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What Is The Difference Between A Blog And A Website?74d98794dcff753791e088a268a8f6ab1536166528 cropped 1536166914 optimized - What Is The Difference Between A Blog And A Website?

Good question! What is the difference between a blog and a website? That’s a question I had years back when I first built my first website. The website I built was a complete disaster to be honest but it did teach me something. And that was I was completely lame when it came to technology.

Sure I had been to some basic computer classes in college but nothing that taught me how to build a website. And almost thirty years later while I know a whole lot more than I did back then, I consider myself needing much more training.

But the difference between a website and a blog is a website is something that usually in today’s marketplace is something companies use to sell services or products. A website can also be for personal use where we share our pictures and memories with family and friends. Inside that website we often find a place where blogs are.

And the blogs can be written as in telling stories or reviewing products. In fact a blog can be so many different things but the best way to know what a blog is would be to know that a website has different pages and a blog is a series of posts that the author writes within that website.

This may sound confusing but in today’s digital era we often see websites that promote services and products and building a website today is much easier than it was a couple decades ago. Now you can have a website up and running within minutes with built in SEO and HTML options. All you have to do is create pages and posts and you’re pretty much in business. Add some pictures and links and you’re good to go.

What’s The Best Route? Website Or Blog?6850a79f7a51a869d3f4c6bb689159b61536166861 cropped optimized - What Is The Difference Between A Blog And A Website?

That’s really up to you and what you’re looking to create. If you are a company looking to offer products or services then a website would be your best bet. If you’re looking to share your experiences on a travel vacation then a blog works well. You can write blogs on your website or just create a blog with a webpage. It’s up to you how much time and effort your want to put into all of it.

A website that generates traffic organically can be done by writing blogs in that niche. If you write consistently over time that blog will generate traffic when someone searches and through this website owners can generate sales or gain leads for their service. It’s probably the best way to generate traffic because it is more specific than other types of traffic like that obtained through social media.

Hopefully this starts to make sense to you. But what if you just want to start a blog to share with your friends and family? That’s fairly easy. You can start with a basic webpage or website like or and begin building a website or webpage blog that can be free or very close to it.

For those looking to start a business as a blogger, there is something called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a way of making sales through the use of a website which usually uses blogs to generate traffic and sales. And the best way to do this is join a platform like Wealthy Affiliate to start building your web business.

Keep It Simple When Building A Blog Or A Website

This is probably the best advice I can give anyone looking to start their business as a blogger or if you are looking at just blogging about your daily life. Either way both can be a fun way of expressing yourself and many people find blogging very therapeutic.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have on either building an affiliate website or beginning to blog. I like offering tips and suggestions!

Here’s to your success!

Dave @ Blogging Tips For Newbies

Looking To Start Blogging Income Strategies?

chess 2727443  340 - Looking To Start Blogging Income Strategies? Read This First!

Learn Blogging Strategies

Over the course of my sometimes on and off again blogging adventures in pursuit of a moderate income stream I have learned quite a bit on the pitfalls of being a blogger. It’s not that I can’t write a decent sentence but it’s the fact that it took me a while before I learned a few secrets (I guess you could say) before I really started to see some results. Bloggers do have the potential to make a lot of money but many of them fail. And they don’t start out with the intention of failing, they just forget to do some crucial things to make their blog a success. Once you start blogging income strategies you will find that you can and will be a success in the industry.

So, what’s the secret?

Well, if you want to call them secrets I guess you could call them that but I think they really are just some realistic tips on how to make your blog a successful one. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put all this stuff together. You just need to do it.





How To Make Money Blogging For Free

ipad 820272  340 1 - How To Make Money Blogging For Free. Is There A Way?

Build Your Own Website For Free

For those of you who have been looking for ways to earn online and trying to make money blogging for free you probably are asking yourself this question. How the heck do I do this? Well, there is no real secret behind blogging for an income and pretty much anyone can do it if you have a little bit of know how and some drive. That’s really all the secret is. And if you are looking how to start for free, check out this blog post on how to start.

The key to becoming successful as a blogger really isn’t as difficult as you may think. The problem most have when starting is impatience and wondering when they will get paid. Most blogs take a while to begin to see results and newbies may start blogging with no real desire to wait to see some desired results. They want success now and when that doesn’t happen they give up. It’s true and it’s why most bloggers fail. What can you do about that? Look long term when starting your blog and don’t expect results or any money for the first six months.

I know that sounds brutal and it is if you’re down to your last five bucks in the bank and can’t find a job any where. I was in the same boat and finally found a platform that I could start my blog for free and build from there. It took some time but I can say that now I am making enough to be able to chill and not worry so much anymore. Besides writing and maintaining a blog should be fun so if you’re not having fun with it, it may be time to try something new. Check out this blog on creating a niche website here.


Never Spend A Ton To Build A Website!

dollar 1362244  340 1 - How To Make Money Blogging For Free. Is There A Way?

Don’t Spend To Build Your Website!

In fact I would say that you should never spend anything to build the website except for your computer and you internet connection. Forget all of those site builders that state they will create a stunning beautiful website for you. Why? Because those sites never get any decent traffic. They aren’t set up for SEO with meta tags and all the internal stuff you need to rise above in the Google rankings. For this you need to build your own website using a platform like Word Press which is free and use the plugins and SEO settings to make sure your website has a fighting chance.  (more…)

Best Blogging Tips For Newbies

laptop 2443052  340 - Best Blogging Tips For Newbies. Are You Using These Daily?

Laptop Work Space

New bloggers looking to start their own blog and actually earn online may want to check out these tips for newbies. Most of us have tried many ways to get their blogs working for them but fall short when it comes to actually running  a successful blog and when that happens we quit after a few months.

Why is that? Simple, because we live in an instant gratification society. We want what we want and we want it now. When that doesn’t happen we move on to the next thing. And then the cycle continues. The same applies with jobs, relationships, places we live. We are constantly looking for something better.  (more…)

How To Blog For Money

desktop 3271745  340 - How To Blog For Money. Why Your Blog Might Not Be Making You Any!


Starting a blog is easy. I don’t think I have met anyone who hasn’t at least entertained the thought. But do all of these people know how to blog for money? No. And it’s not because they don’t want to earn with their blog, it’s because they don’t know how to do it correctly.

If you are in the boat of bloggers who are struggling to earn money there are some things which may be holding you back from earning anything. But, know that’s it’s not your fault because the blogging arena can be overwhelming and the competition in some of the niches can be extremely fierce. You can earn money blogging if you know some of the do’s and don’ts of the business so here are a few tips to get you on the right track to earning with your blog.  (more…)