Is The 50 Page Authority Site With Social Media Marketing Worth Buying?

The 50 Page Authority Site With Social Media

I was looking at programs for internet marketers and ran into one I thought looked pretty good. It was the 50 Page Authority Site With Social Media Marketing. At first I was thinking this was another scheme to get you to sign up for some strange web page design but at further glance I realized that this was much more.

This program offers members a pretty cool setup with 50 pages of content and it hooks you up with tons of social media options. Basically it gives you everything to run a full on content business where you can earn online. The idea of this is they do all the work and set everything up so you don’t have to know any technical skills or even have any type of marketing knowledge. My only issue with this is that while it’s great they give you this ready made business designed to make money, you don’t really have access to an online learning platform because it is what it is. A business already setup.

The program works through seven months and basically builds on the initial authority site that they make for you. And I think that is awesome that they stick around and help you build your business up. But, again as an affiliate marketer myself I know that while some sites can be successful with just 50 pages of content, many authority sites have much more than that. In fact some have thousands of pages of content! Read More »Is The 50 Page Authority Site With Social Media Marketing Worth Buying?

Social Media. Why Is Social Media Important For Business?

Why Is Social Media Important For Business?

Of all the years I have been writing blogs, I came to the conclusion that social media is important for your business. But, I will say one thing I’ve leaned about social media. You have to be careful when using it.
Below are some of the reasons you should not over do it when it comes to using social media.
1 Nobody likes a spammer of their link on social media. And there are ways to avoid this but you have to very careful. If you are using social media use it sparingly and share only to those who may find your content interesting. To share all of your stuff to any group is not going to do much for your business or your social media reputation.
2 Share only after you have helped someone else. This is a personal preference of mine but I try not to just throw my link out even to those who may find my content interesting. If I follow someone on twitter I try and re tweet their posts and even comment on it. You’re going to fare much better on social media if you share others content and comment rather than just spam your link. And if you use this format you may see your link being shared the same way.
3 If you have nothing good to say, don’t say it! One thing I hate is slamming on any social media and it’s really gotten pretty bad. It doesn’t take long to see all the negativity on any social site so it’s best to steer clear of it. I try and only socialize on posts or sites that have positive things going on.
4 Let your followers help you. If you’re in business you want to have your followers see you in a good light. So, let them know you’re there but don’t overdo it. Let your work speak for itself!

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