What Is Lingo Buster?

What is Lingo Buster? I took a look at this program software and to be honest it looked a bit interesting. It’s a software that works with the idea that your Utube videos will be able to be viewed in different languages. Since only 25 % of the internet traffic comes from countries outside the United States, Lingo Buster allows you to gain traffic from all those countries that don’t have English speaking folks.

Do I think this will work? If the software says what it does then yes, I think it would be a valuable asset to your affiliate marketing business. So, the way it works is let’s say you have a video in English. You want to target the 75% of searches made by others who come to your video. When they view the video, the software has the option to give you text on the screen in any language they choose. Pretty ingenious I have to admit.

When you upload the video, you can select the languages you choose to have your video viewed in. I think it’s pretty cool and while I haven’t tried it yet, I may just go for it.

The introduction to Lingo Buster is a bit wordy but that’s ok. They touted the program as being worth up to $1000.00 but for now it’s priced at $37.00. That sounds ok to me but being wary I also like to really check out any new programs that come about.

The reason I like Lingo Buster is that if it does what it says it does, this opens up a huge untapped marketplace that gets missed if you’re just using English speaking videos. That’s a whopping 75% of the global traffic that could literally catapult your sales!

I have been in the affiliate marketing business for about five years now, made a few videos but always in English. Lingo Buster could do wonders for my business if I start making videos.

Who is this software going to work best for? People in sales, straight up. It’s got some potential and at the one time price of $37.00 I don’t think it will break the bank for most people.

But to benefit from Lingo Buster, you actually have to use it. I would love to see how it works. Let’s say you have a product you’re selling. You have been targeting English speaking people and now are posting videos that people can still understand in a non English speaking language. They can comment and ask questions and you have a potential client or just add your affiliate product link in the video description and poof, you just tapped into a huge market.

With over 2 billion searches online a day, online sales are rising. Affiliate marketing is going through the roof with people staying at home and ordering online. Huge online sale growth is going on. If you’re going to make it successful and not burn out, using a tool like Lingo Buster will make life a lot easier.

I am not in anyway affiliated with Lingo Buster nor do I get paid to write this review. With that said, if I thought it had zero potential I would let you know. But blogging is a big business as is video content so you want to get in front of as many people as possible. I think Lingo Buster may just be the software to do that if you’re making videos.

Finally, if you have tried this software could you do me a favor and leave a comment below about your experience with the product? It will help readers to decide if it’s worth checking out.

And if you’re looking to bust into affiliate marketing yourself, give me a shout below in the comment section. Or just go to my Wealthy Affiliate review page above in the menu section.

Best. Dave

9 thoughts on “What Is Lingo Buster?”

  1. Hi, awesome review about very interesting products. Now I would like to ask you when you use Lingo Buster, do you record videos in English and they get translated in other languages or they are subtitled? I am not sure I quite understood this part. I see it gets ranked in different languages but not sure how? 

    Have you been using it?  


  2. I can see the value for using Lingo Buster for someone wanting to reach are larger audience.   It is remarkable that the software as the ability to perform as it does.   

    It does seem to be a put off when a lot of these website and gurus try to show massive value inflating their value and selling it for a few bucks, just to turn around and offer a ton of worthless up sells. It would be nice if they offered some sort of trail.

    If it really does work correctly, then they should be able to charge $59 and I see too many useless products at the $37 price point.

  3. Lingo Buster sounds like a fantastic marketing tool for anyone who wants to market to speakers of another. language. As a strictly English speaking individual with a Chinese wife and having spent 13 years in China, I have a large number of friends and acquaintances who only understand Chinese. I will be testing Lingo Buster as soon as I have produced some English videos. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. You wrote about a program where you can make videos and have Lingo Buster send it out to places where they don’t speak English.  I’d like to know more about this program, so I can understand exactly how it works.  It does sound intriguing though.  However, I’m not doing videos right now, just writing posts, so I probably won’t be using this service.  Good job here though, I would recommend it. 

  5. What a great idea, I never thought about how beneficial this would be for affiliate marketing I need to look into this as I am starting publishing videos soon. It could mean tapping into a market that so many people are missing out on, without having to repeat work again and again. More people you have visiting your online real estate the more sales you will ultimately make. Win-Win to me.

  6. Lingo Buster is an interesting concept and I can see how it can reach bigger audiences outside the United States. Of course there are quite a few other english speaking countries out there or where english is there strong second language like Malta so I can imagine this would increase the reach figure.

    If I am totally honest, I was not clear what I would actually see, or hear. I guess this is a text service, data or subtitling service? I suppose I was not totally clear what the difference would be so maybe some FAQ might help thick people like me?

    I can see in essence that the product works well.I just need some help to really understand it. Having said that I can see it would be a good product to refer people onto. Thanks for sharing. 

  7. Another big scam for the record here again. Unfortunately, many people out there still fall for schemes like this which in my opinion is very sad. You have exposed this one which means many people will not lose their money to this anymore but what you have written in this place is a good light for a good review Thanks

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