What’s The Best Internet Marketing Affiliate Program Online Today? Is Amazon Associates A Good One?

What’s The Best Internet Marketing Affiliate Program Online Today?

Does Amazon Associates Make The Cut?

If you have any experience in trying to start an affiliate marketing business, you’re not alone. In fact in an economy that dictates you need to move faster to keep up with the rat race, it’s no wonder many are turning to the net to try and earn a work at home income. But, is this possible and how can you find the best internet marketing affiliate program?

In my search for finding that I found a number of programs that offer anyone with a computer an opportunity to promote products through affiliate marketing. One of the more popular ones in Amazon Associates. What did I find out by trying this? Read on to find out.

The first thing I noticed is that it was free to join which was a plus in my book. I tend to shy away from any company that charges to promote their affiliate links. It just doesn’t make sense to pay for something like that. That was a good aspect in my book. In case you’re wondering, here is what the Amazon Associates homepage looks like. Amazonass - What's The Best Internet Marketing Affiliate Program Online Today? Is Amazon Associates A Good One?

Pretty basic layout. And notice you get to join for free. That’s cool. So, how does this program work? Thankfully for me it’s pretty easy to follow.

You sign up, get approved and then you simply use the product links and add them to your website. You can promote just about everything on Amazon but I would recommend only adding products that your website’s niche is about. Other than that you will look like you’re just trying to hawk everything under the sun.

Pick a niche that you like and search products within that niche and promote through your blog posts. And remember use your links sparingly.

Is Amazon Associates Best For New Websites?

Here is where I have to say be careful with Amazon Associates. They have a rule that states you must make a sale within the first 90 days or your account will be cancelled due to lack of sales. But, also keep in mind that if you fail to make a sale within that time period you’re welcome to reapply and in my case I was approved.

So, for me I would say this is one of the best internet marketing affiliate program on the internet today. And they have been around for quite a while so you don’t have to worry about them packing their bags and taking off. We all know how huge Amazon is and you can pretty much live on all the stuff they have.

Are There Better Affiliate Marketing Programs?

I don’t know about that. You do have Commission Junction, Click Bank and a ton of others you can promote links with but Amazon is really one of the top ones. Take a look at these.

topaff - What's The Best Internet Marketing Affiliate Program Online Today? Is Amazon Associates A Good One?


Obviously if you search around you will find a lot of affiliate marketing programs online today. Personally I decided to go with Amazon Associates and I think it’s a winner. Amazon does have a bounty program which I haven’t tried but it looks pretty interesting so if you’re interested I would check that out.

The only thing this program doesn’t have is a platform to actually learn how to get into the internet marketing industry. It really is the wave of the future and while you may be just writing blogs and promoting products from a desk you can reach an audience of billions of people throughout the world. Which brings me to my next topic.


Where do you go to learn affiliate marketing?

Where do you go to learn affiliate marketing and is there a best one to work with? If you don’t know anything about internet marketing how the heck is access to affiliate links going to help you?

You need to educate yourself. You need to learn how to write effective content. You need to actually offer your readers something that can benefit them.

Millions of people around the world are looking for work! 

You may be one of them too. Thankfully you too can learn affiliate marketing with the right program. I won’t lie. It’s not an easy industry to find success and it doesn’t happen overnight. But there are many people who are making tons of money daily promoting affiliate products. And they had to start somewhere too. Just like me and just like you.

Amazon Associates is a great program, it really is and I recommend it. But I also recommend using a program that teaches you internet marketing and helps you when you get stuck. That’s the first step to being successful, finding a platform that can teach you how to be a winner in the affiliate marketing industry.

If you really want to learn affiliate marketing and earn using Amazon Associates you need to check out this review on the leading affiliate marketing program that teaches you everything you need to know. It also provides your hosting as well as up to 50 websites with their own Word Press blogging platform. It’s got SSL certification already installed and all you really have to do is start your website.

Best of all it’s free to join to kick the tires and you are getting the best affiliate marketing program online today that teaches you the RIGHT way to learn how to blog and promote affiliate products. You can learn on your own too and there’s no time frame for you to become successful. It really is all up to you and your efforts to learn. The lessons and platform are there, you just need to take the plunge.

I did and it’s been one of the best things I have done in my life!

Check my review of this program here!

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