Is Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam? Read My Two Year Review Here!


Is Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam?office 1589459  340 - Is Wealthy Affiliate University A Scam? Read My Two Year Review Here!

I have been working on the Wealthy Affiliate University for two years now. Is this platform a scam? I didn’t want to really write a full honest no holds bar review until I had been a member of this site for a year which I did a year ago. But now, I have some more information on whether or not this was really worth the time or did it pan out to be a waste of time. So, is the Wealthy Affiliate University a scam or is it something that is worth checking out?

For starters I will say that this program is not for everyone. I know, you probably don’t really want to hear that but it’s true. There is a lot to learn on the platform and not everyone will be able to catch on. Most will and most still don’t succeed in my opinion. Why is that? It’s simple. Most people quit before they are successful and that’s sad because the tools are there to succeed. From the training, to the keyword tool, to the member support and to the incentives to keep going, many quit? And they quit because they don’t make the money fast enough.

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What Is This Program Really All About?

The program is simple enough. You basically create a website which takes about ten minutes to build on the Wealthy Affiliate. It’s not rocket science. You build a site and then the fun begins when you start to go through the lessons of the program.

Was The Wealthy Affiliate What I Expected?

I will say at first it’s not what I expected. I thought it would work faster and I would be making money within a month. It didn’t happen and that’s when I thought maybe this Wealthy Affiliate University was a scam. I kept at it because I did know that the training was good, I just didn’t think everyone could succeed. And that was ticking me off. I thought it was for people like younger tech nerds that love this kind of stuff.

Regardless I kept working on my website and didn’t really think about making any money. I was more focused on seeing if I could learn how to sell affiliate products. And I wanted to also try and make some commissions by promoting Wealthy Affiliate. By the end of the first year I had close to 100 referrals and about 200 blogs written. That is most than the majority of people accomplish from what I am told. So, I kept at it. My traffic started to grow to my site and I thought wow, maybe this thing works. I still didn’t know. It wasn’t until about a year and a half before I actually really started to see that my site was getting big and was ranking high on Google. Try typing in “blogging tips for newbies” on Google. You will see my site in the top positions. It fluctuates but is on the first page of Google which is cool.

I will say if you start with the Wealthy Affiliate, expect to do work. Expect to write and research a lot. Expect to get frustrated and want to quit. And expect to think to yourself the program could be a scam. It’s not. It’s an indepth training course designed to teach you how to become an affiliate marketer and also a decent writer.

Should You Join The Wealthy Affiliate?

That’s really up to you. I can’t say it will work for you or not. It depends on whether or not you are motivated to learn. If you are then it’s worth a shot. It’s free to join and check out and there’s some good training for newbies. Plus you get two free websites to start and hosting. But, you have to want to change your mindset and work at something that will take a while to see success. That’s the hard part. No, the program is not a Wealthy Affiliate University scam but it will take work and time to see results. They simply give you the tools and training to start, you have to do the rest.











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