Does The CogniTune Affiliate Program Look Like A Scam?

Is The CogniTune Affiliate Program A Scam?

Today I decided to again search out some affiliate programs which I figured people were checking out and write something up on one. While I praise those who start affiliate programs that are good for members I know there are some out there that just don’t cut the mustard. I try to look at these websites as a member would and I want find ones that look promising and not just trying to make money off signups and then six months later they are down the road.

I checked out the CogniTune Affiliate Program and at first look this one looked very promising. It is an affiliate program designed for those with some cognitive impairments or those looking to boost their skills. I know first hand about cognitive decline especially after I was almost taken out from menengitis a few years back. Believe me you don’t want to catch that and if you recover you will wish you had a pill to bring back your cognitive skills. Here is what I saw at first glance on the CogniTune home page. Read More »Does The CogniTune Affiliate Program Look Like A Scam?

Is Sell Health Affiliate Program Worth Your Time?

Is Sell Health Affiliate Program Worth Your Time?

My latest search for affiliate programs where you can make money online brought me to a website called Sellhealth.com. Before I get into this I’ll tell you that this program has alot of information and products to promote so I’ll only focus on a couple of them. The site basically sets you up to sell anti-aging and sexual healthy products which in today’s economy with an aging baby boom generation is going to get tons of traffic to websites. Naturally some companies will jump on the earning wagon and try and sell these types of products. As an affiliate marketer this means that if you pick some decent products and promote well you could easily end up earning a six figure income in a relatively short period of time.

Take a look at the leading platform for bloggers and marketers and tell me what your thoughts are!



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Is Zukul A Good Online Income Program?


What is Zukul And Is It A Good Online Income Program?

What is Zukul and is it a good online income program? I looked into this platform and found that it is a all in one marketing tool for internet marketers. While there are a ton of these types of programs out there I thought this one looked pretty interesting. For newbie bloggers looking to earn online as affiliate marketers I think it’s important to look into marketing tools to promote your products and services but it’s not a necessary step to make any money online. In fact by following the steps outlined in my #1 affiliate blogging platform I think anyone can earn without going overboard with outside marketing. The best traffic you will get has to be organic which is obtained by writing quality content. Regardless let’s look at what Zukul has to offer it’s clients and see if it’s a good choice.Read More »Is Zukul A Good Online Income Program?

Best Online Affiliate Programs. Does Lead Network Affiliate Program Make The Cut?

Is The Lead Network Affiliate Program Really That Good?

Most of us know by now that blogging comes in a whole lot of different styles and purposes. But if you are looking to earn money as a blogger you really need to be looking at what type of online income program is best for affiliates​. Just because you want to earn as a blogger you will need to learn how to make an income with a product or service. And blogging about that product or service is what will make you an income. I checked out a few of the affiliate programs for bloggers and found the Lead Network Affiliate Program online. I wanted to check to see if this program really compared to my #1 blog income program online today.

At first glance I have to admit this program really looks pretty cool. You can sign up for different affiliate programs within the platform and basically make a commission on sign ups. Remember the old payday loan programs they had out there? Well the Lead Network Affiliate Program has a affiliate option for that too. People are always searching for loan options and yes they still opt for payday loans but I don’t think the lenders can charge the unbelievable high interest rate as they used to. Anyway here is a screenshot of the affiliate options for the Lead Network Affiliate Program. Tell me your thoughts below in the comment section if you want to put in your two cents. Read More »Best Online Affiliate Programs. Does Lead Network Affiliate Program Make The Cut?

Veterans Needing Work. Is There Work For These People?


Just One More Of The Veterans Needing Work. Take A Number Please

Ok, as a veteran of the Marine Corps I have had to try and find work numerous times after my stint in the service. I was one of those veterans needing work but didn’t really know how to go about finding any. And it pretty much started at 21 right after I got out of the service. I was down to my last few bucks in a month after my discharge. As I wrote about in my previous post Veterans work I had training in the postal field but couldn’t get a job at 21 when I applied. So, finding work as a veteran had to take the back burner. I needed a job asap. I ended up working at a pizza place for minimum wage. And while it didn’t pay well, it kept me moving forward and trying to better myself.

Fast forward to about twenty years later again I found myself unemployed and tried to go through the VA to get me out of a tough situation. I was again another one of the veterans needing work. Instead I was referred to a medical doctor who wanted me to tell them my life story. The fact that I needed a job was not their concern. They wanted to know if I was threat to myself or others. I explained I needed a job. They referred me to a psychologist. Needless to say this did not help me pay my bills.Read More »Veterans Needing Work. Is There Work For These People?