What Is Landbot And How Can It Help My Business?

Landbot is a unique product designed to take a ton of work off your hands and go and do what you want. In today’s stay at home and weird times we are living in, many people are taking advantage of the time to go and rediscover their priorities. And if you are one of the people affected by job loss or lack of any substantial work, chances are you are homebound or going out on your own road. That means, the last thing you need to do is sit by the phone when, well nothing’s going on.

If you are an affiliate marketer software like Landbot is perfect for answering questions and providing website support. I’m sure you have seen products like this but the reason I wanted to put this write up out there is because the product is free for now. You can sign up for free and get this thing set up on your website.


So, how does Landbot work? Basically, it works like a smart bot and does stuff like answer questions, ask for phone numbers or addresses and creates action buttons. It’s simple design makes using this feature easy and stress free. All you have to do is set it up and you’re good to go.

For affiliate marketers this is perfect because most websites are pretty much self explanatory and you don’t even need to do anything once you have written your posts and added links. Affiliate marketing is pretty much an autopilot thing so adding a smart bot like Landbot makes sense. Why? Because it’s the perfect lead capture tool for when you need some help. And leads while being the key to success in the industry and difficult to get.

Landbot can engage your potential leads without you having to be there. Even if you have a tool like message chat popups for your website, you can still miss opportunities. With Landbot you won’t miss anything.

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Simplicity And Ease Of Use Makes Landbot A Must Have

What I like about this software is how amazingly easy it is to get started and set up. The graphics are friendly enough, a bit cartoonish but that’s where things seem to have been going for a while with GIF’s and emoji’s so that’s ok I guess.

I signed up for the trial version which works well for me because I may keep the product as a free member if it fits my needs. As you can see from above, the pricing is pretty reasonable for something like this. You have some pretty good tools that come along with the software. I especially like the different design templates they offer.

Something else that’s cool with this program is they have analytics and metrics for your chat or message history. This let’s you know who has been checking out your website and what they have been asking. And if you’re generating leads, you will know.

What do I dislike about Landbot? As of right now, it seems to be a pretty good software to give a spin of the free trial. You don’t have to put any money up front or credit card info. If you try it and don’t like it, just cancel at the end of two weeks. I will try and put up another review on this product after a couple of weeks. We shall see what happens and if it works in lead generation.

Connect All Of Your Social Websites With Landbot

Here is what I like about Landbot best. You can connect all of your social websites with the software. Some of the connects require an upgrade to the Premium version but nevertheless, it’s got some that you can connect with your free membership.

Landbot Social Connect

Ok, this is just a brief rundown of the platform Landbot, a pretty cool chat bot tool you can get for free. This will work with any business really and I don’t see the harm in trying it out for kicks. And if you are using Landbot with affiliate marketing, feel free to check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate if you are interested in starting a new online business for free.

13 thoughts on “What Is Landbot And How Can It Help My Business?”

  1. Thank you for sharing and your review is well-explained. You have given the reasons why you are recommending it to affiliate marketers, and all the benefits one can gain by using the tool. Advising people to start with the free plan is another good thing about your review, because this will allow them to take the final decision. That’s honesty and sincerity. 

    I think I will give this tool a try and see how it works, Thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Hello there, I am always looking for means to better my business, and I have never seen anything like landbot which something I really have to fancy going by what it does and I woulddd love to have one running for my business if you ask me. Thanks for being nice and sharing it 

  3. Hello Dave, I feel really happy with how you’ve brought to our notice this very helpful means at which affiliate marketing and online business can be much easier and no one would ever want to keep stressing over anything when there is an easier means. I am pleased to be here and I’ll like it try it out on my business.

    1. Thanks for the comment Justin. Sign up for free, it can’t hurt and you will probably learn a lot on how you can use online tools to help your business. Best of everything to you.

  4. Hi there, I really enjoyed reading and learning a lot from your article ‘What Is Landbot And How Can It Help My Business’. I appreciate you taking the time to explain and go into details about Landbot and really make it easy to understand all it is about. I agree with you that it is the perfect affiliate marketer platform and I think I will check it out. 

  5. Bots are taking over and it is a good thing to really blend well wuth their incorporation into our world.  Well, I would say that all you have shared here about this landbox is making a lot of sense too. Thank you so much and I found your articles are very much rich and worthy of a Read

  6. It’s very good as a business owner to always take our time to find new products that’ll be of great assistance to the success of your business, products like Landbot are very good for helping you take your works and do them. I like the fact that it is very easy to use and it is very accessible.

  7. Dear Dave,

    Thanks for a really well written article on Landbot which I have never heard of. Have you tried SumoMe Plugin on your WordPress website?

    Its nice to see that Landbot is Free to use as well as that there is an Affiliate Program also.

    I feel as though you can help me use Landbot if I sign up under you Dave. Hope you don’t mind.

    Its great to know that Landbot helps take a ton of work off your hands in that pretty much anything is automated in terms of getting conversions, visitors, and more traffic interaction within one’s website.

    Wishing you all the best with your online success above and beyond the horizon,


  8. I had not heard about landbots until I read your article.  I still don’t completely understand what the landbot does, but your description in the article was enough for me to know that I want to learn more.  I am going to check out the free trial and see how it works for me.  I found your article a good tease to look into this further.

  9. Hello there!

    That is a very nice review you have there. The product is a very nice one although I’m just hearing about Landbot but the product appears to be a unique one. It will really be helpful for someone like me who usually needs some sort of website supports sometimes. And the fact that the product is now free will make it easy to get.


  10. Hello there – I had no idea what Landbot was untill I read this article. I have come across other similar bots as a user but implemented anything like this yet. It being free really helps too. It sounds too good to be true, which I am sure its really good, but I will be test driving this. 

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