Welcome To Blogging Tips For Newbies

This site was created to offer tips to bloggers looking to get into affiliate marketing and using  blogging skills to make their website a total success! While I have been blogging for about seven years now I am constantly learning new tips and techniques to make myself a better blogger and pass them on through this website.

Blogging Tips For Newbies is a website dedicated to helping bloggers like yourself learn the basics of blogging and  affiliate marketing. Did you know that blogging is a huge industry and many bloggers are making six figures and up with their blogs promoting products and services through Amazon, Clickbank and thousands of other affiliate programs?   So can you with some dedication and work!

Who is affiliate marketing for? Someone who has a passion for writing and learning as well as promoting their own products and services. This site can give you virtually any tips you can imagine to make your blog website a success!


Why Did I Create This Site?

Pretty simple really. A few years back I was writing blogs and articles for people who were looking to buy them off the popular website Fiverr. I wrote close to a thousand articles on this platform in three years and finally began to wonder what the heck people were doing with all of my articles and blogs. I learned that the articles were used to promote products and services through affiliate links and that was when I had to know more about getting into that industry!

I joined a program called the Wealthy Affiliate which taught me even more than I thought I had already known about blogging like keywords, writing with a Call To Action and how to put affiliate links on my website. I learned how to use WordPress and got pretty good at it. I also learned that this is a huge industry and perfect for me since I had retired from electrical work. It became a passion to write blogging tips and offer my readers a way to make a full time income as a blogger.

Thanks For Stopping By!

I’d like to thank you for checking out Blogging Tips For Newbies and hope some of my articles are helpful to you. Maybe they will help you to decide to become a full time blogger yourself. I would like to think so! Take a look around this site. There are hundreds of blogging tips articles and reviews of opportunities online that you may take an interest in!

Here’s To Your Success!