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Recommended Affiliate Blogging Products


Below are some cool blogging products I recommend.

These  products I have reviewed and find them to be useful for bloggers looking to boost their income! Feel free to ask me any questions about these products or if you do use one of them please share your experience!


My Number #1 Pick For Newbie Bloggers Platform!

The Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 pick for newbie bloggers looking to succeed at blogging! This platform has been online over a decade and has made many very wealthy bloggers. This is a all in one platform that includes hosting, domains and WordPress access to create up to 25 fully functioning websites.

As a Wealthy Affiliate member you also get access to full training in affiliate marketing, blogging tutorials and more. In addition all websites you create are given an SSl certificate ensuring your readers and you that your site is protected in full.

As a member of the Wealthy Affiliate for over a year I can attest that this platform is the best I have ever come across in my years as a blogger. If you are looking to run a monetized blog this is the real deal!

There are two types of memberships, the FREE and Premium memberships which you can see what is offered below. I highly suggest trying the FREE membership which gives you two FREE websites and limited access to the training provided by the program. See below for details on this amazing platform and click the banner to gain FREE access today!
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WP Engine Hosting Services And Referral Program

If you’re looking to earn as with a successful affiliate program, you don’t want to miss out on the WP Engine Affiliate Program. With the ability to earn enough to pay months of rent or mortgage with just one referral, this is the place to do it! Looking to build your own business that practically runs itself? The WP Engine Affiliate Program does just that.

But there’s much more to this company than just a highly sought after affiliate program. Their hosting services are probably some of the best you’re going to find anywhere and tech support is top of the line. While the hosting service is a little pricier than some of the lower end hosting plans, you definitely get what you’re paying for. WP Engines hosting services are for those who favor reliability, quality backup services and a customer service department that is on things asap. Personal website packages start at just $29.00 per month.

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WP Engine has a lot of good available products and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for quality hosting. But like anything there are some pros and cons. Below I listed some of the good things about this platform and some of the not so good.


Easy to use platform for bloggers.

Reliable with 24/7 support that’s hard to beat.

3 times Stevie Award Winner

Free SSL Certificate

Risk Free Subscription for 60 days or your money back.

Free Automated Migration for WordPress

Five levels of hosting packages for small to large business.


A bit pricey for a hosting service.

Can seem a bit confusing to understand all new users get.

If anything I really think this platform is worth checking out if not just for their affiliate program if you already have a good hosting service. What’s amazing about the affiliate program is you can actually make $7500.00 off on one referral! All you have to do is promote WP Engine on your website and just one referral can really change things for you pretty quickly. I think of all the affiliate programs related to hosting this has to be the highest paying program to date.

WP Engine is a pretty sophisticated platform yet easy to install on any website. I like the fact it migrates your existing WordPress website and the support really is the best you’re going to find anywhere. This is a company that has taken hosting services to a higher level and although it’s a bit more expensive than your bottom basement hosting services, you really get your money’s worth.

There’s a lot more to this amazing hosting service through WP Engine and I encourage anyone who needs quality hosting that’s reliable and takes the service up a notch. I think you’ll be surprised at all this platform has to offer small businesses and well as larger ones. You really can’t go wrong here. And if anything else, check out their affiliate program which allows you to make $7500.00 off just one referral!

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The Awesome Jaxxy Keyword Tool!

Looking for a keyword research tool that does some pretty amazing stuff? This keyword tool is a must for bloggers looking to step up their game and get results!

I highly recommend this product for all bloggers that are looking for the best keywords to use on their blog post. Priced extremely reasonably this is a must for generating traffic and conversions!

What can a quality keyword tool do for you and your business? A whole lot! Take a look at the pros to using a keyword tool for your blogging business!


Easy to find keywords to incorporate into your content.

Easy to find QSR’s of low hanging keywords to help drive traffic to your website.

Find out what keywords are best to outdo your competition and drive your site up in rankings.

Use the Jaxxy Keyword tool to find topics related to your niche.

The above are just a few of the many benefits of using the Jaxxy keyword when looking to boost your website stats. If you’re not using a keyword tool you are really missing out because keyword tools in today’s blogging environment are a necessity! The Jaxxy keyword tool is priced reasonably and is one of the best things you can do to find ways to write quality content that converts. Easy to use and implement check out Jaxxy by clicking below!


To get Jaxxy for your keyword research click the picture below


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Jaxxy Keyword Tool

High Quality Affordable Recommended Hosting

Looking for high quality hosting that won’t break the bank? Check out the affordable hosting at great rates below. Dependable and more bang for your buck than more popular hosting sites, this is a must for your website hosting needs!



Site Ground Hosting Services

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Ehost Hosting Services

120 600 EH - Products For Affiliate Bloggers


Interserver Hosting Services

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1&1 Hosting, Site Builder and Domain Services

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The above are just a few of the products for bloggers I found to be high quality and worth the time to check out. Check back often as I will be updating this page frequently.

 If you buy any of the products above, some have free trial options which I recommend taking advantage of before buying. These are products I am or have used in the past. I have also done extensive research on them and found them to be quality blogging products!
To your blogging success!

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