What Is Wealthy Affiliate Training For?

What The Heck Is Wealthy Affiliate And What’s It For?

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I get some questions every so often as to what is Wealthy Affiliate for and what do you do with it? Well, since I get the question from people online I figured I would just write what it’s about in a blog post.

Wealthy Affiliate plain and simple is a platform that teaches people how to create a fully functioning website in the affiliate marketing industry. The platform has basically every training you will ever need and all the website building software, the keyword research tool. the hosting, the domain. It has it all. Who is it for? Anyone who wants to get into the business.

I must say when I joined over 4 years ago I had the intention of just checking it out to see if it worked. After early retiring I wasn’t about to just sit around and bumble around the house waiting for my monthly check. That got boring real quick and I had the motivation to start something new. As to not bore you will all the details, let’s just say that’s it’s been something that has kept me busy, out of trouble and focusing on something besides that next beer or smoke. (Which btw I have quit both!)

Anyway, Wealthy Affiliate is for people who may be new to affiliate marketing and have no skills but are willing to learn. The training is there, the support is there, and there are incentives and commissions that you can get if you work hard.

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How To Work At Home For Stay At Home Moms

How To Work At Home For Stay At Home Moms

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As a parent of a teenager, I know how hard and frustrating it can be to stay at home and basically have not much to do outside of caring for a child. It doesn’t pay the bills and can be very time consuming.

First off, I am not a woman, I am a dad who stayed at home after close to 30 years of working for the past 15 years. I know how it is to go from having a good income to being unemployed and raising children. As much of a joy it is, it’s hard to find a way to earn an income and stay motivated when nothing seems to be happening.

I also learned that there are different ways to earn a living without leaving the house and using up all of your time. In my case I was a US Marine and then a commercial electrician so time was everything. I was taught to not waste it the same as not wasting food or money. I guess I’m old school at my mid 50’s but that’s fine with me.

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What Is A Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership About?

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Wondering what a free Wealthy Affiliate Membership is about? Pretty simple really. I started with the platform in January 2016 and at first didn’t know what I was doing or where to start. It’s a newbie thing and I’m pretty sure anyone who joins is clueless at first.

I didn’t even know what affiliate marketing was either but I trudged through the free membership training the first week I signed up with them. And I figured I would just stay a free member and get what I could get out of it. I figured it couldn’t hurt.

The free membership when I joined basically gave me the first ten lessons, two free websites that used WordPress and then I got access to all of the paid training, support, keyword tool. Everything I didn’t understand really I got for free.

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Best Work Home Online Jobs For 2020

What’s The Best Work Home Online Jobs For 2020?

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Ok, I’m no rocket scientist but searching for something related to working at home online to me is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I mean, I see online ads for everything from selling stuff for Uncle Bob’s warehouse to selling as an Amazon Associate that in the end looks to be a never ending hit or miss stab in the dark. Granted, I’m no spring chicken by any means and I fully get it. Many of these so called companies are probably created in the middle of the night by some college kids with a degree in marketing and some light bulb just kicked off in the heads and poof, they come up with the newest pie in the sky get rich or die trying deal.

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What Are The Best Online Businesses To Start With In 2019?

Are Your Chasing The Right Dream? 8f067fb26ba8b2ee56c251cedb9a5ecd cropped 1564953368 optimized - What Are The Best Online Businesses To Start With In 2019?

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Here it is, 2019 and already I have seen some changes in the workplace that actually would scare me if I was out there pounding the pavement. Jobs are plenty but so are people and people in the workplace are expendable, the job isn’t. So, what does that say to me? It says that while there are a ton of jobs out there, if you can’t keep up the pace and produce for the man, you’re down the road.

I hate to put it like that but then maybe I don’t. I call it how I see it and yes, I have lost my share of jobs in my life mostly because I spoke my mind. But even when I produced all I possibly could, eventually the jobs would end and I would be back home waiting…and waiting. That was the way it was for me as an electrician.

I won’t even go into my time in the Marine Corps which was a good opportunity but by the time my four years was up, I wanted out.

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