Are Scam Reviews Real?

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Spread the love Are Scam Reviews Just A Big Lie? As a blogger I am getting pretty tired of reading all of these posts that are scam reviews. And why is that? It’s because it’s

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Are Scam Reviews Just A Big Lie?

Don't Get Scammed!
Don’t Get Scammed!
As a blogger I am getting pretty tired of reading all of these posts that are scam reviews. And why is that? It’s because it’s a way people get you to sign up for their program by slamming someone else’s. Simple as that. And people who write these scam reviews often don’t even buy the program and try it out. So, if you read a scam review chances are the author doesn’t have first hand knowledge of the program in question.
I also found out that reviews on products online are fake in other ways. In fact some people actually go to great lengths to find someone off content writing sites and basically have them create a testimonials. So, even the testimonials are probably fake too. So, what are you to believe when it comes to online programs? And do programs like affiliate really work or are they just another scam?
I have to say since I tried out affiliate marketing it’s a pretty gray area on whether it’s a scam or not. I think there are a lot of good affiliate programs out there but things take a turn when the authors of the content start writing reviews on products that are not even real. And that turns the hole industry into a sham. It’s sad but it shows how greedy people can really be when it comes to trying to earn online. I never really trust a scam review I read and I have very few reviews myself that I have written and I try not to slam the company even if it does look shady.

Does Online Work Even Work?

I have to say you have to be very careful when doing online work especially if you’re going to be promoting a program. Research it and try it out first. Find out if there is a free trial and check it out. If it doesn’t feel right move on. I say this because not all online programs are for everyone. In fact I think most are way too confusing and set you up to fork out money and get nothing but information overload in the program. And that’s the truth.
If anyone ask you for money up front walk away!
But what works online and is it worth the effort? I have to say if you are going to work online make sure that you have a product that you truly believe in and will benefit your clients. It’s great if you have some new gizmo, market the heck out of it but once delivered you start getting returns. And that happens a lot especially when people promote junk products they know nothing about. Believe me it’s rampant on the net and there are a lot of unhappy people who have been taken by scams online. And the scam reviews may have been fake claiming how great the program was. Yea, you can’t win there! And unfortunately the question “Are scam reviews real?” is probably for the most part no.
I do think products that are tangible or training programs that actually teach you something are good. Not all of them and I certainly wouldn’t spend a boatload of cash upfront to join. In fact I can’t see spending more than $50.00 a month for hosting and a website  and training all together. Yea, I’m cheap…I admit it. But programs that can teach you like this one is worth looking into. And yes there are a ton of scam reviews saying how great it is which I don’t think is cool. I think you have to try something out before going on a whim and joining anything because someone says it’s good.

Don’t Trust Scam Reviews!

Don’t Trust Scam Reviews!
Sorry to say it but you shouldn’t trust all those scam reviews you see online. Because a good amount of them are fake and the author’s probably didn’t try it out. They grab any new program and write a review hoping that since it’s a new product it will get a ton of views. The funny thing is they actually do get a lot of views and yes some people join their program because of it. But that doesn’t mean the program works. Which is why I say try out any online program before buying. If you can get a free website out of the deal with hosting at least you’re getting something for your money besides a bunch of rehashed information.
Ok, that’s my take on scam reviews. I hope that didn’t bum you out but it’s the truth. There are a ton of them out there and you don’t want to get hustled. Your best bet is to research the you know what out of the program, try it out for free and ask a lot of questions. Otherwise you may as well just be throwing your hard earned money down the garbage disposal.

Got a program you think may be a scam? Send it my way and I’ll tell you what I think!






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