What Do The Best Online Businesses Start Out As?

What Do The Best Online Businesses Start Out As?1d73a557ad2cdd6ef93be1d78ed3277e1535934479 cropped optimized - What Do The Best Online Businesses Start Out As?

I was looking at online opportunities for people who stay at home and had to ask myself “What do the best online businesses start out as?” I know this sounds a bit strange but I see so many want to start an online business but don’t really know what kind of business they should start.

Is it digital marketing, wholesale selling or doing something like selling on Ebay? I thought about that and decided that what I considered the best online businesses start out as had to be affiliate marketing. 

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Mainly because affiliate marketing or digital marketing as I call it is in full demand and has been for years. The reason people don’t really look much into it is because they are too busy working for the man in their daily lives and just don’t believe that it works.

In fact many people especially those who have been in the workplace consider anything that spells opportunity online just has to have a catch or is some kind of scheme or scam.

But then why are there people working as affiliate marketers becoming successful? It’s because they stick it out when others quit. And personally I started with affiliate marketing just about three years ago when I knew very little about what it was.

I heard that it was a way of selling products online but didn’t really understand exactly how people did it.

The Best Online Business Is The One You Don’t Give Up On. 2b0f5795cf51e5c365ba7584038423041535934623 cropped optimized - What Do The Best Online Businesses Start Out As?

This has to be the simplest advice I can give anyone looking to start an online business. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling guitars through a wholesaler and writing blogs and referring clients with links or if you are doing what I do and promote a platform to learn affiliate marketing. The concept is all the same. Stick something out and you will succeed eventually.

And yes you will fail like I did! 

I won’t say it’s been a cakewalk for me these last three years working as an affiliate marketer. It’s been difficult at times to keep on writing blogs and seeing little results from my efforts. But, I believed in what I was doing and really believed I could help others achieve their goals as affiliate marketers by learning the industry.

And the most important thing was I did not quit when the times got tough. I knew deep down that digital marketing was the way to earning online in these modern times.

And that is why digital marketing is the way best online businesses start out as.

It’s the wave of the future.

Pick Your Own Path To Success Through Affiliate Marketing

I say this because it today’s digital economy anyone and I mean anyone can start an online business with affiliate marketing. There are so many companies that have options for people to sign up for free and promote their products through personal websites.

And the websites you pick can be about anything you want. You can build a website about baking or child care or even bunjee jumping. The sky really is the limit. You build the website, write blogs pertaining to your niche and then add affiliate links and hit publish.

It’s that easy. 

You’re probably wondering how to start this and what it’s going to cost you right? I did too three years ago. I had nothing but my laptop and a desire to work from home. I was frustrated with the work scene having been a US Marine and then back in the Navy Reserves only to end up picking up trash on construction sites.

And then finally enrolling in a four year electrical school and working in the field during that time and when I graduated as a journeyman electrician I found I was no longer in demand. My payscale was too high and nobody wanted to pay that.

I only got the work because the school farmed me out to contractors who guaranteed the hours at a set pay scale. When I graduated the school no longer was there to help me get jobs and quite frankly jobs for journeyman were feast or famine.

Needless to say that’s why I really wanted to learn this affiliate marketing. The cost? It cost me $49.00 a month after my first full month of trying the platform out. And the platform had the free hosting, the site builder, the keyword tool. SEO and SSL Cert. Everything I needed to get my website live online. It took less than an hour to have my website up.

Where Will You Be In A Year’s Time?a08bc3c412f97ebccc9d8335010b44051535934678 cropped 1535934761 optimized - What Do The Best Online Businesses Start Out As?

I asked myself that three years ago. Where will I be in a year when I first started this website. I was stubborn and wanted to really learn affiliate marketing so I joined the platform Wealthy Affiliate. This program and their great owners Kyle and Carson help pave the way for me to build my own income producing website and their program offered me tools like free hosting, a domain registration, a state of the art web builder, a leading keyword research tool and 24/7 tech support.

They also had a member base of close to a million people with a live help chat feature that connected me with very knowlegable affiliate marketers. For $49.00 I just couldn’t go wrong. The hosting alone was worth the cost.

Where will you be in a year’s time? Still working that same nine to five or still struggling on public assistance? I know for a fact there are millions of people in the United States that are out of work. In fact about half of the U.S. population is not in the work force.

With affiliate marketing and learning through Wealthy Affiliate the industry ins and outs you could be on your way to building your own online affiliate marketing empire.

But without that push to change direction you may end up in the same boat I was for nearly 30 years. Working for someone else. Think about it though. Don’t you want to be your own boss?

Tired of people telling you where to be and where to go?

Do you want more time to yourself and time with your family?

You can if you change your thinking and start believing in the postive things you say to yourself. I started three years ago as an affiliate marketer. Now it’s all I do and when I want to, not when someone else tells me to. You can do it too but it takes a change of heart and a desire to succeed. Wealthy Affiliate helped me achieve my goals by giving me the tools to learn a new skill. And now that skill has given me a new outlook on life. It can do the same for you.

Here’s To Your Success!




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  1. Hello Dave, your article was very informative. It’s been quite a journey for you. I’m just embarking on mine, and I have the same motivations that I just read about in your article. It’s good to see it in writing sometimes. It gives validity to my thoughts.

    Regards Court.

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