Wealthy Affiliate Scam Or Legit Opportunity?

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Wealthy Affiliate Scam?

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Scam?

My Five Year Experience with Wealthy Affiliate

I wanted to write this for anyone who is considering joining Wealthy Affiliate. I know times are tough right now. There are people out there out of work, out of cash and out of options. The economy is not doing good. At all!

Since I had stopped working a few years ago after 30 years of servatude, I am now in a position to not have to work but it’s in my nature to want to work so I joined Wealthy Affiliate about five years ago, I figured why not, I’m not doing anything else. So, what happened during the past five years?

Let’s say affiliate marketing in NOT a way to make bucks in the fastest way possible. Unless you’re some kind of guru, you will probably not make money the first few months.

For me I stuck it out and kept building this Wealthy Affiliate review and blogging tips website. I don’t really know why I kept at it so long. Stubborn I guess.

Anyway, I made absolutely zero dollars my first year. Nada, zippo, nothing!

At about a year, I made my first sale which was a Wealthy Affiliate sign up. After that I started getting tons of free signups but no real money making ones.

I didn’t know where I went wrong but I kept building the website, using keywords in my blog posts and trying to get some more organic traffic. I was getting stumped. Shouldn’t I be rolling in the money by now?

Nope. Things kept trudging along and I made a few sales here and there. But nothing really changed, traffic was weak and my site while it looked good, was doing nothing.

Something Clicked But What Was It?

Ok, so I know for a fact that most people who join Wealthy Affiliate fall by the wayside. It just doesn’t pan out and they give up because they see absolutely no results. Besides, a day at the lake or beach sounds so much more fun right?

Well, being stubborn I kept working at my website here and finally started to understand something. And that was, I had no traffic because nobody knew I was there. They say oh, just keep writing and eventually you will get traffic and become successful.

One of the problems I did was get into the Make Money Niche. Now, while it’s a good niche to get into, it’s very competitive. I would NOT recommend getting into the MMO niche for that reason. I would pick a niche that’s different and unique. Heck, it could be selling pet rocks if it works. You get my meaning,.

Anyway, I realized also that since I was getting no traffic they key to this was to start getting my website out there. I needed to promote the website. And I did. Look at what happened using just Twitter. on One day (middle of graph) I had over 500 visitors!

Now, I won’t say that organic traffic sucks because really it’s the best kind. But, the problem is organic traffic is incredibly hard to get. It takes a lot and I mean a lot of writing day in, day out. Sales went up and while I haven’t gotten rich, I figured out the key to getting traffic. Social Media!

Where Do You Want To Go?

That’s the question I have for everyone who quits with Wealthy Affiliate. The thing is not a money making scheme, it’s simply a learning platform, nothing more. It does have hosting for your site, a keyword tool and you can switch your domain to them too. Overall, if you’re going to build a website and don’t want to pay a bunch of money from the big name companies for hosting and then to a site builder company and then domain, etc., go with W.A.

It’s not the end all be all. You won’t be making money at first. In fact you probably won’t make anything for at least a few months but if you where do you want to go anyway? To the next thing that doesn’t work? Nope. I learned years ago in the Marine Corps to keep trying till you die. If you fail, that’s ok, just don’t quit. And I haven’t. Take a break but don’t ever give up.

I hope this blog made some sense to you. I hope I didn’t bust any bubbles but the reality is anything worthwhile will take time and work. Thanks for reading.

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