How To Build An Online Business For Affiliate Marketing

Can You Build An Online Business For Affiliate Marketing In 2019?

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The question I often get asked is how can I build an online business for affiliate marketing in 2019? Is it even possible? After working on this website that you are reading a post on I can honestly tell you that building an online business is not easy but it’s completely doable if you put the time and effort into it. But when you begin building your affiliate marketing business it’s important to realize that success in the industry doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it may take months before you begin to see any results.

Is it all even worth the effort? 

Think about your situation right now. Are you working and how long have you been at your present job? Six months? Six years? More? If you are just starting out and within the first year of your job you probably aren’t making the kind of money you are told you have the potential to earn. In fact, you may be at the bottom of the pile in your company. On the other hand if you have been there a while, you are more than likely making better money than when you first started. If not I would consider another line of work. Continue reading How To Build An Online Business For Affiliate Marketing

IsThe Christianity At Home Business Model Worth Checking Out? Don’t Join Until You Read This!

IsThe Christianity At Home Business Model Worth Checking Out?

I checked out this Christianity At Home Business Model recently because it came up in my search for the best affiliate programs online today. What I found out may or may not shock you. Considering working from home is huge in 2018 I am always on the lookout for programs that offer people a way to earn money online. But was this worth it? Keep reading as I explore this online opportunity!

At first glance at the landing page for the Christianity At Home business model, I thought that it looked like most affiliate marketing programs that offer a way to make a ton of money. Six figure income, the ability to work at home and the flexablitity to work your own hours in the comfort of your own space. And while I found this looking through affiliate marketing opportunities, it claimed that that’s not what it was and it wasn’t an MLM either. Just an ethical and honest way to earn money online. Continue reading IsThe Christianity At Home Business Model Worth Checking Out? Don’t Join Until You Read This!

I Need Free Money! Are You Singing This Tune?

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You’re broke and chanting to yourself “I need free money!” Really? Is it that bad? Are you smoking rolled cigarettes and staring out the window wondering when your ship will come in? Keep on waiting because that’s all you will end up doing.

Think I’m messing with you? Well, I’m not because everything we do whether positive or negative influence how our life pans out. Believe me, I’ve been there. Down and out after a stint in the Marine Corps and I had nothing to show for my life but an honorable discharge. I didn’t have a job, a car and yes I started smoking cheap generic roll your own smokes. Life wasn’t a bed of roses.

But, that’s not all. I kept trying and got different jobs, worked hard but at the end of the day was still poor and down in the dumps. So, if this sounds like you believe me, you’re not alone.

Now, I won’t say you should up and leave your job or go and join the Marine Corps like I did back in the day but I will say that in today’s economy you can change your life and do it all from home if you have the drive and desire.

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You want to make it on your own in this world? Sure, don’t we all but what happens to most of us? We end up working for the man and in the end either get fired or laid off or stuck in a job we hate for 20 to 30 years. And that’s precious time you are trading for a paycheck. Go from 20 to 50 years old and you may find yourself burned out, broke and the healthiest years of your life are behind you. What do you do then? Some end up on disability and that’s all she wrote. The next few decades of your life are spent broke, tired and depressed.

There is a better way and that is working for yourself. And seeing that everything is online anymore with digital marketing and sales, this may be the ticket to a good life for you. Don’t think it’s possible? Considering that digital sales are a huge part of the economy in today’s marketplace, there’s really no reason not to get in on the game.

Can you be your own boss in 2018? Absolutely! In fact this website you are on has allowed me to climb the ranks on search engines and I have made enough sales to keep doing this and not much else.

Did it happen overnight? No. And I won’t say it did. It took a lot of dedication to write on my website every few days and build my site into what it is today. It took me only a couple years to accomplish this and I didn’t have to punch a clock.

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Motivated To Start Your Own Website Today?

I have to say I wish I had started building my niche website years ago. But I didn’t and now at 2 1/2 years of working on my website I can honestly say this has been the best thing I could of done to build up some passive income. I have met some great people on my journey and now I am confident that my website will be generating income for years to come.

Looking to quit your job? Looking to find something to do if you’re retired? Then I would really suggest checking into starting your own income producing website. It’s not hard, you can get tons of support and have fun at the same time.

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What Makes A Successful Website? Do You Know?


What Makes A Successful Website? Do You Know?

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Blog To Success!

Tons of people from all over the world are trying to build a website. That’s fine and many can build a site that looks cool and is somewhat interesting. But is this what makes a successful website? It can depending on what you are building that website for. If it’s for your friends and family then I don’t really see why it can’t be considered a success.

But what about those sites that are designed to make money online and are used with affiliate links? That’s a question I get often on my website here. What kind of a website makes money online and how can you make your website a success? Well, it’s one of those things that can be tricky for many in the industry. In fact because it’s such a do it yourself kind of a project, it’s not surprising that so many people get sidetracked and distracted by this that or the other and eventually just quit. And that’s why people aren’t successful when building their sites. They have little to no patience and honestly just want to get paid. Continue reading What Makes A Successful Website? Do You Know?

Why Blogs Fail For Affiliate Marketers


Why Blogs Fail For Affiliate Marketers

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Failure is not an option!

Most of us who fail at blogging certainly don’t start out thinking we are going to fall on our face. But did you know that most of the people who fail at blogging had the best intentions at first? What happens when blogs fail is those of use who start a blog get sidetracked and eventually because of little or no results quit before we find any type of success. It’s not your fault if this happened to you. It’s just the way it goes if you don’t stay the course on your blogging journey. Continue reading Why Blogs Fail For Affiliate Marketers