Top Work At Home Jobs For Lazy People. Can You Make Money As A Slacker?

Top Work At Home Jobs For Lazy People6c6f511f9f520ba3a3b396f30e4062a91535723648 cropped 1535723695 - Top Work At Home Jobs For Lazy People. Can You Make Money As A Slacker?

I know the title may seem a bit brash. But think about it for a minute. Who really wants to work their tail off at a job that pays little and tires you out? How about a job sweating it out in a fast food kitchen while the oldies are playing in the background? Well, I did back in the day and to be honest it wasn’t the work that was bad, it was the horrible pay at $6.00 an hour. Yes, the good old days of the 90’s. Really? The good ol’ days?

Fast forward twenty years and as I look around and hear stories of middle class people living hand to mouth and trying to keep a roof over my head, it got me thinking. What are the top work at home jobs for lazy people this year? I don’t mean totally lazy, I mean how to make a buck without having to succumb to a daily schedule of showing up for work, doing the dirty for 8 hours in a menial job and taking the bus or bike back home? Because to me that sounds like working hard and not smart.

I did some research, watched some Utube videos on people who were over 40 and struggling and I realized something about all of them. They worked hard, did the right things but ended up broke and desperate. And one of the reasons is that we as a society love to buy stuff. We don’t save because we need that fix now. Whether it’s drugs, shopping, eating or buying high priced vehicles, the money we make ends up in other people’s hands and we end up to put it bluntly…screwed.

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

It should but you should not by any means feel guilty. You’re a victim up a society that values stuff over people. Yea, I said it and it is true in my eyes. Why? Think about it. You can work your tail off for a company and be let go for no reason at all. All that is told you is “We are heading in a different direction”  It’s happened to me and it’s probably happened to you. And I come to the table with two honorable military discharges. One from the US Marines and one from the US Navy Reserves. I also have an electrical certification after four years of schooling and OJT training.

Did it help my life?

Sure, but it also set me up for failure. After a few years and debt piling up jobs became scarce and I ended up out of work and broke with a young son.

But let’s not get off topic here. You want to know what the top work at home jobs for lazy people are right? Well, I found one about three years ago. It’s a platform that teaches people like you and me to work at home as an affiliate marketer. It’s not hard and after a years time I was making money with my own business.

What’s The Turning Point To Becoming Your Own Boss?d29f5b6481fa6379819595f2a5337fca1535723727 cropped - Top Work At Home Jobs For Lazy People. Can You Make Money As A Slacker?

Easy. Start making your own decisions! Stop saying yes to everything and everyone. Stop being the good guy or lady who can’t say no to friends, to bosses, to life. Start by giving up compulsive buying and spending and start by deciding you want to change your life for good.

How do you do this?

By getting out of your comfort zone and learning something new. Start thinking out of the box and stop thinking mainstream. Stop being one of the herd and start building your own empire from the ground up. You can do this through affiliate marketing but you have to learn somewhere. THIS blog will explain exactly how I went about learning affiliate marketing through the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

If you read the blog at the link above you will see exactly how the platform works and how I have made it work for me. It’s not rocket science. It’s a step by step process to learn affiliate marketing minus all the b.s. Everything is laid out for you from the site builder to the keyword tool,hosting and domain and how to market your website.

I do have to say this though. Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a get rich platform. It’s been online for 13 years as of this writing and has made some people very wealthy through their efforts. You do have to do the work but it’s great for lazy people who don’t want to get up off their a@s. Seriously. If you want to sit around all day and write content on your website an hour a day that’s fine. It’s what I call the best work at home job for lazy people in 2018. 1d65848efb0983f2f093bd9237bd2ac5 cropped - Top Work At Home Jobs For Lazy People. Can You Make Money As A Slacker?


Stop Saying “Yea But…..”

I can’t tell you how many people have this mindset. “Yea but….I doubt it works.” or “Yea but…this isn’t a good time”. My answer to that is when is a good time for you to change your life? Take this blog for instance. It’s taken me about a half hour to write this so far. That’s not a lot of time. How long is Dr. Phil? And hour right? I can have a blog written and be done for the day in the time it takes to watch a full episode of Dr. Phil talk about why someone’s kid wants to become a protestor. You get the picture I’m sure.

Over time if you write a blog a day and promote a product within that niche and use the right keywords in a year’s time you could be making really good money in commissions. How do I make money here? Simple. I promote the platform Wealthy Affiliate. For each premium signup I make $23.50 a month as long as they stay members. But I also like to help my referrals get going with the training so I always stop by here and there with a quick message saying I’m here to help.

The platform works regardless of whether you do what I do and promote the service or use it to create a niche website of your own. And the platform gives you two free websites to start building along with free hosting. That’s a pretty good deal. You can test drive the Wealthy Affiliate for a full week with Premium tools to get your website up and running.

Learn To Be Lazy But Smarta2e75743a5ac810ec94323ab8cc949931535723788 cropped - Top Work At Home Jobs For Lazy People. Can You Make Money As A Slacker?

I’ve been down the road of hard jobs. I’ve worked hard construction jobs that literally beat me into the ground. I thought it was the key to success. It was the door to stiff necks, sore backs and empty wallets when the work dried out. I’ve been in the Marines but again I was just a tool for their agenda. It’s just the way it is. I stopped agreeing to be a company who$e for a paycheck.

The choice is your whether you want to keep living in your parents basement or keep waiting for your ship to come in. Regardless time will pass whether you’re watching Dr. Phil or working on your website. I will say this. Joining the Wealthy Affiliate was the best thing I could of done at the time when I had little options to find work in the traditional sense. And now it’s making me enough money to not stress about money.

If you are looking for the easy way out I would suggest learning affiliate marketing. It’s not manually difficult but it does take some thought and effort by learning the platform and writing blogs on your website. All the tools are their. You just have to take advantage of them and build an awesome website that people can find value in. You can do it. If I did you can. And it won’t take up all of your time.

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12 thoughts on “Top Work At Home Jobs For Lazy People. Can You Make Money As A Slacker?”

  1. Hi David,

    I used to work like a complete slave for so many jobs and never advanced beyond hand to mouth for many years of my youth. I thought I was wonderful working three jobs and getting 4 hours sleep a night, if that. Stupid and actually misguided energy working and adding tremendous value to other peoples business. I guess that is how those, who just get the meager-est leg up in society, exploit for their own long term gain.

    It still makes me sick I wasted so many years of little sleep for bosses, that when the business shut down, just left with little or no acknowledgement – I can tell you, working from only 13 years old, I have seen this done to me and others. Too many stories of how people are treated to squeeze into this comment.

    So, here is one. I worked in a warehouse as a picker. That just someone that picks the orders out and then passes them along for packaging and shipping. Anyways, there was a gentleman there who worked for this company for years! They took him to the office and had a glass of wine and some sandwiches. He probably got some watch or some nonsense. What made me sick was, 45 minutes he was sitting back in front of his computer issuing the orders and working till end of day. I felt really disappointed for this man and swore I’d never let that happen to me.

    Hence, why I work online!! You are FREE from all that horrible in-human treatment. I am now empowered to reward my self as much money as I am willing to work for.

    Anyone can do it.

    Thanks for this article in a time in our world where real world jobs are not guaranteed and where people have to know too many trades just to have a few weeks/months work – no thanks. I advise all those that want financial freedom and self empowerment to work anywhere in the world living the laptop-lifestyle, to listen well to the advice given out here.


    • Yep you just said a whole lot but it’s never too late to change course and perspective. I did the same thing in the Marines and as an electrician. Always on the go and never really stopping to think. My life is much calmer now and I actually get 8 hours of sleep a night, something I never used to get years ago. You get it obviously. Thanks so much for the comment Philip and best to you.

  2. I also know that there are many people say that it isn’t a good time. I simply can’t change their mind about that. And these people are close. I did many things but they did not take any action. But I really want them to give it a shot. What do you recommend for me?

  3. Once upon a time I had a job I liked, I didn’t love it, but I made enough money to get by and the work wasn’t bad at all. That is not the case anymore as I now do the same job for half the pay and work ten hour days! It’s people like you that inspire me to take a chance on myself and stop working for these, well, jerks.

    I’m taking the chance. I’m putting in every spare minute I have, and I know it’s going to pay off. How do I know? Because it works for thousands of people like you, so why not me?

    Thanks for writing, I’m ready to give it a go.

    • True Kitty. Why not you? I said the same thing about three years ago when I started this blog website. Why not me. As I progressed through the training it became much more clear that anyone can work at home on their own and have fun doing it. It’s when you say yes to yourself and no to what you don’t want in life. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Hi!

    I must admit that I’m a bit lazy but when I found something that’s interesting and fun I can work a lot. That’s excatly what happened when I found affiliate marketing and start writing my own content.

    I tried a lot of online businesses in my days and some of them was frauds or dishonest. I lost money but I learned how to stay away from the bad ones. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the honest and good ones, just the fact that you can try it for free is enough to go for it…

    Are there any niches that you recommend or do you think every niche is as good as any?

    Regards, Jan

    • Thanks for the message Jan. Yea there are lots of scams out there but it’s good to know some opportunities exist that aren’t. As far as a niche is concerned I would choose one that you have an interest in and not one that is popular at the time. It will make you experience much more rewarding.

  5. What a great read. I am super new to this online world and am always looking for more information.
    WA is totally the way to go in my opinion. I am not super techy, and it doesn’t matter! I am provided with all the tools and training I need to become successful. Thanks!

    • It doesn’t matter if you aren’t techy anymore. The Wealthy Affiliate platform guides you through everything and the site builder is so simple anyone can do it if they can type and click. Thanks so much for the great comment!

  6. I’ve always been a lazy man and the saying “if you want to get a job done, hire a lazy person because they will find the quickest way to do it” rings 100% true with me. I’ve always known there were better ways to make money, I knew we didn’t have to work a 9-5 job 5 days a week just to get by and being the lazy person I was, I found an alternative, and I also found Wealthy Affiliate and have never looked back. Great article buddy!

    • Thanks for the comment Brandon. It’s kind of true if you think about it. It took me a while to develop a lazy guy’s perspective but I did and I realized all that crazy rush to get to a construction job was just a learning experience. I don’t regret it but realized there is an easier way to survive this life. Plus the Wealthy Affiliate is easy to learn and you can see the results of your work without sweating like a pig. Lol


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