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Who I Am And What I Do

My name is Dave Donahue and I am a blogger, Marine Corps veteran, father and husband. I grew up at the beach in San Diego California and love the sport of surfing and really anything to do with the ocean.  I write blogs about products and services related to the blogging industry and am dedicated to helping new bloggers get on the road to success. I began this site to offer tips on how you can increase your skills as a blogger and marketer. Blogging for an income is easy…if you have the right tools and I believe this site has all the info any new blogger needs to succeed in the blogging industry.

You Too Can Be A Successful Blogger!

The website you are viewing has a ton of blogs that I have personally written designed to help you become a successful blogger. I have put in thousands of hours on this site and truly think you can learn a lot from the blogs I have written for newbie bloggers.

I also have extensive experience as a blogger for companies around the world. I know what kind of blogs work and which don’t! I encourage you to look through the archives and find topics related to blogging that are of interest to you. Additionally, I found a platform that is geared towards helping bloggers find success through writing blogs.

If you’re serious about starting and running a successful blog check out my post on a popular platform for bloggers looking to earn online. My #1 Choice For Bloggers

P.S. Please keep in mind that throughout my website you may see links for products that I recommend. These products I have personally reviewed and found them to be of high quality in my humble opinion. Also if you do purchase any of these products through my links I may receive a small commission from your purchase. this helps me to keep the lights burning and the website up and running. Being a military veteran of the U.S. I am appreciative of you’re going through me to purchase any of your blogging product needs. I support our veterans and every penny made on here helps a veteran made and operated business!

P.S.S. Feel free to contact me directly at dave@blogging tipsfornewbies.com



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