Are Wealthy Affiliates Success Stories Real?

Are Wealthy Affiliates Success Stories Real? Someone recently was considering signing up with the Wealthy Affiliate and asked me if all those Wealthy Affiliate success stories were real. My reply was yes, they are but that doesn’t mean everyone succeeds at it. The look on their face told me what they were thinking. “Why waste … Read more Are Wealthy Affiliates Success Stories Real?

Is ShareASale A Good Affiliate Program?

Is ShareASale A Good Affiliate Program?

As an affiliate blogger and marketer I am always looking for some good affiliate programs to promote. And ShareASale is one that sparked my interest. But is ShareASale A good affiliate program? I checked it out and at first glance I was a bit confused. There was a lot of information to absorb once I clicked on the link. This program basically allows members to promote up to 4000 different affiliate programs that are connected to it. Below is what you will see on the ShareASale homepage. 

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Does The CogniTune Affiliate Program Look Like A Scam?

Is The CogniTune Affiliate Program A Scam?

Today I decided to again search out some affiliate programs which I figured people were checking out and write something up on one. While I praise those who start affiliate programs that are good for members I know there are some out there that just don’t cut the mustard. I try to look at these websites as a member would and I want find ones that look promising and not just trying to make money off signups and then six months later they are down the road.

I checked out the CogniTune Affiliate Program and at first look this one looked very promising. It is an affiliate program designed for those with some cognitive impairments or those looking to boost their skills. I know first hand about cognitive decline especially after I was almost taken out from menengitis a few years back. Believe me you don’t want to catch that and if you recover you will wish you had a pill to bring back your cognitive skills. Here is what I saw at first glance on the CogniTune home page. 

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Is Zukul A Good Online Income Program?


What is Zukul And Is It A Good Online Income Program?

What is Zukul and is it a good online income program? I looked into this platform and found that it is a all in one marketing tool for internet marketers. While there are a ton of these types of programs out there I thought this one looked pretty interesting. For newbie bloggers looking to earn online as affiliate marketers I think it’s important to look into marketing tools to promote your products and services but it’s not a necessary step to make any money online. In fact by following the steps outlined in my #1 affiliate blogging platform I think anyone can earn without going overboard with outside marketing. The best traffic you will get has to be organic which is obtained by writing quality content. Regardless let’s look at what Zukul has to offer it’s clients and see if it’s a good choice.

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Secrets Of Sarah Affiliate Program. Just Another My Online Income System Scam?

Secrets Of Sarah. Is This Really A Good Program? 

Maybe you have stumbled onto another one of the online platforms that promises you the big bucks for minimal work. I mean isn’t that the dream of alot of us? To find an online program that works on auto pilot making you tons of cash with no effort? Sorry to say the only way to earn offline or online is to put in a lot of work. And earning online with programs like Secrets Of Sarah may sound like the pie in the sky dream but c’mon shouldn’t we do a little digging before we sign up? Well, I did and I wanted to see if this program compared to my #1 choice for affiliate bloggers. 

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