Are Wealthy Affiliates Success Stories Real?

Are Wealthy Affiliates Success Stories Real?wealthy - Are Wealthy Affiliates Success Stories Real?

Someone recently was considering signing up with the Wealthy Affiliate and asked me if all those Wealthy Affiliate success stories were real. My reply was yes, they are but that doesn’t mean everyone succeeds at it. The look on their face told me what they were thinking. “Why waste my time?”

And that’s what happens with a lot of people who start on the Wealthy Affiliate and don’t see success overnight. It’s kind of sad really because anyone with half a brain would know that it takes work to succeed at anything. It’s like when I went to Marine Corps boot camp back in the 80’s. The drill instructors told us flat out many of us would fail and it was true. Many did fail. I don’t believe it was because all of them couldn’t handle boot camp. I think they told themselves it was too hard so they just said “I Quit!”

Strangely or not I saw that throughout my working career, guys would sign up to do the work but then when the going got tough they threw in the towel and went running. I don’t mean to laugh at it either, it’s really sad that the only barrier to our success is really what we say to ourselves.

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Does The Wealthy Affiliate Even Work?

Ok, so you want to know if the Wealthy Affiliate even works. Is it worth your time or is it just some pie in the sky scam that a couple dudes thought up? Actually it does work but it’s up to you to make it work. The platform just gives you the tools to become a success. Most of it will depend on your ability to learn and implement what you learned on your website. And yes, this platform has made a lot of folks a good ongoing income but it has taken them time. Nothing great is achieved overnight.

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I have been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate for almost two years. In that time I have consistently worked on my blogging tips website and now it has grown to a site that is well trusted in my chosen niche. But, it didn’t happen overnight. I had to work at it and keep writing when I didn’t want to and now it is finally paying off. But, it isn’t just monetary payoffs that I like. I like the fact that I didn’t quit while I saw others fall by the wayside. It shows me that maybe my old Marine Corps training is still helping me today.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Membership?animal 17474  340 - Are Wealthy Affiliates Success Stories Real?

The platform has two different memberships, free and paid. As far as the free membership goes anyone can stay a free member and keep building their website with a site rubix domain. But they don’t get the advanced training in affiliate marketing that’s needed to succeed. The paid membership is $49.00 a month which includes all of the training with both affiliate marketing lessons and a boot camp which trains you how to gain referrals.

You also get access to huge member base that has some very well educated affiliate marketers that can steer you in the right direction. But, I will say that the key to success as a blogger will be consistency and dedication to what you are doing. If you got that down, the sky is the limit on this platform.


Dedicate Yourself And You Will Succeed

Wealthy Affiliates Success stories are real but so is the hard work that was spent trying to get their websites making money. And it isn’t an overnight success but if you are dedicated, can write and learn some simple practices you can become a success on the site. It’s been proven over and over. There is no time frame for success either, it comes with time and ebbs and flows as you will see if you keep at blogging for a while.

That’s all I have to say about the Wealthy Affiliates right now. It does work but you have to make it work for you. It’s not a ticket to instant success as many seem to believe. It’s also not a scam but a learning university that teaches you how to succeed in the affiliate marketing arena. If you have the dedication and drive to succeed you too can but only if you keep trying when others quit.

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