Is There A Wealthy Affiliate Discount? It Might Not Be What You Expect!

Is  There A Wealthy Affiliate Discount For Anyone?

I am sure you have read or heard of Wealthy Affiliate reviews across the web but how do you know these are real reviews? And do any of these reviews tell you whether or not you will get a Wealthy Affiliate discount? I would think they probably don’t, at least not the majority of reviews out there. But, many of these reviews are created by newbie affiliates who just promote this program.

Personally, I have been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate for two years now and there is a discount for new members to the program. First discount is you get full access to all of the training for a full month. You also get your first week of the program free which I think is not even enough time to check out the Wealthy Affiliate. I have a problem with the push to join at the premium level once you sign up. I mean these people who join should get at least a month free. But, since I don’t make the rules that’s the way it is. The first month discount is for $19.00 and the usual monthly charge is $49.00. Pretty good deal if your serious about making a money making website.

Should You Take The Discount Or Run?

Here’s where some of you will have to bite your pride and be honest with yourself. The Wealthy Affiliate does not make you money. You do. The Wealthy Affiliate only teaches you how to make money as an affiliate marketer. The training is complete and it does work if you devote the time and learn what is being taught. Other wise if you want to sign up and just wait for money to come in you should not bother and run away. It’s that simple. And I have seen a good number of people join the Wealthy Affiliate and leave after a couple months because it “Wasn’t for them.” That’s understandable because it isn’t for everyone. Not at all.

The discount for people is so they can really dive in, start their website and learn how to market that site. If you like it then you can pay monthly or yearly for $299.00 with the Black Friday deal. So, there are some decent options for discounts but you really need to decide if it’s for you first. I recommend paying just the $19.00 after your first free week. That will give you of training for just $19.00 where you have access to the site and everything available as far as Premium membership training and support. You also get free hosting and can purchase your domain right on the Wealthy Affiliate site. Once you build you free website and when you want to change to a domain you own you simply transfer the free site to the domain of your choice.

Let’s look at what kind of memberships the Wealthy Affiliate offers for free and premium members.

You can see that the platform is pretty in depth and it’s been around for over a decade with new upgrades to the training and support constantly. The free membership is a pretty good deal and gives you an idea of what to expect once you join. There is no obligation to become a free member but there are some pros and cons to the website I would like to list.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros and Cons


1 Easy to understand platform with a high security web builder and SSL Green Lock Certificate on all websites.

2 Site builder is WordPress which is pretty much the best you will find on the net anywhere. Easy to build websites.

3 Online support through data base of FAQ’s and online chat 24/7

4 24/7 online technical site support. Your questions are answered in minutes and site fixes are instant.

5 Weekly videos by marketing and writing expert Jay who has been with the Wealthy Affiliate for a decade.

6 Community of like minded entrepreneurs who can answer many questions and offer suggestions.

7 Community feedback and comment options for your website.


1 Platform can seem confusing for newbies. It’s best to start at the first lesson and don’t skip around.

2 Community online chat and blog can seem a bit Facebooky. Best to stay focused on learning and applying to your website.

3 Can be pricey for some people. People in different areas of the world may find the Premium price expensive.

4 May take a while for your website to see results. The Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich platform.

5 Easy to get frustrated with lessons and applying. Need to take the process seriously.

Try Before You Buy!

My last suggestion if you’re looking for Wealthy Affiliate discounts is to try the platform first for a week before even thinking about going Premium. And if you like it give it a one full month try at the discount of $19.00. If after that month you don’t like it you cancel which is easy to do. There’s really not much to it. For me personally I have done quite well so the Premium membership is easy to do. And there are many people on Wealthy Affiliate who are making big bucks but work silently behind the scenes on their own websites. Which is what I suggest. Join as a free member, learn what you can in the first week and then upgrade for one month with the discount. Take it seriously and build up your website and you will be on the path to success.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post and let me know what you have tried on your own. Have you found success? The Wealthy Affiliate always needs people with experience to join their team. If this is you share your knowledge while being a member in the live chat area. Until next time….




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    1. Yea, it’s not really expensive but everyone of us have different situations. It’s worth the education though and if you can keep working at it, it does pay off. You just have to go the right avenue to make it all come together. Best to you and thanks for the comment.

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