What Is Fresh Chat And What Can It Do For Marketers?

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Fresh Chat

What is Fresh Chat? I had the opportunity to join this platform and took a spin on it to see what it was all about. Basically Fresh Chat looks like a turbo boosted Facebook Messenger with a whole bunch more bells and whistles. You can use this as a funnel for all of your leads with push messages and targeted emails.

So, you have probably run into something like this platform which uses automated messaging to engage in future potential customers. Do I use something like Fresh Chat? Not really, in fact I think it’s a bit too turbo messaging for me. That’s not to say it isn’t for you.

Fresh Chat

From what I see by using the demo model and looking around Fresh Chat is designed to turn your readers (visitors) into real buyers of whatever you are offering customers. I do think this app can totally save you tons of time and money if you are spending a lot of time on social media.

And the reason I say this is because while social media is important, so is creating quality content. You can’t be creating awesome blogs if you’re on social media 24/7 so while I think the app is a bit much for me personally, if you are spending way too much time promoting on your typical social media ,maybe consider stepping up the game to creating quality articles that can actually help your readers. Because that’s what they are there for. Sure, making that sale is great but I really don’t think it happens solely from blasting out social media posts.

I like the organic thinking. By creating a great post, and I mean really good, you can get organic traffic in days, not months.

But, back to Fresh Chat and the review of this app. What else does it offer? The app can help you go above that 5% conversion rate simply by interacting via AI with your readers. Like I said before, this app is probably something you have encountered before while browsing a website. You know the window that comes up and an agent is typing? Yes, that one. Anyway, Fresh Chat is a little more personal and well, charming for an AI bot. Which saves you the time when corresponding with potential clients. Fresh Chat does it for you. Just take a look at the chat box in the screenshot below. That’s how Fresh Chat works when interacting.

Click here to start a free account with Fresh Chat.

Targeted Emails Made Easy With Fresh Chat

Ok, so the whole chat box is great. Not that I haven’t seen it before but nevertheless, I think it’s pretty cool even for an AI bot. But Fresh Chat does something else besides provide customer service while you’re away. It also has the ability to send out targeted emails to your email subscribers. You can also figure out where you’re customers are going on your website and help them with triggered messages that are not to annoy but to help. And these messages are triggered by customers actions. Not bad for some AI stuff.

By now, you probably get what Fresh Chat is all about. I didn’t really have to write a book here to get out the message to you. Now, on to the price of this app.

What I like about Fresh Start is yes, you can start out for free and it won’t cost you a dime. Naturally, this is just a teaser of the app but it does give you some pretty cool options to get yourself going. I’m definitely not dissing this app because whether you’re a small or large company, this app has something for you that can potentially free up time and help you make a ton of leads and sales with little effort on your part. In fact once you set it up, you probably can just have it on autopilot.

Hopefully, this gives you an idea of what Fresh Chat is and how it can help turn visitors into leads. It’s A.I. and it’s how businesses get things done. And that’s why it’s something that people do to work smarter, not harder. Remember that because working harder doesn’t always equate to success. And smart in this case is letting someone or something A.I. bots to do the job for you.

Click here to start a free account with Fresh Chat.

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