What Is PartnerStack And Why Marketers Need This

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You’re wondering what Partnerstack is right? I had the opportunity to come across this tool a few weeks ago and was pretty amazed at what I saw. So, what is it? Basically, this is a program that works with a good amount of apps online to be used in marketing. It’s the perfect tool for affiliate marketers looking to promote their products.

What kind of apps does Partnerstack have to offer? One of the more popular apps is Crowdfire, which works great for social share platforms like Twitter. Since Crowdfire is a social share platform, basically you just sign up and then get an affiliate link. Once you sign up you can promote the app or use the app yourself and use curated articles with you share to spice up the tweet. No longer do you have to create high quality content because it’s already included in the app. Not bad.

So, basically Crowdfire is used to promote what you are promoting. You can also schedule your post and as seen below, check out your stats.

In my opinion, Crowdfire is a must for affiliate marketers but only one of the many apps designed to drive traffic to your website through Partnerstack.

Below on the left is all of the apps I have added on Partnerstack that were available to join. There are many more apps available as well and for anyone who signs up, YOU earn a commission! Take for instance Crowdfire pays 35% commission on all sales and the basic plan is $10.00. Take a look below at the pricing schedule and keep in mind if all you want to do is promote Crowdfire, you can do that too and sign up for free and still earn.

Ok, so that’s a basic rundown on Crowdfire. What’s awesome about this app is the scheduling of your posts which you can do easily by choosing the best time and the app with post whether it’s day time or when you’re sleeping. You can get your posts done while you’re not even there!

And what’s even better is many of the social share apps on Partnerstack work well with your social websites allowing you time to do what you have to do, or want to do. You don’t even have to do anything but set the schedule up and you’re done.

As you can see above left on the sidebar there are a number of apps. I have Crowdfire on top and then the others below. Let’s look at what FreshChat does. This app works pretty awesome I have to admit. Look below and you will see an affiliate link. That is the link that goes directly to the Fresh App website where your readers can check it out. I personally recommend signing up for free for their 14 day trial so you can see how this app works.

As you can see above, all you have to do is direct your readers to the signup page and that’s it. If you make a sale you earn a commission. And that’s the way all of Partnerstack apps work. For you, I recommend signing up for the free trial and if it’s something you could use in your affiliate marketing business or any business, sign up for a paid membership. These apps can take a load of time and effort off you. I highly recommend Freshchat because it’s A.I. communication technology which is really what’s in demand these days, especially with the social distancing.

Ok, so those are just two of the apps out of probably hundreds that you can sign up with, use or promote or both. I think they are all great especially for hands off marketing. I have a feeling these apps are going to become extremely popular as time goes by.

Hopefully, this post gives you an idea of how Partnerstack.com works. It’s a simple website but has so many available app products to use and or promote. I honestly haven’t found one platform that has so many quality apps in one place and gives you an opportunity to promote them. Consider the platform just another great tool for your affiliate marketing website.

To check out more of my social share apps, go here and thanks for stopping by!

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