The Neil Patel Advanced SEO Webinar Program. Is This The Ticket To Online Traffic?

The Neil Patel Advanced SEO Webinar Program. Is This The Ticket To Online Traffic?

Today I decided to check out what Neil Pattel was all about. He has an online system where he can help you gain traffic to your website. I know a thing or two about online traffic and how to get it but like many online affiliate marketers it can be difficult to figure out what the best way to go is when trying to obtain quality web traffic, especially organic traffic.

He claims he can help you increase your traffic astronomically by following some of his methods but when he said you can increase traffic without writing more content, that really had me wondering what this was all about.

I know there are tons of scammers out there so I approach this with the utmost caution. As you know I know for a fact there are tons of “Land Sharks” out there who would sell you a dog tu#4 to make a buck. But I want to give this opportunity an honest look and see if it can in fact increase traffic to my website.

My First Impression Was SHOCKING!

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I checked out Neil Patel’s program and checked the analytics in his screenshot just to get an idea of the traffic he was getting and have to admit I was floored. Absolutely floored by the results. And this was organic traffic to his site in one day. In just one day his site had 406,201 visitors with an average stay of a minute and a half roughly. This may not sound like a long time but keep in mind these are visits per day. 406,821 visits!

But is this all on the up and up and was his analytics the truth or just a bunch of hot air? I did some more research online. I wanted to see if Neil Patel had any reviews and I did find something from back in 2015 which basically said it was just a huge marketing scheme and not really much truth to the whole speal he had. But then on the flip side many of the comments from people claimed he was a big time authority in getting traffic to websites. I guess you have to go with your gut on this.

Neil Patel does have some cool online tools you may want to check out though. There is an SEO analyzer which I thought was good. It gave me an idea of what was going on with my website. It did say there were no pages indexed which I know was not true because almost everyone of my posts are automatically indexed. But this could just be a glitch. I was informed my conversion rate was right at 9% in the A/B testing which actually is what I figured it should be around.

Building a website is just half the battle in the online industry, the other part is making that website work for you. Based on what I saw in the reports, I wasn’t too disappointed and most seemed accurate to me. With that said checking out Neil Patel’s program for the reports is something I recommend. Buying their traffic services will be up to you to decide.

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Is It

Better To Do It Yourself Or Have Others Do It?


Here is where you have to make a decision. I believe that traffic is the only way your website will make it. Without it you will for sure fail big time. So, seeing the analytics for Neil Patel’s website really had me curious. Take a look here at a review page for his program HERE and you be the judge.

Ok, if you check out the reviews on the link above to Neil Patel you will see that there are some mixed feelings about this program. But we have to look at what all of this traffic and work is supposed to amount to. I guess you have to say “What’s the bottom line at the end of the day?” For me the bottom line is if I put out some money on something will I get back what I paid for? And am I building something that’s a waste of time or is it something that will help put food on the table and pay me for my time and effort?

In my opinion, if I don’t do it…no one will!

CLICK HERE to see the review of what I used to build my fool proof way of gaining organic web traffic with a leading affiliate marketing learning platform, Wealthy Affiliate.
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If You Don’t Follow Through, Nothing Will Happen.

This is just my personal views on things after working on this website for about three years now. You have to follow through and you have to keep going when you feel like quitting. As far as organic traffic is concerned, I use my articles to get me organic traffic. I do not believe there is a fool proof way of getting quality traffic without putting in some effort. But I will say this, the Neil Pattel’s method looks interesting even though I am not entirely sure of how he gets you a boatload of traffic.

I do think that it’s important to build your website and have some quality content on it before you even begin to think about getting paid traffic which is what I consider the Neil Pattel’s program to be. You will be paying him for a service to learn how to gain traffic.

But you also have to build your website, monitor it and keep building on it day after day and month after month. It’s not a wham bam thank you maam slam dunk by just getting some traffic. A website needs love and lots of it.

Why You Shouldn’t Pay For Traffic

I don’t think anyone should pay for traffic for their website. I think if you are going to build a website specifically one designed to gain traffic for sales, I would say work on getting organic traffic the proven way. By writing quality content that Google likes and then your sales will come. It’s worked for me and it can work for you.

Why do people buy traffic? 

Probably because they want things to happen quick. But the problem with that is they will keep jumping from one thing to the next and never have patience to learn or apply anything.

You can buy Neil Patel’s services or you can check out the route I did with the Wealthy Affiliate University. The program I used taught me how to write effective content that converts over time with organic traffic. It also provided all the tools I needed to build my website. While it does cost $49.00 a month, that covers all of the hosting, site builder, keyword tool and more. If fact the learning modules are probably worth the $49.00 alone but I get everything I need for the low price.

What Do I Think Of Neil Patel’s Program?

Honestly considering the reviews and what I checked out, I think it could be an effective way of gaining some traffic. I don’t know how much it costs but I do know that you have to fill out some info and once you do that someone will call you and go over your needs and how Neil Patel can help you. I am a wary person of online opportunities. I haven’t really been scammed but people have tried so I know how shady stuff can get it the real world.

I also know that hard work even if it’s just on your website will bring you results if you work at it. You just have to have a plan and follow through. Use a training platform that teaches you how to successfully grow traffic organically and you will succeed. I use the WEALTHY AFFILILIATE to grow my traffic and build my website. It works for me and for thousands of others.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a free week for new members to check out the platform and see if it is something they want to keep at. It cost nothing to join. If members decide it’s something they want to keep doing the first month of Premium service is just $19.00 and free members can stay free for life. If after a month you decide you don’t want the Premium service, you can stay a FREE member for as long as you want.

And that’s why Wealthy Affiliate to me is a better option to gain traffic to my website. I want something that teaches me how to build traffic but also how to write effective content and how to work in the affiliate marketing industry successfully.

I hope you found this article interesting and maybe it will help you decide which direction to go when looking for traffic for your website or to build your own income producing website. I realize I may be biased leaning more towards Wealthy Affiliate but it has worked wonders for me in learning how to build a website and turning that website into a money maker.

Here’s To Your Success!



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  1. This is dope Dave. Im definitely going to follow your site, you’ve got some great information on two programs that will help me increase traffic to my website. Im going to check out Niel Patel.


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