Does The CogniTune Affiliate Program Look Like A Scam?

Is The CogniTune Affiliate Program A Scam?

Today I decided to again search out some affiliate programs which I figured people were checking out and write something up on one. While I praise those who start affiliate programs that are good for members I know there are some out there that just don’t cut the mustard. I try to look at these websites as a member would and I want find ones that look promising and not just trying to make money off signups and then six months later they are down the road.

I checked out the CogniTune Affiliate Program and at first look this one looked very promising. It is an affiliate program designed for those with some cognitive impairments or those looking to boost their skills. I know first hand about cognitive decline especially after I was almost taken out from menengitis a few years back. Believe me you don’t want to catch that and if you recover you will wish you had a pill to bring back your cognitive skills. Here is what I saw at first glance on the CogniTune home page. 

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Amazon Profitable Ecommerce Store Will Make You Rich!


Can You Get Rich With An Amazon Profitable Ecommerce Store?ecommerce - Amazon Profitable Ecommerce Store Will Make You Rich!

The Amazon Profitable Ecommerce Store is a product that helps new bloggers and affiliate marketers get started on the road to success by offering a few different packages for buyers. It works pretty simple. You pay an up front fee to the company and they in turn provide you with an ecommerce website complete with all the bells and whistles and then you become an instant business owner. Sounds cool doesn’t it?

Can an Amazon Ecommerce Store make you rich? Here is where I think I can shed the light on this. While a ready made online store sounds great with all the SEO and articles written it only gets you on the path to success. I looked at one of these store packages and they offered for $90.00 five articles of about 2000 words each along with the website pre made with a niche of their choosing. This is great but I don’t think you can get rich with just the five articles on a pre made niche website. 

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Are Scam Reviews Real?

Are Scam Reviews Just A Big Lie?

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Don’t Get Scammed!
As a blogger I am getting pretty tired of reading all of these posts that are scam reviews. And why is that? It’s because it’s a way people get you to sign up for their program by slamming someone else’s. Simple as that. And people who write these scam reviews often don’t even buy the program and try it out. So, if you read a scam review chances are the author doesn’t have first hand knowledge of the program in question.
I also found out that reviews on products online are fake in other ways. In fact some people actually go to great lengths to find someone off content writing sites and basically have them create a testimonials. So, even the testimonials are probably fake too. So, what are you to believe when it comes to online programs? And do programs like affiliate really work or are they just another scam?
I have to say since I tried out affiliate marketing it’s a pretty gray area on whether it’s a scam or not. I think there are a lot of good affiliate programs out there but things take a turn when the authors of the content start writing reviews on products that are not even real. And that turns the hole industry into a sham. It’s sad but it shows how greedy people can really be when it comes to trying to earn online. I never really trust a scam review I read and I have very few reviews myself that I have written and I try not to slam the company even if it does look shady.

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Are You A Victim To A Make Money Blogging Scam?

Victim To A Make Money Blogging Scam?

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Don’t Get Scammed!
If you have been working online for any amount of time, chances are you may have fallen prey to a make money blogging scam. But, does this mean all ways of making money online are a ripoff?
My answer to that is not if you take the ball into your court. My meaning here is sure there are a ton of scams out there but if you can build your own business not reliant on some push button hustle then yes, you can make money online.
But, the way to achieve this is to not concentrate on the making money part. You have to see yourself and your business in five years. Where will you be then and what do you plan to accomplish in let’s say the next year or two?
As a blogger I am assuming you are looking for ways to achieve success online but don’t know how to avoid the many scams out there. And I’ll try and give you some helpful advice on ways you can avoid these make money blogging scams. So, without further ado, here are some tips that may help you avoid some online scams.

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Can I Avoid A Make Money Blogging Scam? The Net Is Rampant With Online Hustles!

Don’t Fall For Blogging Scams If you are looking around for a way to earn online, I’m sure you have seen some blogging scams. But, how do you avoid a make money blogging scam and is everything out there nothing but a cheesy hustle? I have run into a lot of these scams and yea … Read more Can I Avoid A Make Money Blogging Scam? The Net Is Rampant With Online Hustles!

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