Is Web.Com A Good Blogging Platform For Business?

Is Web.Com A Good Blogging Platform For Business?

You’ve probably heard of It’s one of those free website builders that offers it’s customers a free website and claims you can start a business with it. Online it’s also rated the #1 website builder online. So being the blogging guru that I aspire to be I checked this website out in some detail. My first stop was the online reviews.

I wanted to find if this website was a good blogging platform for business Now, I know for a fact there are some companies out there that will pay to have positive reviews posted to their website and some will pay a pretty penny to get negative reviews taken down.

Apparently, the negative reviews on this #1 Website Builder pretty much outweighed the positive ones. Anyway here is the homepage for

webcom - Is Web.Com A Good Blogging Platform For Business?

This threw me for a loop because when I searched reviews I found one site that posted mostly positive reviews and then another that were mostly negative.

Something fishy about that.

Now I don’t want to bash this website and I have no intention of doing so. But I do want to list some facts that I found. I tend to believe that the negative feed backs may be legit but then competition may be spreading some online garbage around too. So, be aware of that when considering a web builder.

There’s a lot of shadiness out there but by and large most people are well meaning. Here is what I found on a review page for - Is Web.Com A Good Blogging Platform For Business?


I won’t go into all the details but as you can see the reviews were pretty steady at about 1 and a half stars throughout. That’s out of five which isn’t the best. Ok, then I went to the positive reviews and there were over 26,000 of them which claimed the site was a five start website.

I clicked that and saw three reviews and it looked like this. threere - Is Web.Com A Good Blogging Platform For Business?

I know weird huh?

It just had those three reviews which one was a one and it says from three sources. Where are the other reviews? I don’t know! Ok, so now I was really confused but I wanted to find out why the reviews I did see on the first site were so bad and I found that it was pretty much the same thing from most complaints. Overcharged and couldn’t cancel.

Wait a minute I thought! I was under the impression it was all free! Ok, so maybe I was wrong about this company but I don’t know, something sounds off.

So, is a good blogging platform for business? I guess you are going to have to decide for yourself if you want to brave signing up. I won’t call it a scam because they do offer a product and I found no reviews that said they were delivered what was promised.

On the contrary maybe they over delivered because I saw a lot of overcharge complaints.

Would I Recommend

I got to be honest here and I don’t think I would. I want to but if I did I would be afraid someone might get overcharged and then I would feel bad about that. If you do decide to go with this platform I would definitely ask a lot of questions, don’t give out your credit card and really check out some of the reviews for yourself.

Hey, I don’t know maybe you have tried this platform and had some success. If you did feel free to let us know at the comment section at the bottom of this blog.

So, there is a quick review on I know it may not of been the greatest news but being a jarhead veteran I really don’t like to B.S. around. I believe we should not be tricked into something by deception. I do think it needs further investigation though if you want to try it out.

Now, if you are looking for a blog platform that has everything you need to start blogging asap and actually make money with that blog check out my review on my #1 recommendation here.


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