What Is The Social Pilot Sharing App?

If you have looked at any of the posts on this website, you know it’s about affiliate marketing and how to get started in the industry. I know that the business is booming now and one of the questions often asked is how do I get traffic once the website is made?

The best traffic in my opinion has to be organic which comes from writing a lot of content and using keywords. While Google now looks for the quality of the content versus just keywords this opens up opportunities for those who know how to write effectively. However, the problem with organic traffic is it can be very slow. It takes a while to see results.

This is why as much as some hate posting stuff online for the masses to see, it makes sense. I’m not talking about big media blast. I’m saying use social media to your advantage. I also recommend using social share websites that aren’t crawling with people who are just there to post what they ate for dinner.

Social Pilot is the perfect social sharing app for anyone who is in the affiliate marketing industry.

What is Social Pilot? It’s a sharing app that focuses on marketing. It’s designed for marketers and basically has everything you need to hit your marketing goals with analytics, social media sharing, FB ads and more. It does the stuff you either don’t have time to do or just would rather not do. It also has some free e-books available right now to learn more on marketing your website.

Social Pilot has plans available for small to large business so it doesn’t matter if you’re a solo entrepreneur, the platform has a plan that’s affordable and can really help boost your social media campaigns. While it’s great to keep writing content for your website, it’s equally as important to get your website seen. And a lack of traffic is the primary reason why affiliate marketing websites fail. Take advantage of what’s available.

The reason I like Social Pilot is that’s it’s not a run of the mill social platform. This is a platform that runs your social campaigns for you and gives you the info you need to make changes and let’s you know what’s working and what needs some attention. For the price it can’t be beat especially if you’re serious about working in the affiliate marketing industry.

Social Pilot also comes with a 14 day free trial so be sure to check it out here and see if it doesn’t help with traffic to your website. I would still use other social sharing websites like Twitter and even Facebook if that’s what you are using but I think with Social Pilot all that is already covered for you.

Stay The Course With Your Efforts

I know it’s easy to get frustrated and think nothing is working. And aside from working on your website, dealing with home life and everything else, the last thing you may have time for is to work on a website. But, considering the economy right now and the opportunity in affiliate marketing with people staying home, now is the best time for you.

If you’re like me, you don’t want to spend all day posting, checking random emails and blasting out campaigns. Let Social Pilot do it for you. You may be surprised.

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  1. I have never heard of Social Pilot before. I like the idea that you can manage all your social media accounts in one place. Sort of an all-in-one platform for your social media needs. This is something I would be interested in. Sounds like an awesome time saver.                         

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