What’s An Average Blog Income And How Do You Get It?

What’s An Average Blog Income And How Do You Get It?blogging 15968  340 - What's An Average Blog Income And How Do You Get It?


For probably close to the past decade people have been trying to earn online as a blogger. But, how many of these people actually achieve an average blog income or are most of them just failing big time? To understand what percentage of people who earn as a blogger make you have to understand that most people do not monetize their blogs. So, how the heck can you make money at it unless you sell something right?

If you want to find out how to earn as a blogger you really have to do some serious homework because even those who do monetize their blog will find that the competition can be extremely fierce. And yes most will fall by the wayside before getting close to earning an average blog income online. You can do what I have done which makes me more than an average income but it takes work. Take a look at my review of the leading blog platform here. Click Here. 

So, what can you do if you want to start making good money on your blog? Start writing and start monetizing! That’s right. You need to put in some serious effort in not only writing but learning how to write effective content. Ever wonder who writes those flashy news articles online? People who take their work seriously and build a reputation which eventually equates to a good job in some type of publishing company. If you want to earn on your blog you need to take it seriously and not take no for an answer!

Is There A Proven Method To Earn As A Blogger?laptop 2443049  340 - What's An Average Blog Income And How Do You Get It?

Unfortunately, there is no proven method per say and all those hyped up programs you may have checked out are just that. A bunch of hyped up nonsense. Stay clear of those.

However if you learn how to write effectively and monetize your blog with affiliate links or even a product you have to offer, then yes you can earn money and lot’s of it. But, we have to be realistic. Nobody gets rich overnight if you are an average Joe looking to make money.

But on a blog you can earn by choosing a topic (niche) that’s not overly saturated and keep writing on that subject using keywords with low traffic and low searches. I said “Low Traffic And Searches!” That’s what will bring in the serious traffic. And it’s less competition so your blog will show up on the search engines higher and much quicker.

So, how do you do all this blogging stuff and actually make a serious income? Start! Simple as that. Just start. Even if you only write one article a week with some monetized links than you are off to a decent start. But you can’t procrastinate and you have to start somewhere.

What works best? Well, first you do need a computer. And then you also need to have an internet connection. If you have that you can start right now and today. But wait! You don’t know how to write content right? Well, then think about joining a platform that teaches you affiliate marketing as well as helping you monetize and write your blog. The platform I use has made many people well off in the blogging world. And it’s making me money too after a pretty short period of time. I suspect in five years I will be comfortably retired travelling to Bali to go surf. And that’s my goal. To go to Bali, surf and hangout and let my blog do all the work for me.


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Are you ready to stop dreaming and make your dreams a reality? The clocks ticking. Do you have the time to write at least one article a week and a few hours a week to study on a leading platform that teaches all aspects of affiliate marketing? Want to make more than an average blog income? You can and will if you follow my method and do exactly what I did. And if you sign up for a free membership to learn how to blog effectively and market that blog I will help you all the way. But, you have to act fast because your dreams could be slipping away and you don’t even realize it.

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11 thoughts on “What’s An Average Blog Income And How Do You Get It?

  1. Blogging is a great way to make money online. As you stated it is hard work but if you have a proven system that teaches you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and making money online you are heads and shoulders above your competition.

    I agree that the low hanging fruit type keywords are the best to go after. Even if these keywords only get a few visitors a month, can you imagine the amount of traffic you will get month after month if you have many articles on your blog, following this concept.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is going to be a difficult ride and you have to work at it. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Good points you have made. Hopefully with hard work and dedication, success will come naturally. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love how you describe the practical details of creating a niche and getting visitors since the topic is not “overly saturated” on the internet. I am beginning to blog on my own. Here is the link to my website http://earthliberty.com please feel free to comment and help me out. Thanks!

  4. Nice article with good information David. I am myself working on a niche website. Not much traffic yet but I’m working hard every day with the help and support of a great community. I wish you continued success on your websites and good luck going forward.

  5. Nice article, as you say it is hard work and money will not come in one day, It is actually harder than thought, I have had my page for over two months and not even one penny I have sold through Amazon, one more month and they kick me out of their affiliate marketing program. I have followed all the instructions, hopefully, this I get more traffic and buying people soon.

  6. Hi man I was wondering how many months should I put serious effort into blogging? I am a regular guy and just started blogging. I really want to know the answer to these question. Can you give some examples?

    1. It depends. Can you write or does your writing read like a children’s book? Are you a quick learner? Do you have motivation to learn and apply what you learned? Your question is pretty vague and it would be impossible to say yea this will happen or that will happen. It really depends on the individual. I’m not the smartest guy in the world but I have a lot of determination. All depends if your motivated or lazy as you know what. Lol

  7. Excellent advise David – Just start! Procrastination is such a huge ‘killer’ of great ideas. Often success is so simple, it is more about consistency and commitment than many other skills. I know myself as a blogger I have so many ideas saved in draft for future posts, it is more about the discipline of completing posts and publishing them. Thanks for sharing!

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