Do You Have Any Niche Blogging Ideas?


Do You Have Any Niche Blogging Ideas?stock illustration 40977742 vector silhouette of a woman - Do You Have Any Niche Blogging Ideas?

If you’re looking for niche blogging ideas, you’ve come to the right place! While I don’t have millions of ideas I do have some tips that will help you pick the right topics to right about. And having a good niche can sometimes mean the difference between becoming successful as a blogger or not. Do you know the difference between an authority site and a niche site? I didn’t until I joined a program which taught me everything I needed to know to become a successful blogger. See my review of that program here

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Is Six Figure Mentor A Scam Or Not? Read My Honest Review!

Six Figure Mentor. Is It The Real Deal?

Is Six Figure Mentor a scam? Well, since I ran into this program and saw that it was under blogging programs I figured I would check it out and give it an unbiased review. One thing about many programs that offer a six figure income I noticed is they don’t stick around too long. Now, I don’t know about this one so I went to their website to have a look. What I saw on the home page was this. 

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What Makes For Successful Affiliate Bloggers?

What Makes For Successful Bloggers In The Affiliate Industry?cash - What Makes For Successful Affiliate Bloggers?


How is this for a scenario. You work tirelessly writing blogs, using affiliate links and six months down the road you haven’t made one sale. Sound familiar? Well, if you have been blogging tirelessly and seeing no results chances are you are pretty darn frustrated by now.

So, why is it that some succeed  and others never become successful bloggers? I have an idea of why that is. Consistency and attention to detail. Yep, while writing is a great way to reach out to people, to become a successful blogger you have to offer some great information or product to actually reach that point where people really dig on your stuff.

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Writing A Daily Blog? Here’s What You Must Do!

Writing A Daily Blog? Here’s What You Must Do!BloggingTipsForNewbies 2 - Writing A Daily Blog? Here's What You Must Do!

Blogging is pretty addictive. In my own personal quest to build my blog I have done pretty good in staying consistent. But for many I know this just isn’t in the cards for them. Whether you have a full time job, caring for someone in the home or a disabled yourself, staying true to your blog is a tough gig. I’ll admit there are times I waver from my daily blog but I try and write as often as possible. Maybe you are running into the same problem. Wanting to blog but you just can’t find the time. If that’s the case check below for my tips that may help you become more consistent!

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Is Contena A Good Work At Home Job?

Is Contena A Good Work At Home Job?

Here’s one for all you bloggers and anyone who aspires to write content for a living. Contena looks to be a pretty new company as of 2017 that allows you to sign up and basically start your own writing business. These types of business models are great because as a writer you can really hone your writing skills for whatever you plan on doing in the writing business. Whether you’re a blogger, writer of content for others or even aspire to write your own novel, Contena is a place you can start that journey.  I checked out this platform and here is what appeared on the homepage.

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