What Is Freshcaller And Can It Help My Business?

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What is Freshcaller? This is an app offered by Partner Stack which is basically a all in one call center with A.I. technology that can be used on your computer or yes, your phone. With Freshcaller you can do all kinds of different cool things with your phone service. You can go mobile to mobile, setup custom greetings and receive calls on Sip service.

What I like about Freshcaller is you can automate your calls and direct them to the right agent. And of course you can use the A.I. chat feature that answers important customer questions. Freshcaller is a like a regular phone center on steroids to be honest. It’s got virtually all of the features a secretary does except bring you coffee. And that, who knows may not be long in the making.

Something else that’s cool about FreshCaller is you can buy your own virtual phone number at $1.00 a month. You also get inbound caller id, call conferencing as well as stats of your customer call history.

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Freshcaller is Your Own Personal Remote Teleservice App

Basically, Freshcaller is everything you could ever wish for in a phone service app. To use it you simply download it to your phone or computer and it’s ready when you are. From here you can connect with Freshcaller’s integrated CRM and help desk allowing you to do other things. In fact, you can set this app up and go. The app does everything that you need in a phone service without you even being there. Automate messages, answer questions and forward calls. It’s all included.

Obviously, the tools offered with Freshcaller are a must for small business owners looking to make life a little easier. Heck you could even use this with annoying telemarketers. The features of this app seem endless.

Now, what about pricing/ Freshcaller has some reasonable pricing for this app. You can sign up for free which I recommend and upgrade as you see the need. That’s something I like about all of the Fresh apps, they allow you to check it out before upgrading and most have a free subscription that you can upgrade or cancel at anytime. No hassle and that works for me.

Do I recommend Freshcaller? Sure, why not. I don’t see anything not to like about the product. It has all the features you need to run an automated A.I. teleservice at a price that’s free and subscriptions that are affordable.

Try FreshCaller For Free

Right now you can try FreshCaller for free with no strings attached. Who is this app going to benefit more? Probably anyone who is running a small business and wants to focus on other things than answering phone calls. Would I as an affiliate marketer use it? Absolutely because if your business is getting sales, by automating your phone calls, you may reach more people than if you were just going solo. It’s tough multitasking and Freshcaller takes that aspect of business out of your hands. And that can save you money and help boost your business.

Give Freshcaller a try and see if it can’t help make your small business run a little smoother. Sure, it won’t bring you a bagel and coffee but it will free up time so you can get some. This app is a little gem that’s worth trying out.

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