Can You Really Start A Blog For Free And Make Money?

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Can You Earn Money Blogging?

Blogging for an income takes some work I have to tell you. And it’s not something you just do on a whim and the next thing you know you’re the next internet blogging sensation. Unfortunately, too many people get into blogging for money for the wrong reasons. What reason do you think that is? It’s money!. That’s right. Many people I talk to want to start a blog for free and make money but really have no idea how it works. They just want to start some random blog and figure out how the thing can make them money. And, if I try and explain to them how it all works I get the feeling it sounds too complicated to them. And you know what? For some it may be.


For anyone looking to start a blog for free and make money I would say first to ask themselves if they have a few personal traits that are necessary to succeed at blogging. First is “Do you have patience?” Probably one of the more crucial traits to have when starting a blogging for money business is patience. Starting a blog is one thing but playing the waiting game for that blog to start earning is another. If you don’t have patience you don’t need to try and make an income at blogging, plain and simple. The next trait would be “Do you have the capacity to learn and implement what you have been taught?” In the world of blogging and in other industries everyone wants stuff done fast. And many people who get into blogging want to have things done for them. Like writing blogs. That’s right. You would be surprised how many want to start a blog for free and make money but don’t want to do the work themselves. I know, it kind of defeats the purpose right? They look for auto bloggers, content writers on writing platforms and do whatever they can to not have to do the work themselves. I’ll tell you right now this method is wrong and more often than not a ticket to failure. So, if you are one who is not self motivating and can’t even write your own content blogging is definitely not for you.

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Success At Blogging Take Time

The above are just a couple traits that are crucial to being successful as a blogger. So, can you start a blog for free and make money? Absolutely if you are motivated, a self starter and can learn some simple processes. And to be honest you can start on any of the platforms online designed for bloggers looking to earn. But, a word of warning when choosing one of these platforms. You want to find one that has gives you a free starter website and more importantly, training that will help you to succeed. Learning to blog for  an income is a journey and takes time and patience and I’m not here to tell you it’s all a walk in the park. So, forget all those hyped up websites that tell you you’re going to make 500.00 a day blogging. It just doesn’t happen. But, if you learn all you can about Google and how your website gets ranked over time, how writing a blog needs to have certain characteristic within the content, and how success is not an individual thing, then you can start a blog for free and make money.

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Start A Blog For Free And Make Money

I think you’re starting to understand where I’m going with all of this. And, it’s really not that difficult to start a blogging business if you just put in the work. Most blogs will fail simply due to lack of content being produced which is key to becoming successful at blogging. It’s not all about the paid marketing tactics or the constant tweeting and Facebooking your latest updates on your blog. It’s all about writing quality content day after day and not much else. So, what would I suggest to someone looking to start earning online as a blogger. I would simply say are you starting a blog to help people answer a question or solve a problem or are you just blogging because you are desperate to make money? If you get into blogging for the right reasons and actually enjoy writing and researching, then you’re bound to succeed. And if you can identify a reader problem and help to solve that issue you’re doing fantastic.

Ok, so there you go I hope that answered any questions you may have had on whether or not you can start a blog for free and make money. It’s pretty much as I call it above. But, if you’re passionate about what you are blogging then success will come easier. Finally, as I blogger who writes newbie tips for bloggers, I chose a platform that works for me. I wanted something that would teach me all I could about blogging for an income and wanted the support and free starter websites too. I found that here. The Wealthy Affiliate

To Your Success!

Dave Donahue

Are You Blogging With Intent On Your Website?

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Focus On Long Term Success!

If you have just started a new blogging business, you probably are trying to figure out if what you are writing about is going the direction you want it to go. And this can be a difficult task especially if you are just beginning. Your blog is supposed to eventually lead your audience somewhere. What I mean by this is you want to write with some kind of purpose that will drive your reader to what you are ultimately offering them. I’m not talking about a hard sell either. Not all all. This is probably one of the worst things you can do simply because every scheme and hustle on the net is inundated with popup ads, offers that are unrealistic and just look like a giant billboard. Providing useful content really is the last thing these schemes seem to be concerned about. So, when you begin your business blog think about writing truthful and useful content versus just a bunch of words designed to entice your readers to buy something that isn’t worth squat.

Blog With A Purpose

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Helpful Tips For Blogging

So, what exactly does writing with intent mean? Writing with intent basically means you are writing with direction. You know the niche you have chosen and are writing with a purpose in mind. And that doesn’t mean you’re throwing a hook line and sinker out to the first fish that swims by. Writing with intent means you have set a goal and are committed to writing the best possible content and want that content to reach a wide audience who will find your content useful. It’s pretty simple and if you apply your knowledge to your content the rest will follow. Personally I view writing with intent as a way to connect with your readers. Even if you are offering a unique product or service it’s important to offer a truthful assessment. If you just blow hot air in your content you may get an initial audience but I guarantee they won’t be coming back.

With each blog you should have a starting point or a problem that’s addressed then a part that addresses that problem and finally a solution to the issue. Since I write about blogging tips a problem may be “Why isn’t my blog getting traffic?” This is the problem I am having. Now the solution is what my blog may consist of with a product or service offered at the end. But it’s not crucial to always offer something tangible at the end of the blog. Sometimes I may just be writing tips that can help a blogger business blog better. It really just boils down to common sense and have a goal when you write your blog posts.

What Are You Bringing To The Table?

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Blogging With Intent Matters

Before you start writing your blog with intent, think about a few things before diving in. Is you niche interesting? Do you provide a useful product or service? Do you write about a problem, a cause and a solution or are you just throwing words out to people? These are important things to consider before you just start getting down to business. Do you engage your reader? Is your niche for your blog going to be able to sustain itself long term? This is a very important aspect to consider. If you pick a niche that is vague or too broad and has little content to add to it, then your business blog will eventually fail. While writing with intent is the most important thing to do when you begin your blogging venture, so is finding a niche that will sustain itself for years rather than months.

Stay Focused And Dedicated

Blogging with intent is going to be a challenging part of your blogging business. It’s not always easy to stay within the guidelines of writing useful content that people are going to want to read and gain some useful information from. But with practice and dedication you will find ways to write with intent which will further your progress in business blogging. Your blogging business should be fun and exciting but remember it’s not about making a ton of cash by hawking garbage online. To be honest those days are over, people are tired of that and are becoming hip to all the nonsense being offered online. But offering a useful service or product that actually helps people may increase your chances of being successful. So, learn all you can about blogging with intent and use some of the helpful tools online to make your blogging for business a success!


Hopefully these tips are helping you decide whether or not you are writing with intent or just writing into oblivion. I know it sounds like a lot of hard work but believe me it will pay off in the long run. While I do my best to blog with intent I am also learning as I go along and that’s what will help you as well. Learn from your mistakes and as you learn through trial and error soon you will blogging in the right direction in all of your work. Practice when it related to blogging for business is the key to success. And if you’re looking for a community to help you along in your blogging business you may want to consider joining a community of like minded people who can help you blog with intent. Here’s what I found that helps me. Wealthy Affiliate


What Are Your Business Blogging Goals?

If you’re like me you have a reason for starting a blogging business. It may be to simply start something new in your life or you may just be trying to start making money online or just to see what this blogging thing is all about. And if you’re blogging to try and actually make a living it’s important to have a goal set for your blogging for business endeavors. You may not really know what you want to blog about at first either. This is fine just so long as you find a niche you think is worth while long term somewhere through the process.

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Learn How To Use WordPress!

Setting goals is probably the most important aspect when you begin blogging for money. And to be completely honest with you, your goals will change as you continue on writing on a daily basis. If your goal is to make a long term income through your writing you should have some idea of how much you would be happy making in 3 months up to 1 year. The best way to do this is to write down your short term and long term business blogging goals in terms of money  in your business. Remember though, success will not come overnight and is a combination of consistency, drive, ability to learn and overall dedication.

Your first goal could simply be finding a decent platform to write on that supports the type of blogging you are doing. The second would be to find a niche that you would be interested in writing about long term. I won’t go into too many ideas but hopefully you can think of a few yourself. It could be blogging about sports, knitting, learning how to surf…the list really just goes on but you need to find one that you would keep at years down the road. Your next goal could be learning to incorporate keywords in your blogs and then learn WordPress.  After that it could be learning how SEO works. Hopefully you’re getting the picture here. And remember, blogging for an income is not a race but simply a new chapter in your life that will take time and a willingness to keep at something.

Blogging as a way to earn online is not as hard as it may appear but it’s crucial to find something that you would be happy to do for a long time. You don’t have to learn everything all at once either. If you take things one day at a time, write about something that interest you and visualize the long term benefits, your blogging business will soar and will generate and income for you! To see how I got started blogging for a living check out this link! Wealthy Affiliate

Dave Donahue is a blogger who writes blogging tips for those looking to start their own business. He lives in North Carolina and is an avid fisherman. Dave Donahue

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Dave Donahue And Son

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Wealthy Affiliate…Scam Or No Scam?

If you’re like me you have probably seen just about every scheme out there promising  you the world when it comes online marketing and opportunities. So, if you have any common sense you have developed the attitude of if it’s online and promises you money it’s more than likely a hustle. Unfortunately the sad reality is this is true. In fact, every thing I ever tried up until now really was a hustle or just a scheme that didn’t pan out in the end. And the sad truth is many of these schemes are thought up by people with brilliant minds….they just didn’t use them in a positive way for anyone other than themselves. The online world can be a selfish one.

th 4 - Wealthy Affiliate...Scam Or No Scam?
Earn Income By Blogging? Really?

Which brings to my thoughts on a website called Wealthy Affiliate. I’m not really sure how I saw this site but for some reason I landed on it while searching around for blogging techniques or something. I had seen the site before but decided to take a closer look just because it seemed to be everywhere. I was like….what’s the big deal?  So, I checked it out. I have been a blogger for four years blogging tirelessly making 5.00 a pop writing 300 word articles for people on Basically I wrote articles for people into marketing there products and services. So when I ran into Wealthy Affiliate I read what it really was all about.

keyboard 3 1195697 - Wealthy Affiliate...Scam Or No Scam?

The program is pretty straight forward. You basically pick a website topic, write articles and blog posts and then link to a product you are interested in selling. Easy right? Well, kind of I guess. The problem if you see it that way is you actually have to do something for this deal to work. You have to write blogs….consistently. So, since I have already been a working stiff writing blogs for people online I decided to give this thing a try. Now, I won’t say the sky opened up and all of a sudden I am an instant success. That didn’t happen. What I did find out though is that the platform actually made sense and there were a lot of people writing about what they liked and I guess were making money at it. But, is Wealthy Affiliate for everyone? Absolutely not!  And I say this because this online venture will take work, it’s not dependent on you bringing some other smuck in, there is no easy way to just put it on auto pilot and make money while you’re taking a siesta. You actually have to write about topics that interests you and the money doesn’t come instantly.

0088 214x300 - Wealthy Affiliate...Scam Or No Scam?
I’ll See How Wealthy Afflliate Pans Out

So, needless to say at this stage of the game I am at six weeks on Wealthy Affiliate and I have to admit it’s been an interesting ride. I have met a ton of people who are doing it and if I have questions about WordPress or social media or whatever, people do respond with useful information. This is a business for people who like to engage with others, have motivation and some writing skills. It doesn’t hurt to know WordPress either. It’s not for people who just want to sit around and wait for someone to do everything for them. You actually have to do work to make this successful.

I won’t go into all the pros and cons about Wealthy Affiliate right now, maybe in another post soon. I will say that I can see the opportunity if you do the work. But it’s not a job that will take a brain surgeons talent to succeed at. It’s for people who actually want to succeed and are willing to work hard for it. Wealthy Affiliate has been around for over ten years now and it’s owners are always in the community forums which I liked. Ok, that’s all I’ll say for now. This Marine Corps vets fingers are getting tired from typing. Click Here For Wealthy Affiliate

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Best Places To Find Free Blog Pictures Online

Inserting pictures are an important part of building a highly sought after blogging website. But, do you know where to get the best pictures on the net for free? There are probably thousands of free picture websites on the internet but I’d say the majority of them have some kind of a catch. Either you have to sign up and pay a fee for each picture or you have to pay a monthly “service” fee. However if you do your research you will find that there are some great sites that offer you quality photos you can use for your blogging business. So, here are a few sites you may want to check out!

P1000463 300x200 - Best Places To Find Free Blog Pictures Online
PicJumbo Free Photo

PicJumbo  Now here is a pretty cool free picture site you really should take a look at. The pictures are of high quality and while you can go premium they have a searchable part of the site where you just pick a topic and the pictures show up. I checked out their premium membership which includes an amazing amount of free pictures for your site. What I really like about this site is they have pictures that are high quality that can be used for themes or just when you want some really over the top photos that are hard to find. The premium membership is 7.50 a month which really isn’t too much.

boot 1015411  340 300x300 - Best Places To Find Free Blog Pictures Online
Pixabay Photo Example



Pixabay   This is a cool site that offers users photos that to say the least breathtaking. If you’re looking for pictures that aren’t just run of the mill stock photos then this is the picture gallery for you. I mean this site has just about every photo you can imagine and they are really high quality. On Pixabay you can use  photos, videos and vector graphics. They do have a sign up page and you can find that here.The content can also be used for commercial distribution. Pixabay


274 1 300x200 - Best Places To Find Free Blog Pictures Online
Gratisography Photo



Gratisography   Here is another awesome site that has those timeless photos that you just can’t seem to forget. I mean the types of images on this site are absolutely amazing! These would be perfect for any blog, theme or even to blow up as a calendar image. You really have to see this site. Some of the images are pretty bizarre but if that’s what you’re after you will definitely find it here. Gratisography


cars 8 1526527 - Best Places To Find Free Blog Pictures Online
Free Image Picture

 Free Images   This is a popular free media website that has a multitude of different types of topics to choose from. The site is very easy to navigate and what you see is what you get. The images are of high quality and the range of searchable images is really impressive. This in one I use along with the other free photo sites you see above. Free Images

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