Blogging Ways To Becoming Debt Free. Is There A Way To Blog Away Debt?

Blogging Ways To Becoming Debt Free

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I know, this must sound insane. Blogging away debt. Really you say? So, did I until a few years ago I found myself out of work and pretty down in the dumps. I had fallen ill and lost my job as an electrician and I really had no other options in life. I was lucky I had a family and they helped me to not completely give up.

But my story was not that of a complete failure all my life. Not at all. In fact I had served honorably in two services both the US Marine Corps and the US Navy Reserves. I had also taken a four year school in electrical and actually graduated and became a journeyman electrician. I bought two houses too. But on the flip side I have also been homeless and without a car or a job. I know both sides of the coin. 

In around 2012 I had enough. I sought help through the Veterans Administration and started seeing a therapist. He told me to start writing about my daily life, struggles and hopes and dreams. I had no dreams left and was for all intents and purposes a broken man. It was hard because I was in my mid forties and had a young son to look after. It was beyond frustrating.  I was also in debt up to my eyeballs!

I took the doctors advice and started writing daily and then figured I could write half way decent so I looked into blogging for companies for a few bucks  per article. And I actually made a few bucks! I kept at it and my client base grew and guess what? I stopped worrying about my debt and kept writing as a distraction which helped me stay focused.

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Learning Affiliate Marketing Allowed Me To Blog Away Debt

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Get Rid Of Your Debt!

Since I had become somewhat successful as a blogger for companies I decided to take it to another level. I wanted to know how to keep writing and earn as a full time blogger but this time I wanted to earn all I could as a marketer writing blogs and promoting affiliate products and services. I knew I couldn’t go back to my old job. It just wasn’t in the works for me. It was too stressful and I was getting laid off, couldn’t find work for months and quite honestly I was getting too old to keep at it as an electrician.

I searched around and looked for a way to learn affiliate marketing and low and behold somewhere I found this program that offered to teach the in’s and out’s of the industry. Looking back I don’t even know where I found it but I did and it changed my life forever.

I won’t say it happened overnight. I spent a lot of time working on my website (This One You Are Seeing) and I learned how to promote something I believed in. I kept at it for a full year and by that time I had cleared all of my debt. I wasn’t rich but I definitely didn’t have to worry about late night creditor calls any more. How did I do it? I joined a simple yet effective program that teaches bloggers how to build a website and promote it using links and content.

By year two I was working on my site full time and as of this writing the website pays for itself. I don’t have any overhead at all. And I make enough to pay the small Premium membership on the platform. I couldn’t be happier with my efforts. Plus, I learned something new that I figured I could never do.

Work For Yourself Or Work For Other’s

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Work For Yourself

One of the things I like about blogging for an income is I no longer have to work for someone else. I did that for too long. And it’s fun if you can figure that. I never thought working could be fun but I don’t really consider this work. Can anyone do this? Absolutely! And I mean anyone from any walk of life. It doesn’t matter your background either. If you are willing to put forth some work and write at least a couple days a week, you can build a successful affiliate marketing website and then….blog away that nasty debt!

Maybe you have considered blogging for a living. Maybe you are between jobs or just lost in the sea of life. Maybe you have burned some bridges that we all have and it’s time for a change. Whatever the reason I believe you can do anything you put your mind to. I know you can. Because if I can you can too. You can lose that debt and become successful in a whole new area of life. And it won’t sap all of you energy. I encourage you to read some of the success stories that came out of the platform I learned to blog and market on. I’m sure you will be impressed.

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To Your Success!


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