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Is Travel Payouts Affiliate Good And Is It A Top Affiliate Program?

Is Travel Payouts Affiliate Good?


I recently checked out a new affiliate program called Travel Payouts Affiliate program. Checking this out on the homepage I thought it looked somewhat like all the other travel type of programs that offer you a great deal on hotel and airline flights. So, since I haven’t really reviewed any of these in the past I figured I would give this a read. The first thing I saw on this site was this….

travel - Is Travel Payouts Affiliate Good And Is It A Top Affiliate Program?


Pretty basic on the homepage but that’s ok because some of the better affiliate programs are void of any flashy stuff which I like. So, how does this affiliate program work? Really simple actually.

You sign up for free as an affiliate member, place one of the links they provide on your website and if you make a sale you get up to 80 percent commission. I was thinking wow, that’s a huge commission but that’s what the website states so I think it must be what it pays.

It looks like you install a widget on your website which I thought looked decent and showed you the best deals in a slideshow on your screen. So, that’s a plus for me. Here is the payout structure on the program. Not sure how that equates to 80 percent but here it is. payout - Is Travel Payouts Affiliate Good And Is It A Top Affiliate Program?

Ok, so maybe you won’t get rich off this thing but it’s worth getting something just for placing a widget on your website. The program looks like it’s a small one and run by just a few people so I would think if you needed some support you would get someone to answer your questions pretty quick. That’s another plus. While this may not be one of the leading affiliate programs I think it could work for you with small commissions that add up from a not so well known company.

I would do a pros and cons on this site but since it isn’t really a  blogging affiliate program I don’t have anything to compare it to. The good news is I think you could make some decent income with this especially if you are running a travel website. The sky is the limit here. As far as the advantages of this affiliate program I also saw on the homepage this….advan - Is Travel Payouts Affiliate Good And Is It A Top Affiliate Program?

Not bad and looks like it’s simple yet effective. Overall I would recommend Travel Payouts Affiliate program because it’s an easy way to earn some cash off of something people are constantly searching for. Why people travel so much is really beyond me but for whatever reason they are always looking for deals in this niche. So, yes, I would recommend as a blogger and affiliate marketer that you sign up for free and use the widget or link and start earning some money.

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Travel Payouts Looks Like A Winner To Me

There you go, a way to earn as an affiliate and a way to find some cheap travel and hotels with an easy program void of all the hype. I say check it out and see how it goes. For affiliate marketers this could mean some ongoing decent income for you. The sign up process is easy and the navigation is simple and easy to get started.

Finally, if you’re looking to start as an affiliate marketer but don’t know where to start you might want to consider doing what I did. See my review on the leading blogging platform for affiliate marketers that trains you to become a success complete with a site builder and keyword tool and much more. Check that out here.


  1. I have been looking for a travel affiliate program to join for a while now but the ones I have looked at haven’t had such a great review as you have done on this one, thanks for your help

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