Valid Work From Home Jobs. Is Sell For Me Funnel A Scam Plan?

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It’s no wonder so many people are jumping on the bandwagon trying to make a living online. But does it really work and is it worth your time? That’s the question I had when I started working as an affiliate marketer. Today I ran into a website that’s called the Sell For Me Funnel. Now, when I look at this I think of a typical sales funnel that basically involves a series of steps that your potential buyer will go through before deciding to buy you product. And since the Sell For Me Funnel involves affiliate marketing I am pretty sure this is what they are all about. 

It didn’t look to bad on the home page and I watched the presentation video which basically gives you a simple run down of what the program was about. Nothing too over the top and it does involve affiliate marketing so that’s what you will be doing if you join.

I also looked up the reviews on the website and saw that well…nothing came up! No news is good news especially when researching affiliate marketing programs that work. What I didn’t care for was that I really had to fill in all of my info so they could get me on to the meat and potatoes of this program. Was it what I consider a  valid work from home jobs opportunity? I can’t really say to be honest without going through the sign up process. But, the presentation seemed legit and this could be something worth checking out. Just know you will have to submit your email address and basic info first off. Then and only then you get access to another video.

Here is what the Sell For Me Funnel homepage looks like.

funnel - Valid Work From Home Jobs. Is Sell For Me Funnel A Scam Plan?




What Do I Think Of The Sell For Me Funnel?

Well, like most affiliate programs I think it’s hit or miss. If you take a look at this site you are reading it is an affiliate marketing website but I promote only one program for the most part simply because it has worked for me. Now, would the program I use work for anyone? Probably not unless you are willing to put in some serious work and have some commitment to seeing things through. In fact this site you are reading has close to 300 blog posts with reviews, tips and tons of other stuff. And that equates to 1000’s of hours of work on my part. The funny think is this site is relatively new at two years old.

I would try the Sell For Me Funnel and at least dive into it a little deeper if I wasn’t already working on my own site with my platform.. It all depends on how much you are willing to learn on a valid work at home jobs. You just have to keep at it when the going gets tough. That’s what decides whether the program you try is worth it or not. And maybe people will call something a scam when they quit after a month and making little progress. So, keep that in mind when joining any affiliate program like the Sell For Me Funnel. Success will inevitably fall on you and your ability to complete things.


Still Getting The Run Around On Work At Home Jobs?

If you feel you are then I would slow down and think about why and how you are going about things. Are you looking for an easy buck or are you willing to work and understand that success is the result of hard work and dedication. If you can see things the way of the later than you will be successful. And when you do find success you will know it.

I hope this post doesn’t deter you from pursuing your dreams as a marketer of affiliate products. There are tons out there and you only need to pick a good niche and promote good products to get going. The good news is you can promote products on many affiliate sites like Amazon, CJ and other private companies that run affiliate programs. Build a website, get some traffic going and then put some good products on your site and you can make it happen.

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4 thoughts on “Valid Work From Home Jobs. Is Sell For Me Funnel A Scam Plan?”

  1. I still don’t have a strong idea of what this program is for – can you explain to me more what the “funnel” is and what it does for the affiliate marketing process? It’s amazing that you’ve spent so many 1000s of hours of work on your blog, I’m still very new into mine!

    1. Heya Penelope. I just keep going and keep going I guess. Like an energizer bunny blogging. Lol Seriously though a funnel is basically a way of writing and understanding the purchase cycle. Mostly to me it’s defining a problem and then offering a solution but it gets a bit more in depth that that. You can use a funnel in affiliate marketing because you are selling a service or product. Here is an article on a good explanation of how a sales funnel works.

  2. All it took was for me to see on your illustration on SellformeFunnel was the check mark by the secret weapon that all 7 figure income makers used. When I see these things it raises a red flag because they are targeting people who think they can get rich quick.

    There is no such thing in my world. The Wealthy Affiliate program you showcased is more of a realistic opportunity.

    1. True Ronnie. It takes time and effort and an understanding of some basic affiliate marketing techniques. But most of all a dedication and a true interest in what you are doing to be successful. And money is not the true definition of success. If you provide a valuable service or product, success will come naturally. It’s also important to have fun doing what you are doing. Best to you and thanks for the comment Ronnie.

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