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Looking for the best blog website software? I’m sure you have probably checked out the vast amount of softwares that are available for you to build your blog. But, are they really any good and worth the money, time and effort? It really depends on what you need the software for. Are you starting a personal blog, a blog where you sell stuff or a blog that you’re not sure what it will be?

Blogging is pretty popular now and personally I recommend WordPress to use for writing, editing and adding pictures and links. Why do I recommend this software? Because it’s easy to use and it’s free. You can pay to build a website but then you can do it free too. What I mean is you can use WordPress and if you have some good software, you can create the perfect blog. 

I used WordPress to build this website and What’s The Best Blog Website Softwareso far it’s been great for four years. It works well and I also use a platform that helps me with my affiliate marketing. You already know this website is about Wealthy Affiliate and yes, I do promote it simply because of all the software out there, Wealthy Affiliate has worked the best for me.

Affiliate marketing in 2020 is hot right now. People are making good money by creating their own affiliate marketing websites and a good amount of these people use WordPress. And that’s why Wealthy Affiliate is my choice for my websites. They use WordPress and also have their own content builder that migrates with WordPress. You can write on the content builder, add pictures and then upload it onto WordPress. This way you can build your website, edit and have a word counter, spell checker all on one platform.

To find keywords that work for your blog, Wealthy Affiliate has a keyword research tool that will help you find relevant keywords, trends and research your competition and see what they are doing. I recommend Jaxxy, a product put out by Wealthy Affiliate. You really can’t lose when working with this and I believe it is the best blog website software online today.

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Affiliate blogging is unlike a regular blog because there are a number of steps to writing this type of content. First, we want to have a plan as to how we are going to write our blog and what our blog is going to be about. You want to open with what your blog is about and pick a catchy title that includes the keyword you are using. Be sure to write content that is quality and not just a bunch of irrelevant stuff. Stay on topic. If you are selling something and writing a review of a product, explain what the product is, specs on it and how much it costs. Finally, you want to direct your reader to a product page with an affiliate links. And that’s the basics of writing affiliate blogs. Sure, there’s more and Wealthy Affiliate has courses that train anyone wanting to get into affiliate marketing.

That covers pretty much what affiliate blogs are and how they are written. You may have read a few online and wondered why they have highlighted text that directs you to a new page. Often this highlighted text directs you to a product page or a review of the product. This is affiliate marketing and it’s a way solo entreprenuers can make a successful business online.

Hopefully this blog gives you the basics of what the best blogging software is and how to write affiliate marketing blogs. As far as length of you blogs is concerned, write at least 300 words but shoot for 500 at least. There are pros and cons to writing longer and shorter blogs but I would personally have a balance between the two, some shorter, some longer.

I welcome any comments, suggestions, rants, kudos, whatever. It’s what keeps me motivated to keep putting content out. Don’t be a stranger and let me know what you think and thanks for reading.

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