What Is A Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership About?

What Is A Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership About?b2ad9d0453a4490aafdedee3f977bed4 cropped 1540742140 optimized - What Is A Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership About?

Wondering what a free Wealthy Affiliate Membership is about? Pretty simple really. I started with the platform in January 2016 and at first didn’t know what I was doing or where to start. It’s a newbie thing and I’m pretty sure anyone who joins is clueless at first.

I didn’t even know what affiliate marketing was either but I trudged through the free membership training the first week I signed up with them. And I figured I would just stay a free member and get what I could get out of it. I figured it couldn’t hurt.

The free membership when I joined basically gave me the first ten lessons, two free websites that used WordPress and then I got access to all of the paid training, support, keyword tool. Everything I didn’t understand really I got for free.

But, at the end of the first week I had a solid idea of how the whole thing worked. Build a website, learn some of the techniques on saving pictures, adding links and publishing. Bare bones affiliate marketing stuff. It was free so I was cool with that.

The thing I didn’t like was it seemed like I was being set up to upgrade to the Premium membership. I really didn’t know how to take that but I looked at the pros and cons of the Wealthy Affiliate.

Here is what I came up with.

Pros Of Wealthy Affiliate

  1.  Easy to join and the training is easy to understand. I think anyone with an eight grade education could pick it up quick.
  2. Free hosting for Free and Premium memberships. It’s shared hosting but to date in four years it’s only lagged two times.
  3. Videos weekly about anything pertaining to affiliate marketing. The training guy Jay is easy to understand and knows what he’s talking about. He also seems to give a dam#.
  4. Free domain for newbie free members. It’s a siterubix.com ext. but at least it’s a .com. lol
  5. Help with figuring out a niche. I also like the hot seat review of your website even though I have never been picked.
  6. Good site builder platform that keeps track of word count, spell checks and easy to add pictures straight from the builder
  7. The Premium membership cost $49.00 a month which if you figure the cost of a site builder, hosting and domain, the membership is worth it compared to other more expensive platforms.
  8. Tech support is great. If your site is having problems or you need anything technical they are on it asap. I get an answer in minutes. No lousy music while on hold.

Cons Of Wealthy Affiliate

  1.  I do not like the chat help very much. There’s just too many newbies on the platform giving information that isn’t correct.
  2. I don’t like the blog feature too much either. If you want to learn about what people ate for breakfast, how big their dog is or how much they love the platform, then have at it and join the party. It doesn’t do much for me.
  3. Some of the training looks outdated and hasn’t been updated in a few years. However, the info is still relevant for the most part since not a whole lot seems to have changed with basic affiliate marketing.
  4. The whole Facebook attitude on both the W.A. blogs and chat feature to me is kind of annoying. I love reading success stories and looking at income proof but what you did on your trip to Alaska? Please.
  5. I think there should be more help for newbies other than the ol’ Keep your head up or Stay Positive! That gets old real fast when you need real help in figuring stuff out.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Joining?f75591a107108631245da259140e2632 cropped 1540742108 optimized - What Is A Free Wealthy Affiliate Membership About?

Here’s where I have to be brutally honest. I am semi retired having worked as an electrician and US Marine. I paid my dues way before Wealthy Affiliate with sweat and tears in trenches installing conduit and devices. I can chill a bit now and can afford the $49.00 a month. But, everyone’s situation is different.

I would not join if spending $49.00 a month will be chipping away at your bills or food for you and your family. I also wouldn’t join if you are just thinking, let’s see how this goes. You have to be committed to building your website business kind of how I write these blogs you are reading.

You also need to see where you are in life. Are you working now or going to college? If you are now might not be the right time to join.

Wealthy Affiliate in my eyes is for those who have some experience in life and decision making and don’t live too impulsively. You need to stay focused and keep writing content, promoting your work and stay the course to be a successful affiliate marketer. Put it this way, I have seen way more people quit than stay the course.

But, then it’s up to you. What kind of person are you. If you’re like me and stubborn but like to work alone then you can very well become successful at the business. If you like to just sit and wait for something to happen then, no you should look elsewhere.

Either way, there are many people making full time incomes at home using the Wealthy Affiliate platform to build their affiliate marketing business. I did it and you can too. You just have to make the move and keep at it. The rest will fall in place.


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