The truth about a laptop lifestyle earning a passive income

Does A Laptop Lifestyle Really Exist? 31103ad2a04bd4ca8ff772576c3c5a3c1561253539 cropped 1564617052 optimized - The truth about a laptop lifestyle earning a passive income

That’s the question I had from someone I ran into when out fishing a while ago. What’s the truth about a laptop lifestyle earning a passive income? I guess after about four years of running an affiliate marketing website, I can give you a few facts on this whole lifestyle living on a laptop that so many people think is the ultimate life. Does it exist? 

It does but probably not the way you envision it. In fact that laptop lifestyle quote is probably made up by some eager wannabe internet guru’s that were out for your money making the latest make a killing in a coffee shop billionaire software. It really never pans out that way. The laptop lifestyle reality is more like single moms or dads struggling to make it and trying this new affiliate program on the side in between changing diapers. 

Or it could be the stay at home person who worked their whole life and now on disability can’t really seem to make enough to get through to the next month so they start an affiliate website. 

That is probably the reality of what the laptop lifestyle is for most of us. For you it could be different but the one thing that’s good about affiliate marketing is it is a way to make money if you’re willing to put the time in and pick a niche that works. 

Because, well, life happens and not everything works out as planned. Think about the last job you had if you are no longer working. Why did it fail? Was it a difference of opinion or did your boss think your performance sucked? It’s the same with this whole laptop lifestyle thing. It will work if you put the time in and align yourself with the right tools and people to help you succeed. Otherwise you may be in a kayak without a paddle and you won’t go anywhere. 

Where Do You Start Building An Affiliate Marketing Website? 4c754c138fbe708dd4d2a00e0498bc3b cropped 1564617103 optimized - The truth about a laptop lifestyle earning a passive income

Hopefully I haven’t scared you off with this sobering look at the affiliate marketing industry. Like anything, becoming an affiliate marketer will depend on how much you want to put into your business. This website here has been online for over three years, makes a few bucks but I would not call it a total success. Why? Life got in the way, that’s all. 

But having a family and being somewhat retired is a huge distraction from focusing on building my website and going forward with trying to market the thing and yadayada. Plus I like taking naps sometimes because I get tired from all the stuff all the time going on around me. Anyway, you may be different. You may be able to devote more time than me. You may be more motivated and that could mean you might find success much quicker than me.

If you have the time I would suggest checking out affiliate marketing learning platforms and just see what they have to offer. I used Wealthy Affiliate to learn the basics of affiliate marketing and it’s been a good ride for me. I never felt pressured, the members are helpful and the training courses were easy to learn and understand. 

I won’t keep going on in this post. I think you get the idea of what I think of the whole laptop lifestyle and passive income deal. It’s possible but most of what you hear is probably some hype created by some scammer. Who knows. 

Don’t let all of that get you down though, the laptop lifestyle is what you make it. You just have to look at it realistically. Build a website, get some traffic to it and have a ton on patience. That’s what it will take to make yourself successful in this industry. Everything is you read about is probably just a bunch of hype. 

Check out my other blogs to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and how it works.

To your success. 



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