What’s The Easiest Free Website Builder Online? You May Be Surprised!

What’s The Easiest Free Website Builder Online?

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WordPress For Bloggers

For those looking for an easy and free website builder you may be surprised to know that there are many out there but not all of them are of equal quality. That’s because some of the website builders are pre-designed templates designed by a company to make things extremely easy for the novice blogger. But that’s ok if you’re a complete newbie however it would be in your best interest to use a platform like Word Press to get started.

WordPress is a pretty simple platform to use for bloggers. You have an editor, plugins, options to insert pictures and links and while it’s easy to use it’s also got a lot of options that other free website builders might not have. It’s the easiest platform to use for free that has everything you need to build a professional website. It’s not the bottom of the barrel for platforms for writing which gives you a heads up on creating a great website on a free platform.  Continue reading “What’s The Easiest Free Website Builder Online? You May Be Surprised!”

Staying Motivated While Blogging At Home

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Don’t be like this!

If you’re finding yourself at a standstill on your blogging business don’t worry. There are some things you can do to stay motivated throughout the process. It’s kind of like quitting a bad habit. Whether you’re struggling with ways to stay focused or just plain bored, you have to identify the reason you are having difficulty. And identifying that is not always easy but it’s possible to move on from being stuck. See below for some useful tips you can do to stay focused while building your blogging empire!

  1. We live in a society based on consuming. I found it easy especially as I got older to find myself wandering around stores looking for the newest product to buy. I identified this as needing a distraction from life itself. Distraction from worry, stress and overthinking. So, if you find yourself in this state of mind, consider this. You’re blogging business is your new distraction that’s designed to make you a living long term and it won’t come overnight. Give yourself a break from other distractions and focus on writing about your passions. Take a time of day that works for you and dedicate that time to writing your content for the day. I write one article/blog a day and it really takes no more than 30 minutes. Try it for yourself and in time it will come second nature!
  2. Stop with the “What Ifs?”  This has to be one of the worst reasons for not staying motivated.  If you’re seeing little to no results, focus on learning one new thing a day that will help your blogging business. Read up on SEO or building an email list or sprucing up the loose ends on your website. Stop saying no to yourself and take action and keep plugging along and build your blogging business the best way you know how. If you keep wondering “What if I fail?” you  will never get out of the starting gate!
  3. Find support through family and friends and look to blogging forums to help you stay motivated. Your blogging friends online who are on the same journey as you can be a great source of motivation!
  4. Pick a topic that interest you and you feel you will be committed to writing long term about. Too many people choose a niche they know little about and think it will work. A good percentage of people who start a blogging business give up too soon so don’t be one of them! Stay focused and committed to writing at least one article/blog a day!

These are just a few tips you can use to stay motivated on your blogging journey. Building a blogging for income business will take time and there will be days you just don’t want to do it. If you write for clients or are writing for your own blogging website find ways to stay motivated and look at your business as a long term journey to success!


Blogs That Get Traffic!

You’re business blog is written by you designed to help you gain traffic for either your own products or services or someone else to sell their own. If you blog for clients you’ll want to make sure you are writing with an engaging style and with decent grammar. But what about getting traffic to that blog? Do you know how to make your blog gain exposure on google? Do you know how keywords work?

Keywords are important to use in order for your blog to climb the ladders of Google. So, how do you do that? It’s a simple process which involves inserting certain ‘keywords’ in your post as you write your content. Once the article or blog is written you will also want to tag your article with relevant keywords as well. If you use WordPress you will find that your post or page will have the option to insert keywords. Here you can put in relevant words that pertain to your product or service.  Let’s say you want to write about pruning roses. You can put keywords like….pruning,roses,howto,garden,gardening,prunerose,prune…etc. It’s really that simple. Once the article in published eventually it should show up higher on search engines as time goesby.

The way to learn how keywords work and to get them to work for you is to try using them in your blog posts. You can also study up on how keywords work in vitually any article you find on keywords. With the right keywords come traffic whic equates to more business! So try using keywords in your next blog or article and see what happens. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!