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Welcome To This Site!

Dave Donahue (Author)
Dave Donahue (Author)

Welcome to my website, Blogging Tips For Newbies. I created this site to help you…the awesome work at home blogger write content that converts. I offer tips that can help you with marketing, information on platforms that work, and some tricks that can make your blog a bit more successful. Here is what I have done throughout my life just to give you an idea of what I am about!

1981-1986 United States Marine Corps.

1988-1991 United States Navy Reserves

1998 -2007 Commercial Electrician

2007- 2011 Content And Marketing Writer For Companies Around The World

2011- Present Blogger Focusing On Affiliate Marketing And Writing.

And probably the most rewarding is being a father to a young son! I have also been married since 1998.

Blog Your Way To Success

Working at home blogging is a great way to unlock the hidden talents you have inside your mind. It’s also a great way to convey your feelings or express ideas you have. It’s also got some other added perks.

In short blogging is a great way to express yourself. Maybe you have a passion to write about a particular product or service. Whatever the reasons you choose to blog, my tips and tricks can help it be a success. Your blogging skills can help you earn as an affiliate marketer which many aren’t aware of.

Did you know that many people actually make a decent living blogging? You can blog about anything from surfing to building websites. The sky really is the limit! Linked to this page you will find a variety of topics pertaining to blogging. Maintaining your blog can be a fun way to learn, share, meet people and expand your horizons. It can also mean no more nine to five and now it’s work from home!

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You Could Easily Be The Next Blogging Success Story

If you’re passionate about writing, maybe starting a blog is for you. This site is dedicated to providing you with everyday tips that can help you begin a blog for enjoyment and money. That’s right. You can actually earn money from home with your own blog business. So take a look around the site where you will find products geared towards helping you become a successful blogger as well as tons of tips.

I will say there are some traits successful blog creators have that help contribute to their success. Below are a few of them.

Blogging consistency.

Blogging with intent.

Helping others achieve success.

Comment on other bloggers work.

Patience throughout the process.

Use an online platform that teaches you how to blog correctly.

Realize blogging is not a get rich scheme when done properly.


By following the simple steps above anyone can become a successful blogger. If you’re looking for a  platform to get you started on the path to successful work at home blogging, check out this link below for my review of a leading blogging platform. Finally, regardless of how you go about creating your blogging business, if you have a passion for writing you’re bound to be successful and choosing the right platform to learn on is crucial to your success!

I hope you enjoy the tips I write on this website and to see you succeed!

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Dave Donahue




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2 thoughts on “Work At Home

  1. Hello Dave,
    I enjoyed your site, it is very professional and provides a needed service. I have saved your site as a favorite and I have subscribed to your news letter. I am also going to join WP Engine to learn how to earn $7500 for one affiliate offer.
    Thanks again for your time and wisdom.
    How do I set up the opt in option on my site? Also great use of widgets. I also liked how you put your email in your header.


    1. Definitely check out WP Engine. They have some cool products for bloggers. Thanks for signing up for my newsletter too. As far as using an opt in form on your website pretty sure you can find a ton on them in your widgets or plugins. I try not to get anything too over the top though,just something that is easy to install and simple looking. If you get lost trying to set it up just message me back. I appreciate the comment!

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