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What Are The Best Passive Income Sources Opportunities Today?

What Are The Best Passive Income Sources Opportunities Today?f49d2c4d9ce120467ac95a5acb7e8e921529263762 cropped 1530147657 - What Are The Best Passive Income Sources Opportunities Today?

I an without a doubt a fan of the best passive income sources opportunities that I can find today. Not that a regular nine to five can’t be a positive thing but for those who are looking at becoming their own boss I found that blogging online is one of the best ways to create a passive income today.

Why is that? Because think about it. We live in a new era with a different type of mindset versus the old way of thinking of working for a company for decades and retiring with a nest egg built up for retirement. In fact did you know that at least half of baby boomers have not saved enough money to retire comfortably on? And what about younger worker? Do they have the same mindset as older people did? Not at all.

The new way of earning an income has switched from working for the man to working for ourselves. It’s the so called American dream now, earning through digital marketing by selling online. And it doesn’t matter what you are selling. It could be a service or it can be a product through a company that offers affiliate sales. That means that you, yes you can get in on the action with no out of pocket to access affiliate links through various companies.  (more…)

How To De-Stress? Get Busy Writing!

How To De-Stress? Get Busy Writing!228577a7491e0f19d646ff455c57f7b71524524069 cropped optimized - How To De-Stress? Get Busy Writing!

We live in a pretty hectic world. There’s always something going on around us and whether or not you know it, these distractions can have an impact on your life. And that impact is often loads of stress. So, how do you destress when things get too much? Write! That’s right because there is something about writing that can slow down your mind and focus on one thing. Writing is a great way to get down your feelings when something is bothering you and can help you to de-stress!

While writing is good therapy it’s also helpful when you have a blog you are working on. Sure, it’s nice to be able to make money with your blog but did you know that blogging consistently can give you many benefits that go beyond just having something to do? Writing helps to organize thoughts and can help you to direct your creative energy somewhere other than to the many distractions we face. How to de-stress? Get busy writing! (more…)

Best Blogging Tips For Newbies. Are You Using These Daily?

Best Blogging Tips For Newbies

laptop 2443052  340 - Best Blogging Tips For Newbies. Are You Using These Daily?
Laptop Work Space

New bloggers looking to start their own blog and actually earn online may want to check out these tips for newbies. Most of us have tried many ways to get their blogs working for them but fall short when it comes to actually running  a successful blog and when that happens we quit after a few months.

Why is that? Simple, because we live in an instant gratification society. We want what we want and we want it now. When that doesn’t happen we move on to the next thing. And then the cycle continues. The same applies with jobs, relationships, places we live. We are constantly looking for something better.  (more…)

Why Blogs Fail For Affiliate Marketers


Why Blogs Fail For Affiliate Marketers

fail - Why Blogs Fail For Affiliate Marketers
Failure is not an option!

Most of us who fail at blogging certainly don’t start out thinking we are going to fall on our face. But did you know that most of the people who fail at blogging had the best intentions at first? What happens when blogs fail is those of use who start a blog get sidetracked and eventually because of little or no results quit before we find any type of success. It’s not your fault if this happened to you. It’s just the way it goes if you don’t stay the course on your blogging journey. (more…)

How To Start A Blog For Profit Online And Can It Be Done?


How To Start A Blog For Profit Online

stickies 3127287  340 300x141 - How To Start A Blog For Profit Online And Can It Be Done?
Make Things Happen!

Have you ever wanted to start a blog for profit? Do you know how to go about doing this? I tried for years to make money blogging and it wasn’t until I learned a few tricks of the trade before I really started making any money. The first thing I learned was to have patience. Because without patience you will  probably end up giving up and calling it a day. But, in my case I was determined to find a way to earn an income as a blogger and after a few years I finally succeeded. What did I do? I joined a platform that taught me all I needed to know. Check this article on a review of the platform I used to find success.  (more…)