Best Work Home Online Jobs For 2020

What’s The Best Work Home Online Jobs For 2020?

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Ok, I’m no rocket scientist but searching for something related to working at home online to me is like looking for a needle in a haystack. I mean, I see online ads for everything from selling stuff for Uncle Bob’s warehouse to selling as an Amazon Associate that in the end looks to be a never ending hit or miss stab in the dark. Granted, I’m no spring chicken by any means and I fully get it. Many of these so called companies are probably created in the middle of the night by some college kids with a degree in marketing and some light bulb just kicked off in the heads and poof, they come up with the newest pie in the sky get rich or die trying deal. Continue reading Best Work Home Online Jobs For 2020

What Are The Best Online Businesses To Start With In 2019?

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Here it is, 2019 and already I have seen some changes in the workplace that actually would scare me if I was out there pounding the pavement. Jobs are plenty but so are people and people in the workplace are expendable, the job isn’t. So, what does that say to me? It says that while there are a ton of jobs out there, if you can’t keep up the pace and produce for the man, you’re down the road.

I hate to put it like that but then maybe I don’t. I call it how I see it and yes, I have lost my share of jobs in my life mostly because I spoke my mind. But even when I produced all I possibly could, eventually the jobs would end and I would be back home waiting…and waiting. That was the way it was for me as an electrician.

I won’t even go into my time in the Marine Corps which was a good opportunity but by the time my four years was up, I wanted out. Continue reading What Are The Best Online Businesses To Start With In 2019?

Affiliate Marketing Best Courses. What’s The Best Ones?

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If you are looking for some of the best affiliate marketing courses, look no further than this blog to learn what they are. Are you driving yourself crazy trying to succeed as an affiliate marketer?

Have you been writing post after post of quality content and getting nowhere? Are you trying to do all this on your own with no success? I was, so I had to do something. I was killing myself trying to make a sale. So, I started looking at training courses.

After months of scouring different affiliate courses, programs and I’m sure some major schemes, I found Wealthy Affiliate which I thought at first may have some promise.

What I found was something that for your average person may look ok but it kind of looked like a scheme to get you to sign up for their premium option which included their affiliate marketing best courses.  Continue reading Affiliate Marketing Best Courses. What’s The Best Ones?

What Does Wealthy Affiliate Pay You? You May Be Surprised.

What’s The Pay On Wealthy Affiliate?4f58bd214f2b7e7818dbb33539be7a7b cropped 1554137093 optimized - What Does Wealthy Affiliate Pay You? You May Be Surprised.

Many people ask what the pay is on Wealthy Affiliate is and it may be surprising to know that there are a few different ways to earn on the platform. To say there is one way to earn on the platform is cutting the options short. Members can earn by promoting the platform and earn $24.50 for each sale they make or they can build a niche website and earn with sales through affiliate links. The above screenshot is from my stats and are $23.50 due to me signing up when the cost was $47.00 instead of $49.00 per membership. The cost is $2.00 more per membership but commissions are naturally higher now.

Members can also use the platform to earn by building websites for other website owners. By using the platform and the site builder on Wealthy Affiliate members can build a website for anyone and sell it at their own price. This is one of the ways to earn on the platform that is often overlooked but can be very lucrative for those who know how to build websites. And if you don’t know how to build a website, the training Wealthy Affiliate offers covers this topic extensively. Take a look at this training on building a niche website on Wealthy Affiliate.

Niche websites are also a great way to generate an income on Wealthy Affiliate. With Wealthy Affiliate you simply create a website with the Site Builder, create your pages and posts, insert affiliate links and you’re on your way to earning an income as an affiliate marketer.

The cool thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the platform has all of the tools you need to build the website and it also gives you free hosting and a Site Rubix domain for free. You also have the ability to create up to 50 websites complete with hundreds of Word Press themes. My suggestion is if you are building a niche or Wealthy Affiliate promotion website, start out with one and keep at it.

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Here’s what’s cool about Wealthy Affiliate. There is no ceiling on how much you can earn on the platform. In fact it’s completely up to you how much you earn. Many people promote the platform and earn monthly commissions that exceed thousands of dollars. There’s no limit to how much you can earn on Wealthy Affiliate. If all you do is promote the platform you can earn $24.50 for each Premium membership and you earn that each month. Even free members make commissions for sales but aren’t as high as Premium memberships. It’s good to know that you can earn on Wealthy Affiliate without paying for a membership. The owners really want you to succeed!

Work At Your Own Pace!

Wealthy Affiliate is one platform that puts the ball in your court right from the start. You don’t have to hustle through the training and can do it at your own pace. You can learn through all of the training part time with no time restraints. And you can build your website at your own pace. The platform supplies all the training and web tools to get your website(s) up and running. It teaches you how to do this. You just have to follow the training and build your website.

Ok, so there are just a few ways to earn with Wealthy Affiliate. There are many more and you can find out by entering the Live Chat feature on the platform and ask members for some tips.

I hope this short blog sheds some light on how does Wealthy Affiliate pay you. There are many people on the platform willing to help you decide on how you are going to build your business. Take a look HERE at my recent review of Wealthy Affiliate. You may be surprised how awesome this platform really is.

What”s The Wealthy Affiliate Commission Structure?

Wealthy Affiliate Structure. What Is It?

I often get asked how does the Wealthy Affiliate structure works. And this is usually by people who are looking to build an affiliate marketing site on the platform. I decided to writew this short blog explaining exactly what it is and how you can make money promoting the platform and how much you will make. What’s the Wealthy Affiliate Commission Structure? Read on to find out.

To begin, you have to understand how it is you will be making commissions on the platform. Those who promote the platform will find that Wealthy Affiliate actually pays out 50% commissions on all sales of the Premium memberships. This means that for each referral you get you earn $24.50. And that commission gets paid out each and every month as long as your referrals stay a Premium member.

No where else in the affiliate marketing industry will you find this kind of commission structure. It’s virtually unheard of to earn a whopping 50% commission on promoting a high quality product like Wealthy Affiliate’s university. This high referral commission tells us that the owners of the platform are actually looking out for their members best interest. They could easily only offer 25% commissions and still have a successful business. What does this kind of percentage mean for members? It means that you can potentially make thousands of dollars per month promoting the platform. And the reality is, many members are making this kind of money on a monthly basis. Take a look on this post and lesson on the referral system put out by Kyle, one of the owners of the platform.

Pay Outs On Time Monthly!

In 14 years of running the Wealthy Affiliate referral system, payouts have been on time every month which is really pretty amazing. In my time with Wealthy Affiliate I have had my commissions paid on time every month with no interuptions. It’s really cool especially when you make your first sale.

Is all of this legit? Absolutely! I wasn’t raised to b.s anyone. Being a Marine veteran I have always tried to be true to my word and I can attest that anyone whether you are retired, disabled, between jobs or laid off can do this. I know people on the Wealthy Affiliate platform who are 18 all the way up to 80. And you know what they all are looking for? A way to create an income from home working on their own schedule. The platform offers that not only in the training but also by promoting the platform. Two ways to earn. By building your own niche website or by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

I will say that building your own business takes work and success is dependant on your efforts. But I ask you this. How hard is it to write a couple blogs a week? It takes me one hour a day to write a blog. It takes me a few minutes to post a tweet of my latest blog post allowing thousands of people to see the value of Wealthy Affiliate. And just doing that minimal effort has allowed me to make monthly commissions that are paid out on time everytime!

Give It A Shot. Earn Some Great Commissions!

Now that you know what Wealthy Affiliate is, think about your current situation. Are you in control of your financial situation? Are you happy with what you are earning? Do you think you can do better? I have a feeling you can. And the good news is you can by just doing some simple blogs promoting a platform that has an amazing value.

Not sure where to start? Simple. Just sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and start building a new website. Just give it a shot. There’s no risk and you can begin earning as soon as you get referrals or make sales in your niche. Have any questions? Email me at and I’ll answer any questions you have, Finally, check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate HERE and you will get an idea of what this platform can do for you.