What’s The Easiest Free Website Builder Online? You May Be Surprised!

What’s The Easiest Free Website Builder Online?

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WordPress For Bloggers

For those looking for an easy and free website builder you may be surprised to know that there are many out there but not all of them are of equal quality. That’s because some of the website builders are pre-designed templates designed by a company to make things extremely easy for the novice blogger. But that’s ok if you’re a complete newbie however it would be in your best interest to use a platform like Word Press to get started.

WordPress is a pretty simple platform to use for bloggers. You have an editor, plugins, options to insert pictures and links and while it’s easy to use it’s also got a lot of options that other free website builders might not have. It’s the easiest platform to use for free that has everything you need to build a professional website. It’s not the bottom of the barrel for platforms for writing which gives you a heads up on creating a great website on a free platform.  Continue reading “What’s The Easiest Free Website Builder Online? You May Be Surprised!”

Looking To Start A Word Press Blogging Business? Avoid Serious Fail Pitfalls!


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One thing I have learned in my years as a blogger is you have to very careful when you choose a platform to write on. Especially if you want to actually monetize that site. Why is that? Simple. It’s because not all of them perform the same and you want to have all the resources you can when building a successful blogging business.

When I first started blogging I had no clue about what platform to use or how to even start my blogging business. I looked at some of the cheaper platforms and figured they would work good enough. I knew nothing about plugins or SEO or even how to write blogs for that matter. I figured I would just start writing and I would eventually be a success.

Wrong! I wasted probably close to a couple years trying to blog on platforms that didn’t include some of the necessary tools to keep my blog up to date and popular with search engines. I also knew nothing about the importance of having an SSL certificate on my website. I didn’t know what a Favicon was. You see I was a clueless idiot that had no idea what I was getting into. Continue reading “Looking To Start A Word Press Blogging Business? Avoid Serious Fail Pitfalls!”

How Do I Blog On WordPress?


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The Age Old Question….How Do I Blog On WordPress?


So, you finally said to heck with the other platforms designed for blogging. Hey, I don’t blame you because I’ve been down the road with a number of different blogging platforms myself.

Why WordPress you ask and how do you blog on this platform?

Let’s see…let me count the ways.

First off, WordPress is hands down the best writing platform around I have to admit. While this may be my own personal opinion, I can honestly back up why I think this is the best route to take.

It’s simple to write on and navigate. Seriously. Continue reading “How Do I Blog On WordPress?”

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Good Place To Start Blogging?


Is Wealthy Affiliate A Good Place To Blog?

A few people are asking me is Wealthy Affiliate a good place to start blogging? First of all I think any platform is decent to start blogging but it’s important to have some kind of direction and know where you’re blog is headed before you get started. Personally since I have been using the Wealthy Affiliate it’s been a great place to learn affiliate marketing and learn how to write effective content. Now, does this mean that this platform is better than any others. No, not really. There very well could be some others that are equally worth checking out online. I chose the Wealthy Affiliate simply because it’s been around for a long time, over ten years. Continue reading “Is Wealthy Affiliate A Good Place To Start Blogging?”

WordPress Tips For Business Bloggers Who Want To Succeed!

Chances are if you’re blogging for income using one of the popular platforms designed for writing, you have come across WordPress and probably started using it to get your blog on the map. WordPress is one of the best platforms out there for new bloggers but it can be confusing at first. So, I’ll try as hard as I can to break it down as simple as possible some of the essentials you should be doing to make this platform work for you. So, here goes.

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Use Your WordPress Permalinks Correctly

Make your permalinks simple and effective.  Setting up your permalinks are important by helping popular search engines like Google and Yahoo find you. You will find the option to create permalinks by going to the top of your editing page and basically making the link make sense by eliminating words that are not useful. For instance this blog posts permalink is https://bloggingtipsfornewbies.com/wordpress-tips-for-business-bloggers. If I had it typed after my website name “wordpress tips for bloggers who are in business” I would basically eliminate the words that I don’t need for my site to come up in the search engines. You really only need to use the keywords which for this page would be ‘tips,business,bloggers’. If you look at how your title of your blog post is written and see words that are just not relevant to search engines like “for,is,where,who”, these are words you can leave out of your permalink. Remember it’s all about letting the search engines understand where you are coming from and your keywords say more than you know.


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Add Relevant Text To Your WordPress Images

Add Text To Your Images. When you are writing your blog you will see an option to add media which means you can add images or videos to your content. Once you open up the media option to the right you will see you can add text to the image. This is the title tag or caption. When creating this tag you will want to put in a tag that makes sense and is relevant to your topic. So, for this blog I could type in “Business Blogging Tips” in the title tag for the image. Your title tag really just needs to coincide with whatever your blog is about.


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Write Your Headline So People Want To See More!

Write Awesome Headlines. While it may not seem to be overly important it really is and I’ll tell you why. Most readers of blogs don’t even get through 50% of a blog post before they move on. You want to increase the odds that they will stick around or even check out your page in the first place. So, writing a headline that makes an impact is crucial. This doesn’t mean you have to write like the tabloid writer and spell out all the gory details but you do want your reader to actually see an interest in what you have to say. So, think your title of your post out before just writing in any random stuff….your readers will thank you!

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Write Your Blog Content Consistently!

Keep Adding Content. Here is the tricky part and the part of your business blogging venture that will definitely require some patience and consistency on your part. If your blog is going to be successful you really need to add content on a regular basis. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t you will fail. And that is why so many bloggers do fail, they get bored or frustrated and just give up writing on a schedule. If you write three or four blogs a month on your blog website, chances are you’re going to see minimal results at best. So, write consistently and above all remain positive as you learn each day!