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Is Sell Health Affiliate Program Worth Your Time?

My latest search for affiliate programs where you can make money online brought me to a website called Before I get into this I’ll tell you that this program has alot of information and products to promote so I’ll only focus on a couple of them. The site basically sets you up to sell anti-aging and sexual healthy products which in today’s economy with an aging baby boom generation is going to get tons of traffic to websites. Naturally some companies will jump on the earning wagon and try and sell these types of products. As an affiliate marketer this means that if you pick some decent products and promote well you could easily end up earning a six figure income in a relatively short period of time.

Take a look at the leading platform for bloggers and marketers and tell me what your thoughts are!




From time to time I like to post products that I find on affiliate websites just for people to check out if interested. And yes, if you do buy one I do receive a small commission but I do try and find ones that may be worth checking out. In previous post I have written about how you can make a commission promoting affiliate sites and products and while there are a ton on them out there, I normally try and stick with just a few sites to promote. Today I found a product that may help you if you are interested in starting a web site for weight loss. This is a topic that’s bound to be hot for years to come and while I firmly believe there is no easy way to lose weight besides diet and exercise, you’re bound to find a gazzilion products out there promoting the next weight loss craze.

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Start A Weight Loss Blog

Start A Weight Loss Blog

Now, this is a weight loss product that is geared towards helping you start your own weight loss blog site. I found it interesting simply because weight loss is one of those niches that will never go away. You can always start a blog that revolves around the topic and to get a little boost from an outside source may help. The cost for this is about $8.00 which really isn’t much and I think if I were to write a weight loss blog I’d probably be giving it a shot.

Maybe you know someone who is looking to lose weight or maybe you’re on your own weight loss kick yourself. I know over the years for me personally I have packed on a few pounds and I’ll tell you it’s tough taking it off. I don’t lose weight by writing blogging tips for newbies but I am consciously trying to change my habits as far as diet and exercise. I think this is a niche that could go far. You could blog about exercise equipment, exercises, diets, workout clothes and shoes. It really just goes on and on. As a blogger who spends a few hours a day at the computer this is something I would be interested in reading. So, if you’re looking for a niche to pick and a product that may help you get on the path to blogging about weight loss, you may want to give this thing a look.  Weight Loss Blog

Most of us have checked out affiliate programs that are designed to help you earn online. But it can be a bit confusing especially if you are just starting out. It may be difficult to understand just how they work and how they actually make you money online. So, let’s look at Wealthy Affiliate for a minute and see how exactly this site works and whether or not this is a scam or something with a viable service for it’s members.

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Earn Income By Blogging

Wealthy Affiliate works somewhat like this. Members sign up either for free or they can sign up as a premium for 47.00 a month. With the premium membership members get a wide variety of resources designed to make them an income. Wealthy Affiliate gives it’s members two free websites which they can build with the sites default domain. With these sites they build posts and pages which promote different affiliate products of the members choice. Members are encouraged for find a niche that they find interesting and from there they begin to build their business. The site has a huge support base of members and the owners are on site daily to help members along. Of all of the support and different types of training modules available as well as videos posted frequently I found this program is probably the best online for newbies.

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I’ll See How Wealthy Afflliate Pans Out

By checking out a number of reviews on the site I found that Wealthy Affiliate appears to not be a scam. In fact considering this website has been helping members find success since 2005 I think it’s something worth checking out if you want to promote affiliate products. There’s a lot to learn on Wealthy Affiliate I have to admit and for some it may seem overwhelming at first. The training lessons and the bootcamp lessons can seem endless but it’s all geared towards you making a good online income. So, that’s my take on Wealthy Affiliate. I signed up 7 weeks ago and am building my business. In the coming weeks and months I will update on my progress! Check Out Wealthy Affiliate Here



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Free Web Counter>


Inserting pictures are an important part of building a highly sought after blogging website. But, do you know where to get the best pictures on the net for free? There are probably thousands of free picture websites on the internet but I’d say the majority of them have some kind of a catch. Either you have to sign up and pay a fee for each picture or you have to pay a monthly “service” fee. However if you do your research you will find that there are some great sites that offer you quality photos you can use for your blogging business. So, here are a few sites you may want to check out!

P1000463 300x200 - Best Places To Find Free Blog Pictures Online

PicJumbo Free Photo

PicJumbo  Now here is a pretty cool free picture site you really should take a look at. The pictures are of high quality and while you can go premium they have a searchable part of the site where you just pick a topic and the pictures show up. I checked out their premium membership which includes an amazing amount of free pictures for your site. What I really like about this site is they have pictures that are high quality that can be used for themes or just when you want some really over the top photos that are hard to find. The premium membership is 7.50 a month which really isn’t too much.

boot 1015411  340 300x300 - Best Places To Find Free Blog Pictures Online

Pixabay Photo Example



Pixabay   This is a cool site that offers users photos that to say the least breathtaking. If you’re looking for pictures that aren’t just run of the mill stock photos then this is the picture gallery for you. I mean this site has just about every photo you can imagine and they are really high quality. On Pixabay you can use  photos, videos and vector graphics. They do have a sign up page and you can find that here.The content can also be used for commercial distribution. Pixabay


274 1 300x200 - Best Places To Find Free Blog Pictures Online

Gratisography Photo



Gratisography   Here is another awesome site that has those timeless photos that you just can’t seem to forget. I mean the types of images on this site are absolutely amazing! These would be perfect for any blog, theme or even to blow up as a calendar image. You really have to see this site. Some of the images are pretty bizarre but if that’s what you’re after you will definitely find it here. Gratisography


cars 8 1526527 - Best Places To Find Free Blog Pictures Online

Free Image Picture

 Free Images   This is a popular free media website that has a multitude of different types of topics to choose from. The site is very easy to navigate and what you see is what you get. The images are of high quality and the range of searchable images is really impressive. This in one I use along with the other free photo sites you see above. Free Images

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Do you know why you want to start a blogging business? Assuming that’s what you’re looking to do in life right now it’s important to understand why you want to blog and what you can expect long term. More importantly you need to identify the ways your writing can change your life for the better. And believe me it’s not just about writing content. Sure, writing content is important but it’s equally important to apply different techniques to take your blogging business to a higher level.

keyboard 3 1195697 - Taking Your Blogging Business To A New Level.

Keep Creating!

You Need To Get Yourself Involved! 

There’s an old saying that no man is an island. You’re blogging for an income won’t be something you can just do on your own either. You may be blogging at home but there are millions of other people doing it too. So, you need to connect with those people! They will help you not only stay positive but can be huge in helping get your blogging brand out there. Don’t get me wrong here though. Other bloggers can be a huge influence on your blogging success but you’re going to have to really work to be successful day in and day out. There are a number of ways you can connect with others to build your business by joining forums and actively participating. This means writing reviews for other bloggers, commenting on their progress and learning from some of their tips and tricks. So, consider that before you start blogging on your own. Participation will take your blogging skills and business to new levels you never thought possible!

Take Things One Day At A Time

Back in the late 70’s there was a sitcom called “One Day At A Time.” If you’re over 40 you probably remember the show. The title of the show makes a whole lot of sense and that’s exactly how you should approach your blogging business. If you set huge goals at first you’re going to be dissapointed. It’s been proven time and time again. Start out with small goals everyday and in six months time you will see results and sales! Connect with other bloggers daily, comment on their progress and be active in at least one blogging community. I guarantee your life will change in all ways!

Don’t Be An Island!

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Don’t go it alone!

Hopefully, you’re getting to understand how to take your blogging business to a higher level. Content is important and should definitely be on the forefront of your mind while you are building your business but connecting with like minded people is what will really make you blogging at home business to  new heights. And if you’re looking for the perfect place to accomplish all this see this link! Click To Join An Awesome Community!