fact did you know that at least half of baby boomers have not saved enough money to retire comfortably on? And what about younger worker? Do they have the same mindset as older people did? Not at all.

The new way of earning an income has switched from working for the man to working for ourselves. It’s the so called American dream now, earning through digital marketing by selling online. And it doesn’t matter what you are selling. It could be a service or it can be a product through a company that offers affiliate sales. That means that you, yes you can get in on the action with no out of pocket to access affiliate links through various companies.  Continue reading What Are The Best Passive Income Sources Opportunities Today?

Best Online Platform To Start Your Work At Home Business!

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Blogging For Income!

If you’re working your online blogging business and have been steadily typing away trying to earn, it may be time to rethink what you’re doing. Are you busy writing away trying to do this as a one man band? Chances are if that’s the route you take you may not be getting the results you think you should be getting. So, what’s the best way to not only learn how to blog for business correctly but to actually earn an income?  After much trial and error and trying to do it all on my own I decided to try Wealthy Affiliate. If you haven’t heard of this business and you write blogs and articles for promotion I would really consider checking it out.

Now, I normally try and stay neutral on any online venture especially if I don’t see any long term benefit. So many online schemes pop up and within 6 months they disappear. That’s not my idea of finding success….no way! But after test driving Wealthy Affiliate for the past 2 months, I’m cautiously optimistic that this may actually be the ticket to online success. You’re probably thinking ‘yea right, what’s the catch?’  That’s what I thought during my first month but I learned quickly that this is a venture that you actually really have to put in some effort.

typewriter 1424167 - Best Online Platform To Start Your Work At Home Business!
Write Your Blog Content Consistently!

Wealthy Affiliate works like this. You pick a niche you’re interested in and then create a website which Wealthy Affiliate gives you once you sign up. They actually give you two free sites just to get you started. Then you write blog posts about your niche and promote products on it. There is also tons of training on the site that helps you understand every aspect of blogging for income businesses. The company has been in existence since 2005 so I was reassured that it’s not some fly by night hustle that will bail out on you. There is an option to go Premium which I did just so I could get all the benefits of the training that’s available. So, far I am happy with my progress and it’s actually pretty fun.

I won’t go into all Wealthy Affiliate is about right now….there’s just too much to talk about. I will say that the owners are actively in the forums and are there to help at a moments notice! You won’t find that on any other online platform and these guys are serious about helping people find success online. So, if you’re into blogging then this is something I would really consider checking out. And, if you have any questions for me, feel free to comment! To your success! Sign Up For Free On Wealthy Affiliate!


Dave Donahue  writes business blogging tips for anyone looking to start their own blogging career.

Blogging Topics You Can Think About

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You Can Blog Anywhere!

If you haven’t noticed by now, I pretty much live to blog…well almost. With helping to raise an active teenage son and keeping up with some other daily necessities, I find blogging to be one of the joys of my life right now. But I will say that becoming a stay at home blogger does take a lot of work and dedication. Do you think you have what it takes to be a pro blogger? Do you know what kind of topic you really want to write about? Think about that for a second. It’s crazy how many people really want to get into blogging but they just can’t find a niche they are passionate about. Really….nothing???  It’s true and I’ve run into quite a few who just can’t seen to get moving on the right topic. So, without further ado for those who can’t seem to find an awesome topic to write about, here goes!


stock photo 54359018 follow your passion - Blogging Topics You Can Think About
Blog About Your Passion!

  1. Books You Are Working On!   If you have a knack for writing books, why not blog about your daily book writing ventures? You can post blogs on where you are on a novel, a short story or even a book you are reading. With that you can also promote products related to the industry by utilizing Amazon Associates Or Clickbank!
  2. Blog About Your Passion! Assuming you have a passion that you just have to talk…write about, this is an awesome thing to blog about! It could be your cats or pet iguana, your strange addiction, the constellation…the list goes on. So, wrack your brain and discover what passion drives you!
  3. Blog About Your Town! Sure, this may be a bit overkill especially if you are just done with the going on’s around you in the town you live but I’m sure there is something that’s interesting…even if you live in the middle of nowhere. In fact, I was considering blogging about my fishing adventures at Lake Michie North Carolina just because of the crazy times and characters out there I ran into. It could even be your day to day ventures when your out and about!
  4. Blog About Your Facebook Happenings!  Facebook you have to admit is a pretty interesting scene with different groups, people from different cultures and lifestyles. You can blog about anything from a business venture to your Facebook forums you are active in!
  5. Blog About Making Money!  In a world that’s constantly changing, one thing most people seem to have on their mind is the almighty dollar. As crazy as it is, that’s reality. But if you can find a way to blog and make money at it, why not write about it? There are so many ways to make money online nowadays from affiliate marketing to selling products, blogging about making money makes a whole lot of sense!
money 1588321 - Blogging Topics You Can Think About
The Almighty Buck!

These are just a few topics that could get your mind thinking in the right direction when pursuing a blogging career. There are literally thousands more out there you can find too. So, shoot for the stars when you begin blogging and remember it’s important to stay focused and choose a topic that interests you long term. And if you’re all out of ideas and want to join a community that helps people get on the road to success blogging about their passions, see below!

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