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What Makes A Successful Website? Do You Know?


What Makes A Successful Website? Do You Know?

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Blog To Success!

Tons of people from all over the world are trying to build a website. That’s fine and many can build a site that looks cool and is somewhat interesting. But is this what makes a successful website? It can depending on what you are building that website for. If it’s for your friends and family then I don’t really see why it can’t be considered a success.

But what about those sites that are designed to make money online and are used with affiliate links? That’s a question I get often on my website here. What kind of a website makes money online and how can you make your website a success? Well, it’s one of those things that can be tricky for many in the industry. In fact because it’s such a do it yourself kind of a project, it’s not surprising that so many people get sidetracked and distracted by this that or the other and eventually just quit. And that’s why people aren’t successful when building their sites. They have little to no patience and honestly just want to get paid. (more…)

What Makes For Successful Affiliate Bloggers?

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How is this for a scenario. You work tirelessly writing blogs, using affiliate links and six months down the road you haven’t made one sale. Sound familiar? Well, if you have been blogging tirelessly and seeing no results chances are you are pretty darn frustrated by now.

So, why is it that some succeed  and others never become successful bloggers? I have an idea of why that is. Consistency and attention to detail. Yep, while writing is a great way to reach out to people, to become a successful blogger you have to offer some great information or product to actually reach that point where people really dig on your stuff. (more…)

How To Set Up A Blog For Success!

Tips To Set Up A Blog For Success

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Set Up A Blog For Success!

So, you have finally decided to set up a blog but don’t really know if you are choosing the right path to do this correctly. The good news is that setting up your blog really doesn’t have to be difficult, you just have to go about it step by step. It’s not something that you have to figure out in one failed swoop. But how do you set up a blog and do you know where to begin? Check out the newbie tips below for figuring out how to set up your blog for success!

Pick A Niche You Will Be Happy Writing About

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What Does Success Look Like To You?

Your first step to writing a successful blog is to actually pick a niche you will want to write about long term. It can be about anything from surfing to blogging and anything in between. There really are literally thousands of blog topics to write about. But, finding one that works for you will be the tricky part and can basically make or break your blog. So, think about what you would be interested in writing about and start writing!

Pick A Platform For Your Blog

Depending on what you are blogging about and what your intentions are I would suggest looking at different blogging websites for your blog. There are tons of free blog websites online and some that require upgrading to get full access to all the services. Here is a site that gives you a list of websites that you can build a decent blog website on. Blog Websites Online To see my #1 pick for learning and creating the perfect blog see here. My Number One Pick!

Create Quality Content On Your Blog

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Find A Platform That Works!

Creating quality content is probably one of the most important aspects of blogging for an income. So, when you set up a blog you will definitely want to keep that in mind. While choosing a theme and a niche is important, what you write on your blog is going to be the deciding factor of whether or not that blog will be successful. And remember success doesn’t come overnight. In fact to run a successful niche blog you may find yourself writing hundreds of blog if not thousands over the course of a few years. So think about writing at least a few blogs a week when you start out. In time you will see your blog climb higher in rankings and eventually become an authority in your niche.  Remember content is going to be your best route to building a successful blogging website!

Experiment With Your Blogging Techniques And Look At Other Blogs

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Find A Platform That Works!


You may want to check out other people’s blogs online too. This is a great way to get an idea of what it is you want to write about and how you want to design your website. While you’re at it, you might want to leave a comment on their site with a link to your own website. This will help you to not only receive comments on your blog but to start to gain authority in your niche. So, check out other blogs for ideas on how to set up a blog but don’t copy (of course!).  There you have it. A few ideas on how to set up a blog and get on the road to success as a blogger. Sure, there’s more to know but I’ll get that soon once you get rolling. Feel free to comment below or ask me a question on what more you can do to get your blog moving in the right direction. To your success!

What Is A True Blog Income Potential With Wealthy Affiliate?

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Blogging Income Potential

What’s The True Blog Potential On Wealthy Affiliate?

Ok, so you’re thinking about ways to create a passive income stream with your blog but not sure exactly what the potential is as far as earning income. That’s fine but there are some things you should know before diving into any platform and creating a website with blogs designed to make money. First off, you should never go into creating a blog with dollar signs in your eyes. I say this because of all the people who start a blog site with Wealthy Affiliate there’s a select number of people who actually make money doing it. I won’t say that number is small but it’s definitely not everyone who joins the program. And the reason is that a vast majority of people go into programs expecting to make money right off the bat. That’s not the way to go about earning as a blogger, not at all. So, what is the true blog income potential with Wealthy Affiliate? Answer….It depends how dedicated you are and how much patience you have.

Learn Simple Steps To Build Your Blog

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Blogging Can Be Rewarding

That’s not to discourage you because the true blog income potential with Wealthy Affiliate depends on how much you put into it. If you don’t have the desire to learn, are more comfortable writing a blog a week and spend much of your time on social media (Wealthy Affiliate Forums Included) then you will probably not find a whole lot of success. On the other hand if you are dedicated to learning on the Wealthy Affiliate classroom and can see long term how your blog can grow then you very well could be making good money down the road. Like this blog you are reading, every step you take will either make your blog a success or a failure. Considering the short amount of time it’s taking me to write this blog to give you tips on blogging I can say that every blog written can bring you that much closer to success. So, the true blog income potential for any blog website you run will depend on your ability to keep writing your blogs, learn from your mistakes, use social media and of course stay the course through time.

A Few Things You Can Do To Increase Your Chances Of Success

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Take The Chance And Build A Successful Blog

Hopefully you’re starting to understand where I’m going with this blog post. Whether you’re working on the Wealthy Affiliate platform or some other online venue, the majority of your success will depend on the work you put into your blog. I would suggest you start out small with your blog and write every few days taking time to understand the platform you are writing on and to learn how to insert sociable plugins, subscribe buttons and a comment section to your blog. And don’t look at your blog as being a stand alone entity. It’s important to share your blog frequently and connect with other people who are blogging as well. So, now that you’re ready to earn realize that the true blog income potential will vary blogger to blogger.

Success Depends On You!

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Make Your Blog A Winner!

I’m sure you know by now that your ability to earn and reach that true blog income potential will take a lot of work and dedication on your part. And the number one reason people fail when you do start a blog is one of two reasons. They fail to take some simple steps to make that blog a success or they give up too soon. And many blogs that have failed may of been at that cutting edge point when their blog was ready to take off. I know, that’s a frustrating thought. But, think about this. If you’re in a job you hate right now, where do you see yourself in a year? How about two or three years? How about ten years? If you start your blog in any niche you choose now, dedicate yourself to learning and writing, in ten years you could be living the dream. Think about it, it’s really up to you to find your true blog income potential!

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