What Is Content Writing For Passive Income? Is It A Scam?

What Is Content Writing For Income? 1507b9f4b94e3f1841a6916641809ab81543264364 cropped 1543264450 - What Is Content Writing For Passive Income? Is It A Scam?

If you haven’t looked into what content writing for an income is, you may be missing out. In fact content writing has become increasingly popular over the past few years and I know you want to know why that is right? Digital marketing. It’s the wave of the future for people looking to earn an income at home, in their spare time, in their pajamas without having to get in the car and go to a job. 

Sounds awesome doesn’t it?

Well, it is but only if you commit yourself long term. Why do I say this? Because many people would give their left (you know who or what) to be able to work at home without going out into the frigid world but are too hesitant to do it because they don’t know how to make money online.

I was the same way. I worked in the blue collar sector as an electrician, a US Marine and a slew of other go nowhere jobs. Don’t get me wrong, hard work is great, if your body can keep doing it. But what happens when you’re all out of steam and living on a small pension or disability? What about if you are homebound due to a disability? You still need to earn an income right?

That’s where I found myself a few years ago. Out of work and 50 years old. Retired as they say I guess. I had put in 30 years of faithful service to be told to go home, rest and take it easy. So, I did. And it drove me crazy. I started my own little blogging business writing for companies that needed bloggers to write their affiliate marketing articles so I did that for a few years. Then it dawned on me. I could do what they were doing and started out as an affiliate marketer writing my own blogs and promoting a popular service for bloggers. And that is when I realized that content writing for an income was a great way to become a success online. I learned you can earn passive income creating content online. And it’s pretty easy!

Sick Of Punching The Clock?55b089948647e279e6b74fa33840042e1543264539 cropped - What Is Content Writing For Passive Income? Is It A Scam?

I know, I was too. But what if I told you if you started your own business you could quite possibly quit that day job in a few months to a year? It’s very possible and all you have to do is learn the ropes on how to become an affiliate marketer. Build a website, promote products in any niche and make money doing it. Many people are doing it and it’s that little secret that you don’t hear about. Entrepreneurs making money off commissions online by promoting their own products of someone else’s.

What do you need to do this?

Not a whole lot. A computer and the ability to write a few articles a week and insert some links or banners. Of course you will be building your own website so you do want to put some work into it. You need to have a site people will want to check out. But that’s about it. You just have to have some drive.

Think of where you might be in a year if you keep at the job your are at. Working the checkout? Cooking burgers? Or maybe you’re retired or disabled and you just need a break. If you start today in a year’s time you could easily be your own boss with an awesome education in affiliate marketing.

If you’re sick of puching the clock click HERE to read how you can get started learning affiliate marketing today.

Success Is Failing A Thousand Times5eb38b342cecdb64275bdf46a78dd4311543264620 cropped - What Is Content Writing For Passive Income? Is It A Scam?

Maybe you have heard the expression. It’s true. Many well known people have only succeeding by failing over and over again. It’s all trial and error. Years ago I completed an electrical apprenticeship. It took me four years and I was always worried I would fail. I didn’t and went on to work as an electrician for many years. The same applies with affiliate marketing. Don’t quit, learn all you can and eventually it will click and you will find that life gets much easier.

You don’t have to learn everything at once.

One thing about learnign affiliate marketing is you don’t have to learn everything at once. You can take your time, absorb what you learn and apply to your website and marketing routines. It’s easy once you get the hang of it.

What did I learn on?

I learned affiliate marketing on Weathy Affiliate. It took about a month to start figuring it all out but when I did it was game on. This website you are checking out is three years old and yes, I do make money on it through commissions. It’s not a get rich scheme but an honest way to earn a living for anyone at any age.

You just have to want to change your life.

And that’s all it takes. The desire to change your life and to earn some passive income at home. How excited would you be to wake up and see a notification of a payment through an affiliate website? Pretty excited right? It can happen but you have to think long and hard on where you see yourself in a year’s time. You want more time right? I work about an hour a day on my site. You want more money right? I make enough now where as I don’t stress out like I used to.

I know you must be tired of working for others too. I know I was. It wasn’t so much the work but the lack of it and the chasing down my paycheck. That was the hard part. It seemed working for someone else always left me with those feelings of “Now what?”

I don’t get that anymore. In fact now I call the shots on my own life. I take lunch when I choose. I can even take a small siesta if I want. And I can work on my website when I want. Nobody is over my shoulder anymore.

Time To Stop Procrastinating?

I know what it’s like to say maybe next week, or when I get my check or when this happens, bla bla bla. But what about taking a chance and start learning affiliate marketing for free? You can do it for free today. You can start right now. All you have to do is CLICK HERE for a full years access to Wealthy Affiliate’s University. And this is the Black Friday discount that’s going on right now today. You get over $50.00 off the regular price and pay only $299.00 for a full year of training, site builder, site support and free hosting and domain assignment. You also get free SSL certificate’s and a free $99.00 keyword tool. If you want to build a website from scatch you will pay much more on other platforms. Here it is all included. Everything you need to build a successful website and the training. It can’t be beat!

You can also opt for the monthly membership at $49.00 per month, cancel anytime with no questions asked. But I guarantee you if you want to start your own business with little money this is the way to do it. It doesn’t have to take all of your time either. Just an hour a day is all I work on my website and the rest of the time is mine.

Take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate review I wrote and you will see what I am talking about. It’s easy to sign up for FREE and look around and won’t cost you anything up front. No credit card upfront or anything.

Are you ready to change your life and become an affiliate marketing success story? I know you are. And I’ll be inside to help you out. Get ready, set, sign up for free HERE right now!


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