What’s The Best Keyword Analysis Tool? Have You Tried Jaaxy?

What’s The Best Keyword Analysis Tool Online Today

Do you use a keyword tool for your blog or website? What do you use to research quality high ranking keyword phrases to get the best SEO results? If you’re not using JAAXY, you may be cutting yourself short big time! Why do I say this? Because I have tried a few of the best keyword tools around and it wasn’t until I used JAAXY that I really started to understand how keyword research worked and what I had been doing wrong before I began using it. In my humble opinion JAAXY is the…

Best Keyword Analysis Tool Online

What is JAAXY? If you have heard of Wealthy Affiliate which I promote simply because it has worked tremendously for me while writing my blog articles then you know that JAAXY is a product created by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate. How does this keyword tool work?

It’s a simple keyword tool that uses a calculation to determine if keywords and keyword phrases are commonly searched on the internet. It use a QSR which means Quick Search Results to determine what the ranking is for that phrase or keyword. By using this a user can determine whether or not a word is a good option to use in a blog to gain the best search results.

Why did I pick JAAXY?

I chose this tool because it works, plain and simple.

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Why You Should Be Using A Quality Keyword Tool?

In my three years of affiliate marketing one thing I realized is the key to becoming successful is to use a keyword tool that’s accurate and produces results. And that means spending a little more to get the best one online. Unfortunately some of the keyword tools I found can cost upwards of $100.00 per month for a decent one. In my humble opinion that is way way too expensive. It’s like paying a mechanic $1000.00 for a job with cheap parts on car that takes two hours of work. It’s just not worth it. And it’s surprising how many unsuspecting people pay astronomical prices for something like a simple keyword tool.

JAAXY does not cost a lot and it’s free for Wealthy Affiliate members. 

This keyword tool is free for Wealthy Affiliate members who are looking to start their own affiliate marketing business. And so is the hosting on the platform as well as two free started websites for newbies. Wealthy Affiliate specializes in teaching it’s members how to create a website, research keywords, write quality content and much more.

It’s an all in one university online that creates successful entrepreneurs and has been in business for 13 years as of this writing.

When I say they have a keyword tool that works, I mean it.

CLICK HERE to access the Jaaxy Keyword Tool


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Above you can see how the keyword tool works. The traffic shows you how much traffic the keyword phrase gets per month, the QSR shows you the quick search results. You want to be below 100 for optimal search engine placement and the SEO is the ranking and you want to be as close to 100 as possible.

On the right side of the screen you see other keyword phrases that are relevant to your original search on the keyword tool.

The basic idea of the keyword tool is to give you the best keywords possible and to also give you good ideas for topics which are commonly searched online. These topics can be used to write new blog posts.

You Will Get What You Pay For Most Of The Time

I say this because in life and business everything seems to have a price on it. But the higher the price doesn’t necessarily mean your getting better quality. Take for instance I was looking for a pair of decent headphones. I went to the nearest retail know name store and found a pair for ten bucks. Cheap I know. But they broke within a month. They were cheaply made but then they were only ten bucks right?

I went to Amazon and found a pair that were higher quality with a decent sheathing and thicker wiring and metal earbuds. They have lasted me more than a year now.

It’s all about knowing what something should cost and being careful not to be sucked into the schemes and scams of those trying to make a big profit on unknowing people. Yes people. There is a thing called a Land Shark and they are on every corner.

The JAAXY keyword tool complements Wealthy Affiliate and is just one of the awesome tools this platform provides for it’s members. And speaking of Wealthy Affiliate, this is considered by many to be thee leading affiliate marketing learning platform online today for entrepreneurs in the industry. Take a look at what this platform offers below along with it’s Jaaxy keyword tool.

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CLICK HERE to access Wealthy Affiliate

Increase Your Traffic And Sales With JAAXY

Jaxxy has to be the best way to increase sales and traffic and I encourage you to give it a try. It’s simple to use and takes maybe a half hour to start understanding how it works. It’s definitely not rocket science but it will do wonders for your blog while you are building it and beyond.

 JAAXY is a must have for bloggers!

I have been personally using Jaxxy for three years now and the results couldn’t be more rewarding for me and my business. It has been the best possible decision to use this tool along with Wealthy Affiliate to build my affiliate marketing business. And yes, it has helped me make money.

But a word of caution when starting a blog designed for income. Regardless of how good your keyword tool is, it will take time for your blog/website to see results.

And making sales can be difficult even with the best keyword tool. You need to focus on writing quality content and learning how to make your content create conversions.

This is where Wealthy Affiliate along with it’s JAAXY tool shined with me. The platform helped me develop my business and the keyword tool helped me create content that converts. The results? A website that makes me enough money to not have to stress about money.

Learn And Earn With Jaxxy

As a JAAXY member you can also earn comissions by promoting the keyword tool.

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Not bad right? That’s what I thought when I signed up. Now, when I signed up with JAXXY it was free with my Wealthy Affiliate membership which cost me $49.00 a month. This Wealthy Affiliate membership gave me all the tools I needed to build my website and JAAXY was part of the services offered.

I also got free hosting and 24/7 support on the platform. Anything goes wrong I contact support and it’s fixed in minutes, not hours!

And through my three years as a member of Wealthy Affiliate I have experienced only one time my site was down and it took 5 minutes to get it back online.

My experience using JAAXY couldn’t of been better and combined with Wealthy Affiliate this blog/website has grown into a money making website within three years. I won’t say it’s all been easy. I had to put in a lot of work but now it makes me money and gives me some solace in knowing my work has paid off.

You can be in the same boat, working from home, saving gas and not having to work for someone else just by signing up with Wealthy Affiliate and using JAAXY to research quality keywords and phrases to place in your blog. It works and it works well.

Ok. I have said enough for today. I hope you found this blog helpful and will consider your options for becoming an affiliate marketer or blogger needing a quality keyword tool. I have been using this for three years and use JAAXY for every single blog post I write on my website. It definitely pays for itself.

Have questions? Leave me a comment below!

Here’s To Your Success!

Dave @ BloggingTipsForNewbies

20 thoughts on “What’s The Best Keyword Analysis Tool? Have You Tried Jaaxy?”

  1. I totally agree, Jaaxy is the best keyword research tool available. But it also has so many other benefits. These include checking your site rank for a specific keyword. You can do alphabet soup which gives you a ton of keyword options. And Wealthy Affiliate is the best learning platform available for affiliate marketing. Combined, these two platforms will help you be successful in affiliate marketing, as long as you have the patience to dedicate yourself to the process.

    • Very true Curtis. If people would slow down and stop chasing shiny objects like new get rich quick schemes they could be successful. It has taken me three years to get to the point where I am comfortable with my progress and seeing great results. I am more than happy with it. But it does take some effort and time. If you can do that anyone can be successful with Wealthy Affiliate combines with Jaxxy. Thanks so much for the comment!

  2. Hi Dave!

    Great review of Jaaxy! I recently switched to Jaaxy Pro and I absolutely love it!! Getting it for free with my Wealthy Affiliate membership was one of the best features offered. Once again, Thanks for the great review!

    • I like the Jaxxy lite which I use all the time and is included with Wealthy Affiliate for free. I have not yet tried Jaxxy Pro but may do it soon. Combined you can’t help but see positive results with your website. Thanks for much for the comment!

  3. I LOVE Jaaxy! As a blogger, I wouldn’t have the slightest clue about what keywords are useful if it wasn’t for Jaaxy! But in addition to the keyword search, I love the page ranking search that comes along with it as well. It’s actually the reason I upgraded to premium so I can set up automatic scans of my pages to see how well they are doing in google ranking on a day to day basis. It’s a great addition to my analytics tools and makes sure I’m keeping my content relevant to my readers!

    • It is a great tool I will admit and I am constantly learning new things with it. It has so many different options it’s a must for blog writers and affiliate marketers. Thanks for the comment Christina!

      • My suggestion is to just not quit even if you aren’t making money within the first six months. Keep going and look at it as a long term project. Even if you stop using the Wealthy Affiliate after a few months reassign your domain and use WordPress to keep building you site. But don’t give up and you will see success. I thought I would never make money but after the first year of building and learning something clicked and I began to see results. The key is to keep adding content to your website and never give up. Hope that helps and always here to answer questions.

  4. Jaxxy is a must tool to have if you are going to build a successful online business especially when doing affiliate marketing. It would definitely save your time and help you spot a niche so that you can create a post out of it. Which as a result would allow you to generate consistence income.

  5. Jaxxy rocks and I would not use any other keyword tool. Using it some of my articles have ranked on page one of google. If anyone is in the market to find a great keyword search tool than jaxxy is for you.
    Thank you for this great article.

  6. I have used Jaaxy and I can attest to its versatility as a keyword research tool. If I don’t come up with any longtail keyword ideas, Jaaxy has got my back. It is incredible in that regard. Jaaxy does the leg work and all you have to do is right the article.

    I do have a question though. I noticed that you said you have been blogging for three years. Not every moment was probably peachy. What advice do you have for a frustrated blogger? If you can inspire a beginner, then you can make a world of a difference in their life.

    Thank you so much and I hope you make it a great day!

  7. My suggestion is to just not quit even if you aren’t making money within the first six months. Keep going and look at it as a long term project. Even if you stop using the Wealthy Affiliate after a few months reassign your domain and use WordPress to keep building you site. But don’t give up and you will see success. I thought I would never make money but after the first year of building and learning something clicked and I began to see results. The key is to keep adding content to your website and never give up. Hope that helps and always here to answer questions.

  8. Jaxxy is an amazing tool that every online blogger must have. This tool can help in getting the best low targeted keyword that can convert. Jaaxy is so on point, therefore, I would encourage anyone who is in this line of work to get jaxxy because in order to take your online business to the next level jaxxy is a must.

    • It really is the best keyword tool.around I.think. Seriously and its.free.for.Wealthy Affiliate.members with Premium accounts. I have seen other substandard keyword tools that.cost $100.00 and up per.month. Thanks.for the message Norman!

  9. I use Jaaxy all the time and like you have said, it is the best keyword tool going. I have tried others in the past but some are a bit complex. Jaaxy keeps it simple and has so many features. Definitely would highly recommend!

  10. I’m so glad I have read this and I am going to sign up now to join Wealthy Affiliate as I need a great platform to build my online business so thank you so much for sharing this

  11. Very sincerely I do not know how to thank you.

    I had always wondered how to find the best Keyword Research Tool without finding the right answer.

    Your post just opened my eyes because it contains useful information that any online entrepreneur should know about this best keyword research tool currently available on the market.

    I think that I will try it without delay.

    Once again thank you.


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