Tips To Staying Motivated While Business Blogging

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Stay Motivated Business Blogging

Business blogging for an income is a job. It’s not blogging about your day or what your friends are doing on Facebook or Twitter.  Once you understand this and treat your blog as a business plan you will begin seeing results. Let’s face it, there are so many distractions in the world today that it’s hard to take an online business to its full potential. So, lets try and cut the fat here and look at some tips that will help keep you motivated through the tough times during your blogging for business venture. Below are some tips that should help you to stay motivated to keep writing even when things are looking their lowest.

Stay Motivated!

  • One of the best ways to stay motivated while you’re building your business blog is to remind yourself this is an ongoing venture. There will be highs and lows. There will be days you just don’t want to bother writing. There will be times you ask “What’s the point?” During these times it’s important to look down the road. Where do you want to be next year at this time? Remind yourself that like any business plan, blogging for income is a journey and the more content you write the better you will get and you will increase your content base.

No Distractions!

  • Keep your head together and get rid of distractions. There are so many distractions in life. It can be your next door neighbor yelling or playing loud music. It could be that nagging sore throat or the bills that can’t be put off anymore. If you commit to just 1 hour a day dedicated to writing content you will move forward, I guarantee it. So, ignore the goings on around you and focus on what you are doing right now which is writing content and learning more about blogging as a business.

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Find  Encouragement!

Find Support!

  • Find encouragement from friends and family. We live in a fast world with cars starting, people rushing about, babies crying etc. It may be hard to find support even from your family so tell them to give you time to write your content and that its important to you. If you cant find support from your family or friends consider going to one of the online blogging groups for support. Many groups are designed to help people get off on the right foot and to help with ideas including ways to keep motivated through the tough times.

Your best source of motivation will be yourself, after all you’re the one that’s doing the hard work! So, find ways to motivate yourself. It could be taking a break from writing until you’re ready for another round or just to go for a walk to calm down. It could be to just take in a movie. Whatever it is take the time to reward yourself for your hard work. And even if you write one blog post a day, you’ve moved your blogging business plan  forward! And when all is said and done and you still don’t know how to get your blogging business moving forward, consider joining a group that’s full of support and is a great way to earn as a business blogger! Wealthy Affiliate


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Dave Donahue is a blogger who writes blogging tips for those looking to start their own business. He lives in North Carolina and is an avid fisherman.

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