What Is The Best Hosting For Affiliate Marketing?

What Is The Best Hosting For Affiliate Marketing? aaf15508b7837fc6fb88f778e207f8fd1583617144 cropped optimized - What Is The Best Hosting For Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing takes some online tools that help to make a website a success. And hosting for your website is one of them. Having a good shared hosting service at an affordable price is paramount to your success in the industry. Why is that? Because your downtime can spell failure for you business if you are down too often. This will not only drive away potential sales but will kill your traffic. 

What can you do to curb this? Simple, just get some good hosting. I know it sounds simple and yes, there are a ton of choices out there that claim to be the best hosting for affiliate marketing but not all are the same. Some are better than others regardless of how much you pay. 

What’s better, dedicated or shared hosting? If you are running let’s say ten websites then I would say consider a dedicated hosting service which will cost you much more than shared hosting. But, if you’re like the majority of affiliate marketers I would say go with shared hosting. It’s much cheaper and while you are sharing with others on the service, more focus is put on keeping that service up and running. 

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If you have been looking for free hosting I found a website that offers this but it’s an affiliate marketing website. Wealthy Affiliate. And this platform is one of the best for creating content as well as building a successful affiliate marketing business for cheap. The hosting and domain for free memberships is free which if you’re into building an affiliate marketing website, this is the way to go, Seriously. I have been a member for four plus years now and it’s done me pretty good. 

You sign up for free and then use their free hosting and domain services. You can sign up for their Premium membership but that is for those who are serious about creating an affiliate marketing business. You can also just stay as a free member, use the content creator and free domain and hosting and go that route. I signed up for the Premium membership at $49.00 a month because it offered everything I needed to get working on a website and learn all their is to learn from their training videos and modules. It is the cheapest I found in the business and had the best reputation having been online since 2005. Not bad for this industry. If you want free hosting, Wealthy Affiliate has it. 

Benefits Of Free Hostingc68e724e5ef5609e6edd878dce8db4ff1582477862 cropped 1583617287 optimized - What Is The Best Hosting For Affiliate Marketing?

Free hosting is a shared hosting. While you can pay for hosting through other platforms I found that the upgrades are a little too much. Normally, domains will cost around 13.00 per year which is relatively cheap so it’s up to you to go that route especially if you’re looking for a .com. Wealthy Affiliate’s free domain is not a ,com and is a siterubix.com extension which some people might think is not going to fair well as far as traffic and trust. But, there are people who use the siterubix.com extension and have successful websites so I don’t think it matters as much as some people think. 

Buying or finding free hosting shouldn’t be difficult. The key is you have to know where to look. Wealthy Affiliate has been in business helping entreprenuers like you find the best hosting for affiliate marketing for 15 years and they can help you too. If you’re looking to build an affiliate marketing website, Wealthy Affiliate can make that happen as well by offering a site builder, keyword research tool, tech support and more just by signing up for a free membership. 

There are two choices of memberships within Wealthy Affiliate, the free and paid. Paid memberships are $49.00 per month and come with everything you need to get started. The free membership has all of the Premium tools for you to use for a week and then you go to the free membership which gives you limited access but you still get the free websites, free domain and hosting. I recommend the free membership if you are just starting out simply so you can get an understanding of how the platform works. If, later you decide to upgrade that’s great and you will get all of the training and videos, live chat plus the site builder, domain and hosting as well as the tech support. 

Wealthy Affiliate is a learning and site building platform which uses WordPress. You will not be making money just for joining. You make money by creating your own niche website and promoting that site through blogs and or advertising. 

However you decide to get your hosting, Wealthy Affiliate has you covered with both the free and paid memberships 

Look HERE for a review on the platform. 

And if you have questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. 

To your success. 

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