Complete E-Commerce Business Set-Up- Incl SEO & Marketing Websites. Deal Or No Deal?

Complete E Commerce Business Set Up Incl SEO & Marketing

What is this deal for small website owners? Is it a good deal or is it a complete bogus scam? Well, I checked this out and I have seen and reviewed another one of these done for you sites in the past but I wanted to give this one a look so here goes.

Now what is this complete E commerce business set up including the SEO and marketing? Exactly what it says it is I guess. Now, I haven’t tried this type of opportunity because I am pretty set on building my own website and not much into having someone else do it for me. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a decent deal.

Once I got to the homepage it basically shows you what you get for the basic package which includes everything you would expect in a made for you website. You get the website, the hosting and domain, marketing and logo and content. Here is where I got a little confused. I tried downloading a screenshot but it wouldn’t go which is why I wasn’t able to put it on this blog. But what I wanted and got confused by was the fact that the site comes with premade blogs (content) which is good but I wasn’t told how much content was included.Read More »Complete E-Commerce Business Set-Up- Incl SEO & Marketing Websites. Deal Or No Deal?

What Makes A Successful Website? Do You Know?


What Makes A Successful Website? Do You Know?

Blog To Success!

Tons of people from all over the world are trying to build a website. That’s fine and many can build a site that looks cool and is somewhat interesting. But is this what makes a successful website? It can depending on what you are building that website for. If it’s for your friends and family then I don’t really see why it can’t be considered a success.

But what about those sites that are designed to make money online and are used with affiliate links? That’s a question I get often on my website here. What kind of a website makes money online and how can you make your website a success? Well, it’s one of those things that can be tricky for many in the industry. In fact because it’s such a do it yourself kind of a project, it’s not surprising that so many people get sidetracked and distracted by this that or the other and eventually just quit. And that’s why people aren’t successful when building their sites. They have little to no patience and honestly just want to get paid.Read More »What Makes A Successful Website? Do You Know?

Are Premade Websites For Sale A Good Option? Or Are They Somebody Else’s Digital Hooplah?

Are Premade Websites For Sale A Good Option?


Most of us who have been online working as bloggers have probably checked out the different ways to make an income by checking out premade websites for sale. If you have checked out you know what I’m talking about. This website has tons of websites for sale at a wide range of prices. And you can also build your own website and sell it on the platform as well.

One thing I did notice is that all of these premade websites for sale are available but you do have to check out the statistics on them. If you’re looking for a website that’s under $100.00 then you will probably just be getting a basic run of the mill site with a few pages and with minimal traffic and probably no sales since they are very new. But does this mean they don’t have potential to make you some decent income down the road? Absolutely not because building a website is like building a structure, it needs a foundation and then as you add to it, it becomes stronger and more stable. That’s the way you have to look at building a high quality website. You keep adding to it until it reaps you rewards. Read More »Are Premade Websites For Sale A Good Option? Or Are They Somebody Else’s Digital Hooplah?

Is A Good Place To Buy Websites?

Is A Good Place To Buy Websites?

Rolled Dollars

Today I again went outside of my comfort zone and decided to check out how much and what kind of quality websites for sale I could find on How does this pertain to blogging and affiliate marketing? Simple. Pre made websites that you find for sale are websites that are geared towards earning an income. And the quality of the website, the hosting and the support you receive are a contributing factor to your success. With that said it’s important to find a website you’re looking to buy has some redeeming qualities.

Ok, so I looked at and wanted to find out how this works and were the websites worth buying. The first website I checked out was Here is a screenshot of what this site brings in, the cost and what to expect is your cost on marketing. Read More »Is A Good Place To Buy Websites?