What Are The Best Passive Income Sources Opportunities Today?

What Are The Best Passive Income Sources Opportunities Today?

I an without a doubt a fan of the best passive income sources opportunities that I can find today. Not that a regular nine to five can’t be a positive thing but for those who are looking at becoming their own boss I found that blogging online is one of the best ways to create a passive income today.

Why is that? Because think about it. We live in a new era with a different type of mindset versus the old way of thinking of working for a company for decades and retiring with a nest egg built up for retirement. In fact did you know that at least half of baby boomers have not saved enough money to retire comfortably on? And what about younger worker? Do they have the same mindset as older people did? Not at all.

The new way of earning an income has switched from working for the man to working for ourselves. It’s the so called American dream now, earning through digital marketing by selling online. And it doesn’t matter what you are selling. It could be a service or it can be a product through a company that offers affiliate sales. That means that you, yes you can get in on the action with no out of pocket to access affiliate links through various companies. 

Where Do You Want To Be This Time Next Year?

I mean it. A year is a short period of time and if you get into affiliate marketing now you could have a thriving online business next year. Tired of commuting to the office or to that next interview that leads nowhere? Tired of searching the online opportunities only to run into schemes, scams and ads? Wonder if you could find a way to earn online with little money invested and create a passive income for yourself? Wonder if you could pay off that nagging debt?

You can and will if you change your mindset and change your course of action. And by changing your direction and being proactive you can change your entire life. I don’t mean to just get rich but to actually have a passion about what you are doing. Do you have a sport or hobby that you used to do that you’re dying to get back into in one way or another? Blogging about your favorite passion is the way to do just that!

I’m not just throwing out a bunch of b.s. here either. I started blogging and using affiliate links in my blogs over 2 years ago and now am making money passively. Did it take work? Yes. Was it easy? Not always. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

There are many many people who are making a full time income as bloggers who promote affiliate products and you can easily become one of them. But you have to want to change your life and direction. Seeing that you’re on this page reading this I know you’re wanting to change things. I can help you do that and i believe blogging is the way to do this. No hard manual work, no boss over your shoulder. Just you are your desire to succeed is all it takes. You can do it and I believe you can.

How Do You Start Blogging For Passive Income?

I believe that the best passive income sources opportunities are the ones that slip by you. So many people I talk to have no idea that blogging for an income is a way to earn money. They think it’s a scam or not worth the time. And that’s understandable. It’s easy to get jaded in the online opportunity world but there are good ones out there. You just have to be selective and find them!

Starting to blog for a passive income is relatively easy. You don’t need a big degree or a huge college loan taken out. You need a computer, an internet connection and a platform to work on. WordPress is probably the most popular writing platform and this is the one I use. You also need a good hosting service with good tech support. And you will need the skills to write blogs and promote your work.

How do you do this? Simple. You join the Wealthy Affiliate Training platform and begin by choosing a niche and building a website. Once you do this you go through the training provided, ask questions and keep building out your website until it gains traffic. And once you start getting traffic that’s when the magic happens. You start getting sales and then you’re hooked!

How do I know this training platform works? Because I have been a member for 2 1/2 years! I know it works if you put the effort into it. And it’s not that difficult to do. What do you get with this platform? Eveything you need to start working on your website today. That’s the site builder, the hosting, the tech support, tutorials, links and more.

The cost? As of today the cost is $49.00 per month but that cover everything even the green lock SSL for your website. And the hosting for up to 50 websites. Plus the training and updated weekly videos and tutorials. Plus a member base of some highly qualified affiliate marketers. Live chat for your questions is included too. I priced a comparable hosting and it would of cost me up to $100.00 per month. So, the deal is real. I will admit it’s nice to get free stuff but you get what you pay for in life. The cost for this platform is well worth the $49.00 a month and I know you will agree if you check out the free trial of the Wealthy Affiliate.

Your Choice. Change Your Direction And Change Your Life!

I changed my direction over two years ago and embarked on building this website to help others like me to find a way to earn at home with blogging. I’m glad I did it. It’s not back breaking work and I can do it on my time. Just like you can if you decide to change your direction. Why do I believe you can do this? Because I am by no means the sharpest tool in the shed and I would suspect you probably can outdo me on any college exam. I am a Marine Corps veteran and former electrician. Not exactly a scholar if you get my meaning.

Are you seeing the light here? Think you want to try building a website and make some passive income? You can and I will help you on the inside. Have questions? Leave a comment below!

To Your Success!



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