Best Work Home Jobs That Are Not Scams In 2020

Best Work Home Jobs That Are Not Scams In 2020542d177fe9a09d56e731c95578537d0d1529263677 cropped optimized - Best Work Home Jobs That Are Not Scams In 2020

As of right now we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic that is going on since January. It’s unprecedented and we have not experienced anything like this in modern history. The future is unknown as to how long this will last and whether or not there is going to be an influx in cases. And there’s no shortage of talking heads on the tube that are blasting their opinions.

But what does all that do for you when you are looking to find a way to earn an income? The stimulus check that was given isn’t going to do much if this continues. Millions are out of work and filing claims and we are still being told to stay home and social distance. 

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Looking For Work From Home Computer Jobs?

Are The REAL Work From Home Computer Jobs?

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Apple Computer

The age-old question! Are there REAL Work From Home Computer Jobs? I’m sure you have probably scoured the internet and run into some total scams that are ridiculously so scam riddled that it’s surprising that people actually fall for them. But they do and hopefully, I can help you avoid some of the pitfalls that you may find yourself open to if you search for online jobs.

I too fell into a few traps that luckily I got the “bleep” outta there and never looked back. What I take from these scams is that I think it’s incredibly sad but it also makes me angry. The reason it makes me angry is maybe that I’m in my 50’s now and have worn a boatload of hats including the Marine Corps and work as a commercial electrician. Yes, I know the struggle and have had my share of running pipe in the ground as well as inside of buildings. I know hard work so when I took the early out in the construction industry in my late 40’s a started looking around at online opportunities. 

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Does The CogniTune Affiliate Program Look Like A Scam?

Is The CogniTune Affiliate Program A Scam?

Today I decided to again search out some affiliate programs which I figured people were checking out and write something up on one. While I praise those who start affiliate programs that are good for members I know there are some out there that just don’t cut the mustard. I try to look at these websites as a member would and I want find ones that look promising and not just trying to make money off signups and then six months later they are down the road.

I checked out the CogniTune Affiliate Program and at first look this one looked very promising. It is an affiliate program designed for those with some cognitive impairments or those looking to boost their skills. I know first hand about cognitive decline especially after I was almost taken out from menengitis a few years back. Believe me you don’t want to catch that and if you recover you will wish you had a pill to bring back your cognitive skills. Here is what I saw at first glance on the CogniTune home page. 

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